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Best mcw class setup mw3

Best mcw class setup mw3

But also, we are getting some recoil control and gunky control for those longer-range gunfights, but at any range, you need some stability to help the weapon be more calm, smoother, more accurate when firing, and everything. But also, it is a bonus that we are getting some gun kit control and recoil control for those longer-range gunfights, so we are going to be adding this on for the first attachment here.

Now we're going to jump up here to the optic next and add on the MK3 reflector. To be honest, this is my favorite, like. I guess you could say original optic that came here in Modern Warfare 3, but there are so many good choices, like the Jack glasses, and there's so many good Modare 2 optics as well, so choose what you guys like.

best class mw3

I know there are a lot of good options, so go ahead and add on your favorite optic, but for me, we're going to be using the MK3 reflector. Next guys we are going to the barrel here a must have attachment I mean I'm telling you guys every person needs to be running this Barrel on the MCW, from now on that is the Cyclone long barrel here now this can help with bu loss V in range aiming out of s and firing aiming stability, again making the weapon more calm and smooth when firing very important we are getting bull velocity and range very important here a 15%, increase in our effective in minimum damage range so our bullet sheling further hitting harder taking less bullets to kill also that 18% increase in our bull velocity so our bull is traveling much faster now so in any gunfight any range we have that advantage and this attachment here is going to make us have a four bullet kill so add this on again a must have attachment here now this next attachment is a new attachment I've been running on the MCW which I've ran it a lot I just haven't run it on the MCW, before and that's going to be the zamon 35 comped flashhider now in rank play if you're going to use this build in rank play the flash hider that everyone runs got nerfed so the z35.

Is going to be your next go-to. Shorten that radar ping. We're getting extra vertical and horizontal recoil control, as well as more firing aim stability. Now the two things that you need to look at here are going to be the shortening of the radar ping, so it basically works like a suppressor. It's going to help you be more stealthy, to be honest, and we are also getting more firing ax ability.

Again, just being more stealthy makes the weapon more stable and smoother when firing, and that's going to be very important. Then, going into our final attachment, guys, we are going to the underbarrel. The Dr6 got nerfed, so we're not going to be running this anymore, so what we're going to be running now is going to be the edbw.

Best fjx horus class setup mw3

Best fjx horus class setup mw3

4 hand stop grip it kind of works like a hand stop but it's going to be a little bit better than the dr6, now so make sure to go ahead and throw this on for your final attachment , now for my next weapon guys we have the fgx horse which is the brand new SMG here in Modern Warfare 3 and a lot of people are saying which I agree here is now the best SMG here in Modern Warfare 3 it replaces the ram 9 it replaces the Swarm and the Rival 9 this is now the best SMG, that you need to start using and of course I got you with a nice class here now for the stock here for our first attachment guys we are going to be adding on the Lopper lxd stock aiming out of s recoil control gun control and firing aiming stability.

best class setup mw3

All these things right here for this SMG are very important. With this weapon having a fast fire rate and not the best recoil control, they do not work well together, so we need to have this attachment on to make the weapon easy to control, not kick up as much, and more stable. More calm more smooth when firing so we're going to be adding this on for our first attachment here for this SMG, here now we're going to the optic next for our next attachment here guys and we're going to be going over here until we reach the Jack glasses optic now I think this is a must have attachment here on this weapon the iron sights are not the best on this weapon with the visual recoil it has the Fast Fire and everything it is difficult to see out of the iron sight so we're going to be adding this on we get a better picture while aim down sides we get a blue dot which everyone loves, also you're getting firing aiming stability which is going to help a ton firing aiming stability is going to be the key thing about this weapon, and I have to say right now stability is probably the most important thing here in Modern Warfare 3 now, with all these weapons basically getting a Sprint of fire speed buff.

best class setups mw3

Now we're going to go to the barrel next here and add on the Martis heavy barrel. Now I'd rather have this one on than the long barrel because with this weapon it is a peashooter after those longer range gunfights, so with this build. I would rather you be up close and in those medium ranges rather than those long range gunfights.

Be more aggressive; just be in people's faces. This is the weapon that you need to use for you if you have to take your long-range gunfights. Again, I would rather have this barrel on because you have to be accurate and you have to control your weapon. Yes, you are getting better damage and everything with this attachment, but you have to hit your shots regardless of what gunfight you're in, so I'd rather have this one on gun kick control, recoil control, and more firing aimx ability, and this is why I'm going with this attachment here.

Now we're going to be skipping the muzzle here and going to the under barrel, and we're going to be going over here until we reach the Brewing heavy support grip gun kick control, aiming out of sway, horizontal recoil control, and more firing aiming ability. Overall, this is just a really important attachment here, just like the barrel.

Just like every other attachment here, we are getting more recoil control and more stability. Making this weapon easy to control at any range if you have to take those gunfights at longer ranges, this attachment will come in clutch, so of course we'll be adding this on and then going to our final attachment guys to make us more of an official running gun type of player here so we don't have to reload all the time getting into those gunfights.

We are going to be adding on that 48-round mag so we don't have to reload every time we get a kill or two. With that Cod timing, we don't have to slow our flow down by reloading all the time, so make sure to have it on the 48-round mag for our final attachment.

Best mtz 556 class setup mw3

Best mtz 556 class setup mw3

Now for our next weapon on today's list, we have the MTZ 556. Which, in my opinion, is now the best assault rifle here in Modern Warfare 3?

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