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All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the moment that you guys have all been waiting for. I have seen the tweets I have had, the DMS, and you guys have been waiting for my Modern Warfare 3 free-for-all.



Now I will say that I don't really like Rust in this game. I think that it was better in MW 2019, and most definitely at its best in MW2, not MW 22; I'm talking MW2, the OG. But there are a couple different spots you can play on this map, and I'll go ahead and show you right now that one of them is right here in this corner.

You can have people coming through right there. People coming through at the end—right there, there's actually a spawn, like right there they'll spawn there as well, and you can kind of rotate to hit a little clip. Sometimes you can peek out and kind of get them to come this way. There's definitely multiple places that you can go right here.

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I, along with some other friends, have hit some clips in this little spot too. You can kind of rotate right here, get a guy there, get a guy there, run back over here, get a guy right over here, and you can kind of just go back and forth, and you can really hit something crazy. I've hit a six on here, my buddy Miss has hit a six on here, there's just some crazy clip potential right here for sure, and while this spot may not be as popular, this is another one that you can use you can actually use either side right here there's going to be people spawning right there right in the back and then right here in this spot too so you can basically kind of rotate get a guy there, get a guy right there get a guy right here and just kind of go back and forth and then it's pretty much the exact same concept on the other side.

I'll just run over here right now. Right here, you can get some people spawned in that corner. They'll run over here, and sometimes they'll spawn close to, like right over there; they'll spawn in this corner. You can literally watch them spawn right here, and then they'll spawn in the back as well, and then you can peek over here because sometimes they'll run out in that spot as well.

So really, this is a very, very clippable map. The only thing about it is that you're pretty much destined to get split. But yeah, guys, without further ado, we'll go ahead and move on to the next map.



All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to map number two, otherwise known as Terminal, one of my favorite and least favorite maps in the entire game, and I will explain to you why, right now, the main reason why I am not a huge fan of this map is because of these spawns.

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Primarily these two spawns back here there's one spawn right back here and this area, it is super annoying because it is super hard to see as you can see with all these glass panes and all the stuff here I'm almost certain they did it on purpose just to make it super annoying but you'll end up getting killed off Clips right here all the time same with this spot right back here kids love to head glitch this little spot they live here they pay rent here they got a mortgage it's crazy, but yeah no they'll wait right here on this head glitch and kill you right there but either way without the rambling on why I don't like this map let's talk about the spots and why I do like this map it is, even though it's terrible for spawns it is one of the more consistent maps that will actually try and provide you with some clip potential right here is one of the main spots you can get some people back over here you can have them obviously spawning back here rotates right over here as well.

Sometimes they'll even spawn in here and run out right there they'll run out right there and they'll run out over here and over here so you can get a kind of cool little rotation going, sometimes jump over here get a guy in there they'll spawn back there you can get him right there get him right back here and then kind of just continue to rotate you can also find some clip potential in this spot right here as well you can get them off the head glitch get them from there get them over here across this spot you can even, actually play the plane spot see some clips hit here as well you can get them coming up the back right there you can get them right over here all the way bang down there on that little heage.

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Pretty much anywhere that you can position yourself on this map there are some decent spawns, and the last two little spots that I like are kind of right next to each other one of them is right here you can get them coming down the hallway, they'll spawn right over here around Burger town or run around that corner you can get them right there as well there's some spawns down there and down there too, you can kind of hit a clip right there and if you run right over here there is another little spot that you can go for Clips as well they'll spawn right back there you can push forward and sometimes they'll spawn in a little room they'll run out over here and then run out of that spot as well do a little flip you can get them running up the escalators to right over here.

Basically i play pretty much just that spot over there and then the spot right over here in the corner. I don't really try any of the other spots because those are where I find the most opportunities for me, but yeah, guys, do whatever you like. Whatever works best for you at the end of the day, it's all up to your own personal interpretation. That is it for map number two on to map number three.



All right guys, on to map number three, which is Skidrow. This is one of my favorite maps, but the spot that I like to play in, for starters. It is probably not a super popular spot, mainly because it is completely in the open. As you can see here, there's pretty much no cover, meaning that anybody who wants to peel you out of this spot can do so extremely well.

Quickly so you have to be quick with your reaction time but there are also a lot of spots for you to be killed from you have this window right here this little hole in the wall you got this whole Corridor, right here and then you have a little staircase where people run down right there look come out of that little Tunnel right there this little spot you'll see them come out of here and try and peel you so you can try and catch them off guard right there, and then sometimes I swear they spawn behind you I can't 100% confirm that but I swear half the time I'm right here trying to hit a clip there are dudes right here in this little window area, and then of course right down here they'll run through this door and try and get you as well basically there's a couple different ways you can go about it but I like to kind of just do a little circle and just try and get them as I can.

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