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First of all, I hope you all had a really good Christmas if you celebrated it. Second, I hope you all have had happy holidays so far. Then don't worry; I've got you. I have partnered up with the best MW3 services website at the moment. He even offers zombie schematics to people, so if you can't grind your schematics or you want them instantly, you can at Dam mods, Com, along with bot lobbies as well for multiplayer, and MW2.

Things if you still play MW2, and you want it to transfer over to MW3. If it weren't for him. I would not be able to make articles the way I am, so what I recommend doing is going to zombies first and picking an operator that doesn't have anything on it so you don't have to actually risk losing your stuff on your other main characters.

But if you have everything for free, sadly, you're going to have to lose the stuff. You will at some point lose it during this glitch. Also, this is another thing that a lot of people might not like, so it's up to you if you want to do this glitch at your own risk. And also, it's up to you, and if you want to do it at all, you will need to go ahead and get rid of all your contraband and weapons.

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And you need to use your insured weapon slot and bring it into a game with you, so when you go into a game with your insured weapon, you want to quickly drop your items on the ground as soon as you spawn. This is going to get rid of your insured weapon, but don't worry; obviously, once the cooldown's finished, you'll get these back.

Also, if you've done the Tombstone glitch before, then that's fine, but once you've dropped the guns, you can close your application and come back on. At this point, you will now have nothing, and your insured weapon slots will be on hold. That's exactly what we want. We'll have no contraband or weapons left at all.

You now want to equip your free loadout. That will give you the option to equip your free loadout when you've got no contraband weapons and you've got no insured weapon slot weapons. Go into a brand new game of zombies now. As you can see, my tombstones are still there, but you want to activate the act of mission on your missions.

modern warfare 3 glitches

I'll show you how to do that now, and in the lobby, go over to the ACT section and go all the way over to Act 4. You do not need to do any previous acts to unlock this one, and you just activate it. When you go on to Act 4, it'll say a bad signal is activating. This will make the portal show up in the game.

It'll be the bad signal mission on the map, and once you've activated it, press the map to actually accept it. You will have a countdown as soon as the warp screen starts to come on, like the little portal screen. You want to quit your application and go back to the game. I'll go through the pros and cons of this glitch in a second, but what I want to do is show you how you know this glitch worked.

You'll have a question mark in your secondary slot; it'll say random, and you might have a pistol or any other weapon in your primary. Once you've done that, you can now go into the snowball game mode or any game mode you want that does not include weapons. And you will have a weapon every single time you go in, and this is really good for weapon levels, and it's very It's very gamebreaking; it's OP; it's very good for weapon levels; it gives you random guns to level up.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

Not only that, it's very good for normal XP to rank up your account because it is double weapon XP and double rank XP at the moment in the game. Not even that; it's very broken because you can put on a double XP token afterwards after this double XP event is gone and still earn good XP from doing this.

It works on shipment in the snowball game mode as well. It's unreal; you can go around with guns and nobody else has them, and they're helpless, and you can shoot them all. This also works on Infected, so if you go infected and you die straight away on purpose, you become one of the infected. Instead of having a knife and a tomahawk, well, it's now snowballs.

At the moment, you will have a weapon, and when you kill people in this game mode, you get over 600 odd XP. I just wanted to let you know that it works in tons of different game modes. If you've watched this far into the article, this bit is very important. Well, there are pros and cons to this glitch, so the pros of this glitch are that it's good for XP.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

It's also just kind of fun to go around and use, and it's insanely game-breaking. Okay, the bad points of this glitch are that it's up to you, and if you want to decide to do it, I'm just a gaming glitching channel, so that's why I'm posting this in the first place. The bad points are that you could possibly get banned for this CU; it's insanely gamebreaking, Two.

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I also maybe wouldn't recommend doing it because you'll lose your insured weapon slots, but at the end of the day, you can get them back. But the other thing is, you'll lose your connection and weapons, as I said earlier, which isn't too bad, well, not too bad if you care about your if you want to do care about them, and it's up to you if you want to do care about them and I just thought of another Pro as well if you've done the Tombstone glitch in the past it keeps your Tombstone, so you no longer have to lose it will still stay on the map and you can, still keep doing your Tombstone, glitch while you've done this as well so yeah it's up to you if you want to do it or not but maybe this will make you feel less bad about it There's probably other people that's going to be doing this, and the whole game mode's probably going to turn into that, so, at the end of the day, you're just going to have to do the glitch to actually be able to compete in games now, and there's no, guns are meant to be there; everyone is going to be using the guns, so just to compete, you may as well do it.

Bell to keep up to date on all the brand new MW3. That would be, honestly, so cool. Peace,

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