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Today we're going to be taking a look at the new top five best-class setups in mod Warfare 3. After the season 2 reloaded update, all of these weapons have been touched in some way. Here's the first-class setup, somehow, and in some way, the SBAA, 545. Always finds its way on this list, but this time for a good reason; they actually decreased the ad time and the sprint to fire, so it's a little bit quicker now, which is pretty big.

A lot of my attachments bring that down, so my first attachment is a 60-run magazine, so I can take out multiple enemies without having to reload. You could do the 45, and you could definitely get away with it. Either way, I just prefer the 60 because I feel like it has a high fire rate and I just burn through ammo very quickly.

Next, I threw on the Brew and heavy support grip; it is the best under Barrel in the entire game for recoil control and accuracy. You really shouldn't be missing any shots after putting this on, and then, when you pair it with the Zon 35 compensated flash H, or muzzle, golden literally zero recoil, it doesn't move whatsoever.

best class setup mw3

We get shorter radar pings, so you're on enemy radar; less time than normal, which is pretty big, so you can be more stealthy; and on top of that, more and better recoil control, which is always very helpful and needed. For my barrel, I have the STV. Precision barrel: we get bullet velocity and range, which makes our SVA 545 just kill a lot more quickly at those long gents.

On top of that, recoil control is more accurate; you can never go wrong with that, and then the fifth and final attachment is up to you. I prefer an optic because I don't like the iron sights. I prefer the brand new Jack glassless, optic, or you could do the good old Marker reflector, but since this is out and it actually reduces your visual recoil.

I prefer this one now, and we can take this to the fire range, and it is just, much quicker; my setup really hasn't changed, and I mean, it is one of the easiest weapons in the entire game to use barely any recoil, especially with the brand new optic on it, and it's quicker. I'm most excited for this one personally, the Lockman Sub, which actually received a huge buff.

best class setups mw3

It actually kills in one bullet quicker now, so they increased all sorts of damage ranges on this, and I'm so glad they did because this is just one of the best SMGs of all time in Call of Duty, so my first attachment is a 40-round magazine. I feel like 50 is OD, and I don't like the extra mobility it knocks down on me, but it's a personal preference.

I know some people prefer the 50 I have had in the past, so go ahead and do it. I'm going to do my little 40 right here next. You're going to definitely want to throw on the high-grain rounds where you get bullet velocity and damage range. So since they already buffed it on this throw, this is just going to add more fuel to the fire; it's just going to make it that much better.

Next, I have on the ZON competed flash header and muzzle; it's going to be on every setup; it's just the best muzzle in the entire game. You already know what it does: shorten those radar pings, increase your accuracy, and provide recoil control for the barrel. I have the L-38 Falcon Barrel. It's a movement barrel, which is really helpful.

best gun after update mw3

I like it a lot. I'm just able to finish this up close in close engagements where you're mainly using a weapon like this, and then my final attachment is the Ft. Mobile stock i get aiming idle sway, which increases my accuracy, and then it gives me a little bit of aim-down sight speed, which I'm okay with.

I'm not going to complain about it. Bring this to the firing range. MP5 is so back; it feels incredible, especially with the MW3 attachment. I hope they continue to buff some of these MW2 weapons now that T's out. Again, get this in your hands. Now, on a less positive note, we have the BP50, which overall pretty much got a Nerf, but it's still absolutely incredible.

I don't want you to think that this thing stinks—not because they nerfed it. You already know my rule of thumb: if it's nerfed, it's not really nerfed, so here's the updated build you're going to want to use because it's still amazing. First 45 Magazine: It's the biggest magazine you're going to need, so you can take out a lot more enemies without having to reload for my underbarrel.


I actually went with the x10, Phantom 5 hand stop. I sprint to fire, so that brings my weapon up quicker. After sprinting, I get ad speed so I can be quick and snappy with my shots, and then on top of that vertical recoil control gun, kick control. You can't go wrong with it; that's the best of both worlds for the muzzle.

As you already guessed, we have the meta-muzzle. I can just start calling it at this point. Next. I went ahead and threw on the lore 9 heavy barrel we get to and bullet velocity and range, and that's the main reason I even threw this on it—it just makes it a little bit stronger and kills a little bit more quickly.

And then, in my final attachment, they actually ended up buffing the Moat 40 stock, so it increased our gun kick control just a little bit more than previously, so this stock is better for your recoil control. That's why we're going to use it. It's the only thing that they buffed, so I'll take it, and then we can head to the firing range.

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The thing is still an absolute laser. As you could see after the update, a lot of the Nerfs they made were like the attack stance and stuff since that was like the more OP build, but if you use it normally, you're good to go with one of the better weapons for recoil control, for sure. I mean, look at that.

Unreal i love the BP50; it's still usable after the update. Next, we have the WSP, Swarm, which they didn't even Nerf; they left it alone, and that's why it's being put on here because it is just that good. I'm surprised it wasn't nerfed, so here's my updated build because it has changed a little bit.

I got the 100-round drum mag instead of the 50. It's so much fun; it's like the highest fire rate weapon in the entire game. You will be burning through ammo, 100. You could definitely go with me here for my underbarrel. I have the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop once again. Throwing a 100-round drum is going to slow this thing down quite a bit, so that's where the Sprint to Fire and ad speed come into play, and then you get better vertical recoil control and gun kit control, which we're definitely going to need because of the high fire rate this had.

Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 Best Class Setups Best Class Setups MW3! These Best Class MW3 have NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! Hope you enjoy these Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups.
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