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These are the top five best SMGs to be rocking right now in War Zone 3 and, of course, Rebirth Island, ladies and gentlemen. Honorable mention is not going to be an SMG; it's going to be the more sniper. The reason I want to show you guys is because this thing is insane on Rebirth Island. They actually just buffed it before; it was a little bit awkward, like you would go to shoot but the shot wouldn't go where you're actually aiming.

They just fixed that, making it now for sure the best sniper, and so you can pair it up with all these SMGs that I'm going to be showing you, and you're going to be having a great time. Even if you're not good at sniping, try this thing; you're going to go crazy. Keep in mind that you might want to take off the rear grip or the stock and then go over to the ammunition and add the slug rounds.

You'll get a couple more one-shot kills, but you know I always just hit the head, so it doesn't really matter, so for the first gun, we are going to be going over the HRM. You guys already know this HRM is one of the best—actually, the best SMG—to be using right now. You cannot go wrong with this thing.

best class setup mw3

There are a few different builds, but overall, this is going to be my favorite one. When we look at the commentary, flash hider really is going to help out the weapon without really hurting it whatsoever. We get so much recoil control with basically no cons at all. If you want to run a suppressor, I would add that shadow strike one.

Just keep in mind that the gun's going to be a little bit bouncy now for the underr, If you're not that good at the game, you might want to add the FTE MSP or the Phantom 5. Those two that I just showed you are going to give you mobility and recoil control, but if you're pretty good at the game and you don't really need recoil control like by S, you can add the DR6 hand style if we take a look at those Pros so much mobility.

So much handling really does make the weapon feel so much lighter, allowing you to get into the enemy's face and absolutely smash them now. The next attachment is going to be the 50-round drum mag. You know you don't really need this, but you also do. The next attachment is going to be the {742} grip.

best class setups mw3

This one adds a lot of recoil control. I will give you a variation if you are very good at the game. Even though I would say I'm pretty good, I still really like to run this rear grip just because it really does make the weapon just a little bit more consistent and easier to use at medium range. If you need to use it in the medium range, keep in mind that recoil gun kick is what's making the weapon easy to use, not so much the horizontal and that vertical recoil; it's always your iron aing stability and the gun kick control.

You need those two things on the gun. Usually, I do add the folding stock, like for multiplayer. Usually, I add the folding, but you know, I noticed on War Zone I can just have so much mobility, and I can really get away with having the hatchet light stock. We get the ad speed, the aim walking speed, and the movement speed.


When we take a look at those detailed stats, you guys can see we could really, you know, move around a lot quicker. Yes, there is a little bit more recoil on the weapon, so if that is annoying, run the folding. Overall, though, you guys should be able to pop off with this build. You could take off the underbar or the rear grip and then add the Thor 90 barrel and then add the Thor 90 barrel I've been rocking this one a lot; it is very enjoyable, so definitely try out this build.

You could even add the folding stock. There isn't just one build; it's kind of, you know, it's all personal preference; everyone plays a little bit differently. The next gun is going to be the Striker 9. Is starting to take over, and now you're going to be seeing everyone in their grandmas using the striker nine because this thing is easy to use for the most part.

We got the Z-Compact flash hider for the same reasons as before. If you're making your own build, always run the comfort flashhider. It's definitely the best attachment in the game. I run it on all my builds on the multiplayer channel and in the war zone just because, as you know, I don't want to give you guys something worse.

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That's why we're running the DR6 hand stock. This thing has already done so much damage. Just everything, so just run the DR6 to make yourself a little bit more mobile. You want to be able to pull up your gun after sprinting, and very quickly this is going to allow you to do so. You're not really going to be dying, and the enemies take so many shots.

The Kills, so we're going to be running the 50-round mag despite having all those cons, but it's definitely going to be worth it. You could run the 40, but I don't think the 50 really has that many more cons than the 40, so for me, I like the 50 rear grip; you don't really need this. Same with the stock; the main part of the build is those first three attachments.

I'll give you some variations, so sock, and the reason I like it again is that we get that fireing, stability, and that gun kick control really making the gun easy to use, and we just get base recoil, control without really, you know, losing too much aiming out of stability. I know we're losing some, but it's not that much to where it's going to be noticeable, so you could take off the rear grip, then go over to the barrel, and then add the striker Recon long barrel.

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If you can't hit your shots, then I would add the striker Elite long barrel. So if you guys do want to screen Sha, very, very good class, I just up the whole thing. Definitely try out this one, and then, you know, the one that I really like is going to have the socking on there for the stocks. The striker factory is going to be very nice.

You guys can see we can move around the map quicker, which is actually going to allow you to basically hit more shots in a way, so if you want to be able to be very good at the game and not really miss your shots always, like strafe, as you're shooting, that's how I track my enemies at long range, like I'm not really using my right stick to aim.

I'm always using my left stick to aim, and then I just use my right stick to have good centering. And just you know, be able to snap on the targets when you add the stock; it's going to allow you to strafe a little bit quicker, making it easier to hit your shots, and overall, it's going to be a very easy gun to use.

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Now that's going to wrap it up for the striker. HRM and Striker are going to be the two best SMGs. The reason I'm showing you guys this is because the HRM is a very good long-range SMG with a lot of recoil, but it's very easy to use. If you haven't seen my WP9 article, definitely check it out. I completely popped off and kind of showed you guys how to use this gun, so since the overall stats of the gun are already so good, we're just going to make it a lot lighter when you add the short barrel.

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