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cod mw3 xp glitch

I'm going to be showing you the most broken weapon XP glitch right now on Modern Warfare 3 zombies. If you did it yourself, you can get all the camos, ranging from multiplayer to zombies, and definitely make sure you check out {384}. You won't regret it; as you can see here, there's bot lobbies as well, and if you still play Modern Warfare 2, they've got a whole bunch of MW2 stuff as well.

If you like Dam Mod, it's very safe and trusted, with tons of reviews on his trust pilot page. Use code neon at check-out for 10% off. Okie dokie everyone, so to start this off, if you know the Tombstone glitch already, then this is going to be very useful for you. You don't need to know the Tombstone glitch, and you don't need the Tombstone glitch; this is just something that will make this glitch way better.

When I show you how to do it, simply load into a game of zombies with the weapon you want to level up, and if you do know how to do the Tombstone glitch, make sure you have the scorcher in your Tombstone, an etherium crystal, an ether tool, the golden armor plate, and a dog bone. This just makes your life easier; it's not essential, so don't worry if you don't know how to do it or you can't get your hands on these items.

modern warfare 3

If you can, then I recommend bringing it in with you. If you've already done the Tombstone glitch, do not get yourself Tombstone, as that will indeed mess up your glitch Tombstone that you have with everything in it. Once you've got yourself all of these items, you now want to head over to an Outlast contract, and this must be a Tier 2 Outlast contract.

Now this is where you have to listen very carefully because this is going to help you get a bunch of camos on the weapon that you're trying to get camos on, and it's also going to help you with weapon XP. Go into the contract; it does not matter what building or location it's in; as long as it's tier two, activate it.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Go outside and make sure you activate your golden armor plates, and now what you want to do is go in and out of the zone over and over again until it gets up to about 133%. Complete, so you'll know when you're going in and out of the Zone because your screen will go purple and then when you go out of the Zone it will go back to normal you want to just keep doing that over and over again going in out in out take it all about sorry yeah I know that was cringe anyway once you've got it up to R about 13 odd perc you do want to leave that bit of the building completely until your screen is no longer, purple and you're not in the zone no more don't leave too far otherwise you'll mess this glitch up just stay in and around the area where this Outlast contract is now just remember everything I said that you bring with you do not 100% need it just makes your life so much easier such as the armor plates I told you to activate, but that does nothing to WS this glitch; it's just the fact that it helps you not die, and you can actually survive for such a long time and basically have unlimited health with these plates once you have it up to around 133%.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

By going in and out of the building constantly, and you're now outside, once you've done that, you will notice that it'll go back to 0%. On the bottom of your screen, well, in the left-hand corner of your screen, the contract will go back to 0%. But you'll still have an unlimited amount of zombies spawning, and you will have this for the whole game as long as you're in that area, and you can use your dog bone, and your dog will help you, and it'll revive you if you go down as well, but that is very unlikely.

You'll go down with these armor plates and all the perks, and you can put down centrifugal guns. A lot of people are dropping you. This is also very good for your camos. As you can see, you can have unlimited, infinite zombie spawns and you can keep killing them over and over again, and level up your weapons very quickly.

I'm sure you can get around 17 weapon levels per game when you're using a double weapon. XP token I'm not actually 100% sure how much it is without a double-weapon XP token. As you can see here, if you go up close to the building, your screen will go purple as if you're actually doing the contract.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

If you sit here in the corner, the zombies are just going to be attracted to you and go towards you, and you can keep killing them, or you can go out into the open and just kill them over and over again. It doesn't matter; it's completely up to you and how you want to do this, sometimes they will spawn much and sometimes they will spawn a ton.

It's a great fun time, and it's actually the closest thing we're going to get to round-based zombies, just remember if you leave the area and come back you will lose this glitch and the zombies will no longer spawn to rinse and repeat this just go to an xfill Chopper, and if you've got the Tombstone glitch you can quit your application right when the screen goes black on any Mission Chopper or any xville Chopper, and when you come back in you'll have all your stuff and your Tombstone and You confirm Vince and repeat this.

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