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New season 4 animated camo revealed

New season 4 animated camo revealed

Welcome back to a brand new article. It looks like Call of Duty has revealed over 10 brand new animated camos that are going to be coming in the season 4 update. I have some photos, some early gameplay footage, and much more to go over. The majority of viewers are not yet subs, so be sure to hit that sub button.

A quick reminder I did a double upload yesterday and went over the upcoming bundles that are going to be coming into the store, the showcasing, and the descriptions that we have from them, and then the second article went over early gameplay footage of the car98k in the season 4 update along with the New Paris and Tokyo map and the Superi 46.

SMG Check them out after this. Also, a huge shout out to Chris Mson for becoming a brand new member of the channel.

Animated green nuclear camo (blueprint?)

Anyway, in the Call of Duty blog post, they ended up dropping a bunch of different photos, and within some of these, they showcase some camos that we don't yet have in the game.

free camos mw3

In the very first one, they were talking about hyper-crank, which is going to be a mode coming in for multiplayer. Showcase this photo as an example. Le but the weapon that this person is holding has a camo that we don't yet have in the game it's like a super bright glowing green it definitely glows very brightly because it's daytime and you can still see the glow and it matches that whole chemical theme that we have with the brand new season one thing I'm not too certain about is this could potentially end up being a weapon blueprint for the reason that if you take a look at the Battle pass there is a themed weapon blueprint set called the Hazardous, growth which looks like this is just an example they have for the more sniper, the style looks a little bit similar but at the same time it doesn't glow as bright as this one does so there is the potential chance that this could actually end up being a camo, rather than a weapon blueprint.

But what makes me doubt it is the fact that if you look towards the top right side of the weapon, it doesn't fully cover the entire gun, indicating that if it only shows on the sides, this could potentially end up being a weapon blueprint. If this does happen to be a camo potentially, this could end up being the new quest reward that we'll get for this season.

It doesn't make sense to me in the blog post that they didn't mention or talk about any brand new nuke rewards when the entire season is based around DNA bombs, massive nukes coming into the game, chemicals, and mutations. Even in battle P, all the operators are wearing hazmat suits. It would just make a little bit more sense if they updated some of the nuke rewards and made them match the theme of this season, and usually there's always a camo reward with the new quest, so potentially this could end up being one of those rewards.

7 free daily login reward camos

7 free daily login reward camos

For the next set of camos that we have, there's actually a total of seven camos that you're going to be able to unlock at the same exact time.

They're going to be available through daily login rewards, and this is what they are. Pride, the daily login weapon camos call of dut's for everyone, we're proud to celebrate pride month by offering seven different weapon camo variants, each representing the colors of different lgbtq. Flags, available as a free gift pack, can be found in the store in a single bundle.

These are more than likely going to be released towards the beginning of June, so around a week later, a couple days after the update goes live, they are going to end up being available within the actual game store. You just go in there; there's going to be one big gift pack that will have all these different camos available for you to unlock.

free rewards mw3

You just click Get the Gift Pack, and you'll automatically unlock it. Have it Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these camos will be animated; it just looks like they have these glittering effects to them that could potentially make them glow in the dark, or maybe, depending on the angle that you're at and how the light hits the weapon, it could give that animation feel to it the way it sparkles and glitters.

These are not the only daily rewards.

New galactic animated camo (warzone rewards challenges)

Login rewards Call of Duty says they're bringing in a new feature called Call of Duty War Zone Rewards, available at launch. They said, as well as daily and weekly Call of Duty: War Zone Rewards A third set of brand new rewards specifically tailored to Call of Duty War Zone players will be available at launch, all of which are trackable and some of which unlock some of the most coveted rewards around, accessible in the Call of Duty War Zone rewards section of the challenges menu.

how to get obsidian camo mw3

There are five different types of challenges to complete, each granting a reward, so you have the economics. These offer rewards in return for looting and spending cash at buying stations. Contracts, unlock items for completing different types and numbers of contracts, socially interact with enemy players, or aid your team to secure more item rewards and complete tasks in different game modes, from Battle Royale to plunder to Resurgence.

If Champions Quest is active in your game, then check out these challenges: Out, and here is the reward photo that they provided, which is this brand new animated. Galactic-themed type of camo, and it looks actually pretty sick; it definitely looks like it's going to be fully animated, probably going to be moving around, and all that.

It looks like a better version of some of the Mastery camos that we already have available in the game, so this is probably going to be one of the higher-tier, high-end rewards for one of these challenges that I pretty much red-off here. Once we figure out exactly how you're going to be able to get this.

I definitely will make a article and show you guys what you guys need to do, but this is going to be available through the war zone side of things by completing these challenges. After the camo looks this good.

Animated lightning camo in season 4 early gameplay

Animated lightning camo in season 4 early gameplay

I'm definitely going to be grinding out the war zone, but is the next one that we have, which is actually very similar looking to this one, and I almost modded the two, and that is the lightning camo that we have in the game now. At the moment, it's just sitting in the files. This is one of the things that we're waiting for to be added to the season 4 update; this could also potentially end up being one of the rewards that you'll be able to get for completing one of these war zone challenges.

ALL Season 4 FREE ANIMATED CAMOS SHOWCASE! Obsidian, Lightning, MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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