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Boy, this new glitch I'm about to show you is insane. Thanks for all the recent updates, Support. Can you not be bothered by the massive camo grind that this game has to offer? Then don't worry; I've got you. I have partnered up with the best MW3 services website at the moment. He even offers zombie schematics to people, so if you can't grind your schematics or you want them instantly, you can at {401}, along with bot lobbies as well for multiplayer and MW2.

modern warfare 3

Things if you still play MW2, and you want it to transfer over to MW3. He also has tons of good trust pilot reviews; he's safe; he's trusted; he's quick; definitely check him out. Okay everyone so to start this off you want to go into a game of Zombies with a weapon you want to get weapon levels on you want to go up to a buy station make sure you have a juggernaut, and also buy a bunch of cluster mines as well only one Juggernaut, is needed for this a lot of creators are saying that more than one's needed in case you mess up but don't worry only one's needed cuz you can do the duplication, glitch that I'm going to show you in this article it's easier to duplicate the jugs with the cluster mes because the cluster Ms are actually way cheaper than the juggernauts, are so it makes it a lot easier for you so what you want to do is you want to put the cluster M on the ground, as soon as you press the button to pull out your Juggernaut you want to instantly equip the cluster mine and it's going to actually do duplicate your Juggernaut you will have a juggernaut in your hand that you can throw, and then the cluster mine will turn into a jug on the floor now to do this insanely broken crazy glitch you want to go over to the Jugger knot that's dropped on the ground.

You want to go up to it till it says hold square whatever button it'll be for you to activate it, then you want to run forward with tactical sprint on, then press the button to actually accept and capture this Juggernaut, and use it if it glitches out and it does it properly, it will slide you across the floor.

And when you come out, you'll see that you'll be like this. Not a lot of creators actually explain this very well and tell you that it's very easy to do, but I'm going to tell you exactly how hard this actually is, as I keep it real, and I'm going to show you why it's useful to do as much as it's hard.

modern warfare 3 glitches

It's also a very cool and useful glitch, as you can see. You can be in complete god mode while using this, and you can farm out the X fills for camos, Weapon XP, and so much more with doing this; it's really useful for your challenges. As well, the way it works is that when you're in this glitch, you can actually get up and run around like normal, but as soon as you dolphin dive and land on the ground, you will be in complete god mode.

From anything else around you, nothing will be able to hit you, and you can go ahead and kill them, so there's not actually that much to explain about this glitch, and some people are saying on YouTube how to hit it first, trying to make it look very easy, but it's not so, as you can see here if you do.

Hit it first, and I will give you a medal. What you want to do once again is go up to it and hold square well while tactically sprinting to activate your jug. Slow down my article if you want to see exactly how I do it. There's nothing else I can really say to show you how to do it; there's no other thing.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

I've tried i've looked at a bunch of different tutorials, but none of them seem to actually help me, so there was even a time where I went to do the glitch, okay, and when I did the glitch, it never gave me the glitch to out slide animation, but when my jug ran out. I had the glitch, and I don't know how I had it; it's just random, and I think it's very luck-based, but you know you've 100% hit it if you do hit the slide, but sometimes when you don't hit the slide after you go ahead and take the Juggernaut, it will actually still work with this; you can go and complete god mode absolutely anywhere on the map.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

I've seen people do it in so many different ways. There's some people that go up to the Juggernaut and they dolphin dive into it and use it, and it works. There are so many people doing it in different ways. If you look it up on YouTube, there are tons of different creators that are posting this, and by the time I'm actually uploading it, it's sadly the day after I've recorded it because I'm actually on holiday in England, so I have actually recorded it as soon as it's come out for everybody else, but unfortunately.

I've not been able to post it in time. I thought I'd slow it down for you here exactly, how I did it, so I just want a tactical sprint forward and hold square to activate the Juggernaut while it's on the ground, and if it does this sliding animation and puts you half between under the ground, like under the map and not under the map, then that's how you know you've done it.

The Jug will eventually run out, and then you want to try and get yourself above the map by jumping up and down jumping up and down so you can move around normally, and once you've got that point and you're moving around normally, you can actually now go over and do the Outlast contract if you like and do the glitch with that where you go in and out of the area, getting it up to about 15%.

And then cancel the contract, and you'll have unlimited zombies, and you can just mess around in god mode with this weapon.

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