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Everyone, this is Metat Trix, and in this article we're going to be talking about how to increase your intensity and pacing so that you can get your five wins in a row to unlock a nuke contract, the champion quest contract. A lot of players have been grinding trying to get there, and some of you guys are kind of doing it the slow way, trying to get the 30 wins, and even then it can be extremely difficult, but a lot of you guys are looking to get those five dubs in a row, so you can just start slamming lobbies and get that contract so you can drop a nuke because it's exciting to actually get that nuke.

First things first, we're going to be jumping right into some action here. I was going to give us a little bit of an introduction, but we got fighting right away. We have problems on our hands. With the crack, I think he's got a down. There's another play right in front of him about to get two kills right here.

Two guys down got the clean up coming up from Carnage as well, and I was going to say, of course, when we're trying to get a new contract in the first place, we got to be playing with our team. This is something that's extremely difficult—borderline impossible—to do with randoms. I will say, Find yourself a team, and for our team, we have, of course, Cass Carnage and Scythe holding it down in prison right now.


And one thing I really want you guys to notice, and I'm going to stress this a ton throughout the entirety of this whole article, is the intensity and pace at which our players are playing at a higher action rate in front of us in the bottom prison towards showers of holy smoke. Okay, we have guys going down all around us.

As I say, the intensity is going to be ramping up more and more, and if you're someone who's trying to get a nuke contract, you'll realize that as you get more wins, you're going to get put into higher and higher skill lobbies because SPM kick sentences Okay, we got a bunch of demons on our hands time to up the anti, just like we have right now craziness happening at the bottom of showers here, the whole team going down but not in succession, so we're actually able to escape the situation here.

This is going to be game number two of their five games. The terror that they end up going through is that they won the game yesterday. They have another game going on right now, so if you didn't see yesterday's article, I highly recommend checking it out. Side, picking up another kill right there.

modern warfare 3

It's backing up a little bit playing over here at Nova. That's one of those things. With regards to trying to get a nuke or trying to get wins, of course, we would love to have our load out as much as we can, but our team is focusing, like I mentioned, on intensity and pacing. They're looking to try and play as cohesively and with as good chemistry as possible so they can get their wins and dominate the Lobby.

So Crazy Action is coming out once again; unfortunately. Scythe is going to go down, but I think the car is just trying to clean up a little bit of Ring Around the Rosie with his enemy, at the very least going to Caz back up in the sky here now resurging. C's in a little bit of trouble. Some crazy shots are coming up from Scythe; that's one of those things too.

That's a very advanced player thing to do. He isn't even on the ground yet, but he sees that his teammate is in trouble, and he knows he's landing in with the gun. It's not the best gun in the world, but it's something that he can actually use to assist his team, get a little bit of a clean-up, get some extra damage on that enemy, and help Cass escape the situation once again.

modren warfear 3

Just landing in with Retti here, going to push on this enemy with C, and they are bringing the fight to the enemy. That's one of those things too, guys. If you're someone who's trying to push the pace of your own game, the number one thing I need you guys to understand, and I can't stress this enough, is that if you're trying to bring if you're trying to bring the intensity up in your game play, you have to bring the fight to the enemy.

You cannot be afraid of pushing people. The number one thing that gets you guys low kills and knocked out of games early is that you're trying to react to situations, versus putting pressure on enemies and making them react to you. When you guys drop into the lobby, the enemies should be scared of you; it should not be the other way around right now.

modrn warfar 3

got 18 Grand we're about to get another load out right here, and this is something once again. Guys, as far as pushing your pace, it is totally okay to get a load out late, because in a situation like this, we have two loadouts inside the circle, so if we need to ever regain our world loadout, we will be able to get everybody's loadout right here, and we can move out with our perks and with our metal weapons pushing over towards living quarters.

Now we have some pings on top of the blue. Okay, crazy shots are coming out from Scythe is going to clean up sitting on three kills; make it four now after The Thirst. That's one of those things too, guys. You'll notice that whenever they see any pings on the mini map or any sort of danger, they're going to try and reposition and then take that fight more often than not, with huge, huge shots coming up from sight.

The more fights and experience that you can get as a team, the more you're going to be able to trust each other as a team. If you call out to say. I'm going to swing this player. I'm going to jump off this roof, or I'm going to send an enemy team, and you know that your team is there now, you are operating as a team with 900 health and triple the damage output.


SC Sitting on six kills got Cass down on the roof, but I think he's actually relatively safe. Going to get this pick up, we got somebody top green, so this is going to be some trouble here. We have the AC unit, but that can be wall B. We have the smoke down. I'm not sure if he's going to be able to get a C.

This is going to be an extremely tight situation. I got somebody up on the roof with his great drop shot coming out of sight, unable to save Taz there but actually able to pick up a kill and reverse the situation. More enemies landing on top of sight, he's going to have to bail out off the roof here to try and escape, going back down to his teammate Carnage here, grouping back together and keeping themselves.


Safe, con's in a bit of a fight there, cleaning it up, getting the throwing knife as well too, just to finish that other enemy. Landing back up on top of the same enemy from before, just trying to get back on L Cass is now almost in a Deja Vu situation. Back in the exact same situation again, Cass is down on the roof, unable to get his footing as he landed in getting the assist to help Scythe get that first kill play.

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