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cod mw3 xp glitch

I'm going to be showing you the most updated way to get yourself lots of things duplicated and Max Essence points right now without actually needing someone who already has Max Essence and also has the schematics. You already know what to do, you legends. Make sure to smack a like on this article to help the community grow, and not only that, make sure to subscribe if you haven't already to keep up to date on all the brand new MW3 glitches.

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Use code neon at check-out for 10% off. You beautiful people So we're starting this game as if you have nothing. You want to go into a game of zombies, and the first thing you're going to want to do is just pump out contracts like they're nothing. You want to get a bunch of contracts completed, as this is going to give you Essence points, and you want to save up around 20K to 30K worth of Essence points before you actually start doing this.

modern warfare 3

Next, I recommend going somewhere high up and also getting yourself some schematics. Tombstone, you want to get yourself a Tombstone. Also, make sure in your settings that the auto parachute is turned off instead of going over to the perk machine for Tombstone. If you have the schematic, you can bring it in-game with you and drink the perk right away.

Once you're in a high location, you now want to jump off and kill yourself. If you have a friend in your game at this point, it doesn't matter about him. All you want to do is you want to bleed out. As soon as you bleed out, you want to press pause and leave the game. This is where things get different from the other Tombstone tutorials.

I've shown you now you want to put a tactical on and use a decoy; it's very useful, and go back into a new game, and this time bring a friend with you. If you've not already, you will see your tombstone is still there. When you go into a new game, the decoys are very useful to distract the zombies from trying to kill you while you're getting your tombstone.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Once you have taken everything out of your tombstone, you will actually notice that you have your 20K. Back then, that's how Tombstone works normally, so now what you want to do is go to the top of this crane, somewhere high up. You want to give your friend all the money, and he's going to jump off the crane and go to Tombstone now and get it himself.

Once you have given him all the money and you just sit here and wait now and he's gone and got Tombstone, he'll eventually come back. Now, when he comes back, you don't want to drop him anything you want to duplicate, so for example. I'm going to drop on the scorcher cases because I really want to duplicate them, and we'll have to do them because they're really fun to fly around the map and they're also really good for traveling purposes as well.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

So now what you want to do is wait until he's got Tombstone and he has your money and the things to duplicate. He now wants to jump off the crane and kill himself. Okay, so once he has done this, this is where things get a little bit different. Okay, once he does the normal part of bleeding out and leaving the game, make sure he doesn't bring you with him because you're the host.

You need to be the host. The host has to stay in the game. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to Simply close my application by holding the PlayStation button. You can do this in any way possible. I think it's all F4 or something on PC, and on Xbox, sorry, you can do it just by closing your application as well.

It's really the same as the PlayStation. Now, when you go back in, you will see that your tombstone will still be there. You can pick it up again. You'll have the 20 odd numbers you want to go back up to the top of the crane. You want to rinse and repeat this. Drop your friend the money, and he'll go get Tombstone.

Then he'll come back, and then he'll jump off and then kill himself, and every single game you do this is going to keep duplicating your Tombstone money, and if eventually you will have Max cash to make it even faster when he hits 100K cash, if he drops me that 100K cash. I make a fresh Tombstone.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

Then I do the part I did at the start of the article, and then I'll be able to keep dropping him 100K when he comes back in, and it will just DP, and in a matter of a few games, you'll have Max Essence again. I really, really recommend going to the Discord server. They're dropping a whole bunch of schematics, even the new ones, and unlimited Essence for you as well, so make sure to check that out.

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