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It is probably your last chance to do the duplication glitch and unlimited money glitch right now in MW3, zombies. I'm going to be showing you the best XVs to use and the best way to duplicate items. How to not lose your tombstone how to get your hands on easy backpacks and, of course, how to duplicate things such as gun cases, crystals, tools, and so much more.

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You won't regret it. As you can see here, there's bot lobbying as well, and if you still play Modern Warfare 2, they've got a whole bunch of MW2 stuff as well. If you like D Mods, he's very safe and trusted, with tons of reviews on his trust pilot page. Use code Neon to check out for 10% off. So a lot of you wanted me to start from scratch with the updated Tombstone glitch.

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Now I'm going to be showing you how you can do this as if you have absolutely nothing to do in a game of zombies with any contraband weapon you don't mind losing. If you don't have any, just go in without a weapon. Don't worry; you'll probably end up finding one along the way. When you're in the game and you're off the chopper, you now want to open up your map and head to this location.

Right here, you'll see these big two circles on the map in the Tier 2 Zone at the top. If you see any of the redeployments around, make sure to use them because that allows you to get around the map a lot quicker. Once you get here, you will see there's a bunch of lockers in this room. This is why I like this area.

If you want to loot these lockers and try to find yourself a medium or a large backpack, it doesn't actually matter if you want to duplicate more things than you want to find a large backpack. It just makes it easier than going into the Tier 3 Zone and buying one. I mean, if you want to do that grind and go to the Tier 3 Zone and buy one, my guess is completely up to you.

modern warfare 3 glitches

You can just go there and have a lock, and you might find one, or you can find a medium backpack, or you can duplicate small items. It's completely up to you; it doesn't matter, but I recommend doing it with a medium or large backpack because you can duplicate more items. So I got myself a medium backpack, and then I filled it.

When you're in the lobby, you now want to fill your backpack with anything you want to duplicate, so any schematics you've got unlocked, craft them, shove them in your backpack, and anything you've got in your stash that you want to duplicate, also shove in your backpack once you have completely filled it up.

Glitch well the first step of it now is what you want to do: go over to a zombie and make sure the zombie downs you, and you've got everything you want to duplicate. In your backpack, and if you have unlimited Essence at this point in time from someone dropping you, make sure you also have that on you as well.

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The reason why I did the contract is because I never had anyone to drop me Essence, so I needed enough Essence to buy Tombstone, or you can bring the tombstone perk in the game with you once youve taken the tombstone you want to down yourself from a zombie completely bleed out. Wait till the game completely ends and you get all your XP and stuff popping up on screen.

Don't worry, you'll lose absolutely everything, but it'll be fine. When you go into the next game, you will see your tombstone will be there in the map. This is normal. This is how Tombstone works. I recommend going back to that other location I showed you earlier to get yourself a large or a medium backpack.

I got lucky that time, and I got a large one. Now when you're back at your tombstone, you can successfully open it, and all your stuff will be there because we went and just got a backpack. You'll be able to store all the items in your current tombstone that you picked up. You want to make sure the tombstone crumbles, and you loot absolutely everything out of it.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

Then you want to head over to a mission Xville chopper, or you can go ahead and use the one that takes you into the dark ether portal now when you're on an extraction chopper for a mission. When the screen goes black, you want to quit your application. If you're using the portal to go to the dark ether, as soon as it starts warping you into the dark ether, quit your application as well.

That's how you do it for both of them, as you can see right there. I quit my application as soon as the screen went black. I came back on and went on to zombies, and as you can see, I've collected everything I've collected. Out of my tombstone, it's still there. You've now successfully duplicated everything because not only is all that in your backpack, but you took it out of the game with you successfully.

Your tombstone will also be there in the next game you go into, so when you spawn into the next game, your tombstone will be there. You can go over to it, pick up all the items, and you already have a backpack, because when you quit your application, it will keep anything you've got on you, such as your backpack, as well, so you can just do this over and over again.

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Go in, go to your tombstone, pick up your stuff, and head to an x-fill. Chopper then closes your game as soon as the screen goes black on that x-fill. And it's unfortunate, so that's why we're using the mission X fills and also the portal to go into the dark ether to do this as well.

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