News - Faze Nio Must Be Permanently Banned Warzone


A radar hack I've never even heard of a radar hack. I was shooting too straight. Perma ban Perma ban for literally no reason, call of shame, chill It's not what it looks like; I swear, I just got it from a band, the most popular one of them all. Call of Shame de Hor is horribly sexist and homophobic, like there's no proof there's.

There is nothing wrong with me cheating. Tell me one thing is wrong. What is wrong with my cheating? be completely honest, like if I'm hacking, you guys don't care I just got from a ban I just got banned. Joo and metaphor are no strangers to the call of Shame Channel; these low-IQ streamers have some terrible ideas.

His name right now is Chang; they just don't have a clue he changed his name to Canadian bacon. Joe metaphor is talking about: did it actually remove him off the white zero? Meanwhile, I first started to look into Neo when someone in his chat asked him about using a 2D radar. His response raised serious red flags.

You and I have a normal discussion. Please, why do you use a permanent UAV? It's so obvious because I can, and you're going to do nothing about it. And I'm going to play article games. It's a job, and nothing's going to happen. That's why I can get away with it. What do you mean? why many times and provided 100% evidence of cheating.

anti cheat

I want to go over a random clip from Caldera. I selected this at random from hundreds of clips. Here's the clip in its full context, confirming that please like this article; it's a big help. Hit that subscription button, and don't forget to turn on notifications, which we really appreciate. It confirms the location.

I see him on top, left, with a C-strike. Arriving, the building that is tagged here has nothing to do with this Aimbot snap and is not the building he shoots at, but now he decided to open on nothing then snaps to something he can't even see; he actually shoots through the tree; it is the most blatant Aimbot snap I've ever seen.

He then gets a head shot at an enemy he shouldn't even know is there. The enemy that appears on the mini map is next to the building that is marked. Just look at this snap. As soon as Neo fired, it snapped to a random enemy that was hiding in the building away from the doors and windows that are covered by the tree, and people still say Neo doesn't cheat, that my friends is what is called cheating.

call of shame

Neo is a cheating streamer. I could go on showing hundreds of clips like this, but he was best exposed when he attended Apex Land. Nick Mkss wanted to substitute him after the first round; he played absolutely shocking. He played so badly that I actually ran a full article on this. He completely disappeared for six months.

He ran to Nick Ms., who is now slowly trying to bring him back into the scene again. This now brings me to current events. Call of Shame is proud to partner with Total Antivirus, bringing you the best in online security. Through Call of Shame, you can get an incredible 80% discount today by using the link on the screen.

You can also scan the QR code; that's right here. I personally use this software on my own PC. It's not just a partnership; it's something I trust myself with. Please check the article description for more. Information: I was recently contacted by a member of the community after he was kicked and banned by multiple war zone streamers for simply killing them.

call of shane

FaZe Neo Tim the Tat Man and Nick MKS were playing on the same team. This low-IQ streamer moves around the map, accusing every single player of being a stream sniper. Neo will now head towards a bus station and accuse everyone around him of stream-sniping an absolute clown. Behavior: This gamer, known as Fear, was first kicked and banned by these streamers, then attacked on social media by the streamer Sims.

Yeah, there's another stream team fire sale active. The streamers are absolutely useless and just can't handle the fact that other players have a right to compete as well. Neo then asks Tim, the tat man, to spam-report the other team, which he declines because that is a breach of the war zone enforcement policy.


Please just spam-report those guys. Tim I beg you're hocky ass know that [__]] you know that [__]] Hey, you know how much, wait, D How much can I buy you for you to know that, hello, do you know that you're talking all right? Please just spam-report those guys. I beg; I don't think they don't care about streams; they're not going to ban them for that.

As the other player torments that the streamer Neo has had enough spam reports. This streamer, whom I have exposed many times for cheating, uses DS4 Windows to modify the config files to give him aim assist on the mouse and keyboard, along with soft tame. He is in no position to criticize other players.

That's an unlock to one half. He then claims the other players are using unlocked tools with no evidence. The entire team was then kicked and banned, and even the console players received a shadow ban. It's absolutely crazy. Spam reporting by other players is not allowed. Once again, I am here reading the rules for streamers.


Why can't you just play fair like everyone else? Okay, so this is called malicious reporting, and no, you can't eat it. Okay, it's malicious, not delicious. I just wanted to clear that up from the get-go, so it says that any user who is found to use in-game reporting systems for malicious intent, such as knowingly providing false reports against other users or falsely spam reporting legitimate, legitimate users to negatively impact their gameplay experience, is subject to penalty.

Neo, who constantly uses macros and texture hacks, is an absolute. Disgrace! These streamers are all doing this. They locate the game files on their PC, then directly edit them to make the game easier to play. They strip the water back to make enemy players easier to see. They remove visual effects such as bullets to improve their gain and can even modify speed movements, tree width, and more.

Now, many of these streamers that do this are whitelisted, but the stupid simps that copy them end up getting shadowbans and stuck in a shadowband loop. I just can't understand why. Can you show what you did really quickly? You just go into the Call of Duty files, and you find the one that says, Sprint, Sprint delay.


That is called cheating and will absolutely earn you a shadow ban at the very least. Please don't do it. Modifying the game files will eventually result in a permanent ban. You cannot alter the files within the game; the servers expect to receive the correct data back. If you send altered game files back to the server, this will be flagged for manipulating the game data, and you will be banned.

Faze Nio is well known for cheating in warzone. I have exposed him many times and once again he is cheating again. This streamer should be banned, he is constantly getting shadow banned. Banned is where this streamer should be, perma banned.
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