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This is Metat Trick, and in this article, we're going to be talking about how to think like a Crimson Player and take engagements against multiple enemies. Typically, when I run up on a team, even if it's only two players. I find myself taking the gunfights extremely slowly, or sometimes I even just have to run away because if I don't.

I'm going to get killed, so we're going to be watching this game play from Scythe. And breaking down a lot of the fights, as far as how does he go about taking on multiple players at a single time and actually coming out on top? So first things first, and this should always go without saying, you want to get your load out.

If you're trying to push multiple players at the same time with ground loot, you're absolutely selling the bag, so right away, if you're someone who's doing that, that's going to be the first tip right there: stop pushing players with ground loot. I know you want to try and push your pace and get as many kills as you possibly can, but if you have the opportunity to loot up super quickly and get ahead of the curve as far as getting your loadout down in the first circle, by all means do that and then push.


Teams, Especially if you're not landing hot. If you land hot, it's a different story, but if you're landing somewhere like Bio, and maybe there's one team there, you clear out the building, and then you get your load out. So here we have Scyth doing a little bit of OverWatch, trying to get cracks on players while Cass is pushing up into the boat and trying to solidify a 1 V one of our players behind us towards control as well, just watching our backs and trying to scare this one player away.

We're going to push with him, though, because we still have Taza on the bottom of the ship, so instead we're going to push with him and support him here in front of the ship. We got one player right in front of us, and that's one of those things right there: reacting to a situation and listening to communications.

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For sure, right away, Cass was saying, Hey, there's somebody else here. I got somebody down or I need some help, so he's going to send that, and this is a huge thing that you guys have to take in for sure. If you don't take anything from this article, at least when you get damage from an enemy, they are not going to instantly get their health back, instantly plate, or instantly be able to reload.

There's a moment in time when it's a very short period of time where you do have an opportunity to apply pressure, and there's nothing that they can do because they're stuck in an unfavorable animation. An unfavorable animation would be putting your plates on reload, climbing a ladder, climbing through a window, and running away.

Those are situations where the enemy cannot fight back, so when that's happening, you want to try to apply pressure and take them down. Once again, as far as being fast and using favorable animations, using the zip line, and then flying over to top control without pulling your shoot thanks to Mountaineer and taking basically no damage.

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Allowing yourself to Earth, allowing Scythe to play extremely quickly, and now from the high position that he had over on control, get more picks down towards T, then apply even more pressure; he's not getting a pick, and then say. You know what? I'm going to throw grenades to try and get this down, but instead he's getting in the mix and continuing to apply an insane amount of pressure coming out of the.

Sniper, got multiple players down sitting on five kills now in the second Circle, and once again as soon as he gets it down this is going to be tip number two for you guys as soon as you get a down you want to pay attention to your mini map as soon as you get a thirst on a player just like this you're going to see that little ping that comes up on this on the on the mini map so when that happens that means that there's another team around you it's telling you where players are if you're ever wondering how do people find players so quickly and so easily, that's how it's done when you engage in a team fight before Resurgence closes if you happen to get a down and a thirst on an enemy it will give you pings as to where the rest of their team.

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Is it possible to clean up the living quarters? We got another team towards the edge of the circle here. I want you guys to pay attention to the mini-map soon. As soon as you get that finished, you see the ping on the mini map underneath the sniper ammo, which means there's a player near us. We're now going to push across that player, who probably doesn't want the smoke at this point.


We're running for his life, just trying to escape this. Team, got Ping's coming out towards NOA we got a truck going right down Broadway right here we got to get out of the way, but here's this is also important so notice, as this player flies by us on this car, we don't shy away and say holy smokes that was a crazy situation now we got to just run for our lives instead we say you got you just messed up the fact that you gave away your position and drove a car right by us there's no way we're going to let you live so right there applying the pressure, and allowing yourself to say hey if there's one person this in this car or even two people in this car they have to get out of the car if they want to fight us yes they could use it for cover yes they could try to escape but if they happen to get down, but if they happen to escape but hold up as I'm trying to explain this we're getting jumped on right away but huge savior coming out I think that's from Top control getting the shots across to actually help us in that third party.

Situation, and as you can see looking at the mini map because we have our UAV with an insane amount of players all around us, there is chaos in the absolute streets right here, but as I was saying about that car situation, if somebody tries to fight you from a car, they have to get out of the car. If they want to fight you, you have the advantage if they happen to jump out, as long as someone doesn't get hit.


You guys are typically chilling, with more players over towards control, but also, that's one thing I'll say right there as well. Target acquisition and also priority of who to fight there was a player that was closer to sight there sitting top head sitting top headquarters that's more important to try and scare away or kill so instead of trying to shoot all the way across the control having that player play the long game took the shots towards a player that was a main threat and then escape the pressure without having to go down these guys are addicted to something over intense they're all just.

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