News - Latest News - Faze Nio Exposed For Aimbot Warzone - 4/21/24


Reports are coming in that bands have been permanently banned in Colorado. AIA received a permanent ban last night. This is the developing story's legal action. We will keep you updated on all the latest developments. This is Call of Shame news. These streamers often run around using a macro like this, dropping World Records on a VPN, then claiming the game is too easy.

Then, when they're CAU, they cry like babies. This is the JoJo server, and they're saying it's because he's promoting. I'm not on the server. You see how it says that people are stupid. I'm on the JoJo server, and he's promoting a lock server; he's probably getting paid for it. Who cares let him get a bag.

I'm not even in a sheet of Discord, same with Reb, same with Grim, all the people that these people are trying to say they're cheating, and everything you are, stupid war zone is the easiest game in the world. I bet you could get one of my irls; I've never played the game before. If I train him for 3 weeks, he could drop a 30-pound bomb.

That's how easy this game is, so please stop saying streamers are cheating. The arrogance of streamers amazes me. I decided to check his social media, but the streamer blocked me as a precaution, and that told me everything I needed to know. Last year, a Discord server was hacked, exposing all the clients.

anti cheat

I caught all those Twitter movement demons hiding behind a spoofer designed to hide their hardware from the Ricochet anti-che. You see that little yellow circle? Well, that means they're a paying customer. They're all constantly shadowbanned, and for good reason, the only reason you need a spoofer to hide from the anti-che is if you're cheating or you are avoiding a hardware band.

It is shameful, so please stop saying streamers are cheating. You're fing stupid, while streamers are cheating. This streamer posted to social media to tell Activision to fix their game, failing to understand he was actually caught by one of the Ricochets. Mitigations; in short, he was cheating; this feature is known as Splat, and he will have already been flagged for a permanent ban.

call of shame

Remember when I exposed Team Jukes for cheating in the World Series of War Zone? Well, I made an official complaint, and they were fined $9, 000 and deducted points; they were also stripped of their first place. Standings Well, he thinks no pro players cheat in Call of Duty. I love it. I think there are so many people cheating.

I don't think any of the pros cheat, but I do think I do think you don't think there's any pros cheating, not one. I don't think there's any pro. Free Meanwhile, this streamer, who is part of the Shady organization there. Rising, took to social media to complain about being a shadow band, but he exposed himself as a cheater by using an unlocked tool.

Many unlocked tools come with 2D radars and wall hacks. The streamer also has YouTube articles showing how to set up macros using DS4 Windows. This dare organization is starting to become a laughing stock now; it's just infested with cheaters. Before I say anything, I want to show you this clip in its full context.

call of shane

Relocate another one. He went to the ambulance. Man, so after watching this, it would appear he has an exceptional aim. I mean, Neo plays on the mouse and keyboard, so there is no aim assist. Let's break this down. Everything looks fine here. So far, Neo then spins quickly in an attempt to get a trick shot.

However, he completely messed up. This is a 100% aimbot. There is no defense. Look at this; it's right on his head, frame by frame. It sticks to his head, following the enemy with Pixel Perfect tracking. This is 100% proven. Neo was using cheating software. Look now as he spins multiple times as he attempts to use Aimbot to get that trick shot.

You have got to be joking. Look, the aim is still on the enemy's head. Neo will constantly get away with it until he is banned, and you're going to do nothing about it. I'm going to play article games as a job, and nothing's going to happen. That's why I can get away with it. This concludes your daily news

Faze Nio is well known for cheating in warzone. I have exposed him many times and once again he is cheating again. This streamer should be banned, he is constantly getting shadow banned. Banned is where this streamer should be, perma banned.
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