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In this article. I'm going to show you the most updated way to do the Tombstone glitch and the only way to do it so you can get yourself tons of schematics, crystals, and so much more, as well as unlimited Essence points. unlocked as well, and if you do it yourself, you can get all the camos ranging from multiplayer to zombies as well.

If so, then definitely make sure you check out {352}. Just get someone to do that for you, okay? Then you want to make a tombstone. When you've bought Tombstone, once they've dropped you the stuff, only buy Tombstone. After they've dropped you the stuff, you want to down yourself once you've got the tombstone.

And if you've got a self-raise, use it, because that's not going to work. You need to not have a self-raise on you, and you need to down yourself. As soon as you kill yourself as a zombie, you want to hold the button to give up, and you want to leave the game now. Once you get back in the lobby, this is normal.

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You will lose everything. You'll be back in a small backpack. Make sure you get a large one. By the way, before you do the glitch and before everyone drops your things, this makes it so much easier. But once you've lost absolutely everything, go back into a new game with a weapon that you want to get weapon levels on because you're going to be using it in that game for the whole game.

Okay, so when you load back in, you will see your tombstone is now on the map from where you left it. So you bought the tombstone. You died with it from a zombie hitting you. You left the game. You go back in time to your tombstone. You will have all the items in there, but because we have a small backpack now, we cannot fit them all in there, so what we want to do is we want to make sure we completely clear out the tombstone.

Use anything you want in your backpack at this point because you will get it back. Don't worry if you use anything right now; at this point, you're going to get it back, so just use what you want. Have fun at this point, so if you actually have to borrow your wonder weapon from someone and they give it to you, this is the point where you will use it because it's going to help you out a ton here, along with the crystals and the tools as well.

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Just get your gun packed right away; it's going to be very useful if you want to clear out your tombstone. Completely make sure nothing's in it. I just don't care about that stuff whatsoever. Even if you want it, you'll get it back. Just give that to some random player who finds it on the map. You don't need it in your inventory right now.

If you've got the scorcher, you now want to make your way over to the buy station. If you don't have it, just make your way over to the Bu station anyway; it needs to be a Tier 2 buy station. Make your way over there anyway you can once you've done that and you're in the Bu station. Buy a level three vest; also buy some self-revised because you're going to need them; and also buy yourself some sentry guns and monkey bombs.

Once you've got all those items, you want to now go to Tier 3, and you want to find yourself the Wonder Fizz. The scorcher comes in handy once again here because you can use it to make your way across the map V quickly, make your way to the Wonder Fizz, and buy every single perk apart from Tombstone.

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This is very important because you're not going to need a tombstone. Right now, you're going to need that layer if you find a schematic in Tier 3 that you want to keep. So now you want to make your way over to Pack-a-Punch to pack your guns so you don't die, then head over to the buy station in Tier 3 and buy yourself a large backpack.

This is the most important step. Also, you can do the monkey bomb and sentry gun glitches at the moment this article is being recorded. Before the update goes out, do it while you can, because it's probably going to get patched in season 1. You now have two options here: you can get the hell out of there once you've got the large backpack, and then you can just save what you've got in your Tombstone and also save what you had in your.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

Tombstone like inside it, such as your inventory item schematics and all that, or you can try and find yourself some more schematics at this point and get lucky. That's why I did it here, so you can go to your buy station and get set up. Get a bunch of juggernauts. This is going to help you out so much, so as a lot of you probably already know by now, the best way to get schematics right now in the game is going to the Tier 3 zone and going over and doing some contracts.

So that's why you need to get yourself juggernauts, because they're very open P within this game mode, so get your large backpack before you go. Do not forget that your main priority is your large backpack. Now that you want to go over, also get armor plates; they're very useful, and the monkey bombs, because it's also easier to pick up the contracts.

While the zombies are distracted or decoy grenades up to you so you can do the bounties or the Outlast contracts, it doesn't matter; just do any contract possible. I like doing the Bounty ones. You want to throw down your Juggernaut, then you want to pick it up, which will take out any Bounty instantly, very quickly.

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Then you can go ahead and see if you got any cool schematics. From there, you'll get a reward. They'll also drop schematics on the floor this time around. I didn't get that lucky, but you can do this over and over again if you want in that game; it does not matter until the game is about to end.

You now want to head over to an Xville once you've done that, but if you don't care about getting any more schematics than you already got from your Tombstone and the person who dropped you off, then once you've got yourself a large backpack, skip all of that and just go straight to the Xfill. When you get to the xville guys and you're on the chopper, you then want to quit your application when it comes up saying successful, xville, and accidentally didn't record that part, but that's what you got to do.

I just finished a 10-hour live stream, and I am also making this article now for you guys before I go to bed, so from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate every single one of you here that has been supporting me. The support has been insane recently.

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