News - Warzone 2 Ranked Play: The Best Class Setups For Season 2

Full class setup

Full class setup

Good day! So with the drop of season 2 and the latest patch, they've completely gutted Modern Warfare 3 ranked play and pretty much left us with absolutely nothing we can play with or have fun with, so let's dive in and see what the best loadouts are and what we still have left. So when it comes to vests, we've still got the one and only infantry vest, and when it comes to eapons, we've got the one and only MCW.

SMGs—we've got six here, and we've got no more snipers for the handguns. We have one, the retti fele; let's be honest, we have one; it's the kambo. In tacticals, we've got the one choice, really, the stun grenade, unless you're playing, and then you can run the smoke for lethals. We've got the frag and the syx; this one comes down to personal preference, whatever you prefer.

I like the fragment; I can bounce it off walls and stuff the field upgrades. You've got two options. Everyone's running trophy system of dead silence is pretty much redundant. As the covert sneakers exist when it comes to gloves, the best option here would be the assault gloves, which allow you to jump with more accuracy and quicker time.

The other option is that if you're running an AR, you can run the Marxman gloves, which reduce your sway and flinch while ads, but Sal gloves are a better option if you're running and gunning using an SMG or getting in people's faces. When it comes to boots, you've only got one option here, and pretty much, you've got the covert sneakers, which eliminate all footsteps.

The best option here is EOD padding; it will save your life generally when you get grenaded or blown up moving on to the best build, so with 1 AR, you've got one option.



Really, this is the best AR build to go with for the most recoil. Control, for the build, we've got the second heavy marath barrel, which increases our range and mobility, a slight reduction to our accuracy, and handling the muzzle, we've got the Ex01 match comp compensator to help out with that vertical recoil as this thing does not have any horizontal I've got the MK3 reflector, just to help out with that sight.

Pitch up and pick whatever site you like. You don't need a site, but you can. Chuck an underbarrel on I'd probably Chuck on the dr6 hand stop to add in that mobility and handling the stock We've got the Regal heavy stock to help out with that recoil control again there, and finally. I've got the RB FLW rib to help out with that recoil control again there.

This is this thing's recoil control, which is UNC-controlled, so, as you can see, there's no recall at all. It's pretty easy to use, has decent mobility, pretty decent aim-down sight, and speed, and you can beam at all Rangers. The only other class that we can use is the SMGs, so for this, I've chucked in three options, which are your viable options.

You've got the WSP Swarm, which is great for close encounters. This thing absolutely beams and kills quickly; it's just a bit harder to control. We've got the Rival 9, which was the current meta, and we've got the Striker 9, which is coming up as the newest meta at the moment, so we'll.

Sub 1

Sub 1

Start off with the Rival 9, which is the main meta at the moment, so for the barrel, we've got the Rival clear shot barrel to help out with that range and recoil control.

I've got the T4 LR Saber compensator. To help out with those horizontal Reco controllers, this thing's got a little bit of horizontal, but the Dr6 hand stop helps out with that mobility and handling. For the stock, I've got the Close Quarters assault stock, which helps out with recoil control again, and for the rear grip, we've got the Rival Vice assault grip, or even more recoil.

Control, that's uncontrolled, thing's got heaps of mobility moves quick can aim down sight pretty much instantly even in, air, and super easy to control moving over to the striker nine, so for the barrel, we've got the Recon long barrel to help out with that range.

Sub 2

I've got the brake muzzle to help out with that vertical recoil, as this thing doesn't really have any horizontal I've got the SL skeletal grip to help out with that recoil control as well as a little bit of handling.

Here I've got the optic, as the on-sights on this thing are atrocious, and for the stock, we've got the priority tactical stock, which helps out with our mobility and our recoil control, so the recoil control on this one is pretty much straight. Vertical, mobility This thing super quick aims down sight pretty much instantly, and it's easy to control when fling.



Moving over to the WSP, so for the barrel, we've got the Reckless long barrel to help out with that range and recoil control; we've got the Sky Fury compensator to help out with that recoil control again; for the stock, we've got the Fortress heavy stocks, so that helps out with our recoil massively; and for the rear grip.

I've got the Marauder grip to help out that recoil control again, as this thing has a lot; and as for the fifth attachment, this can be chopped and changed; I find the 40-round mag does help you get those extra eight rounds. You can Chuck an optic if you do not like the optic on this thing, the iron sight, or you can Chuck an underbarrel onine to give you a bit more mobility or even more recoil control, depending on what you're after.

The recoil is uncontrolled; as you can see, it pretty much goes up and left slightly, but it's got a lot of.



Mobility, quick ads, and when you're firing, it's pretty easy to beam people at all ranges moving on to the only pistol we have, so this one you generally If you're running a pistol, you want to kind of build it for mobility, to get around the map as you don't have that knife, so for the barrel, we've got the sh compensator barrel to help out with that mobility movement speed.

I've got the whole punch-breaker muzzle to help out that mobility. Again, here I do however have the 24-round mag, which reduces that mobility a bit, but I find it does help out a fair bit, and we've got the ftac folding, which compensates our stock as it doesn't reduce our movement speed only our sprinting speed slightly but it increases our recoil control, and the final attachment is the rear grip.

best class mw3

We Run The ret wood grain grip to help out with that pistol Fast Draw so you can get this thing out when you need it, and that's it. Make sure you check out my article on how to maximize your SR gained in rank play. Cheers for watching! I appreciate it, and I'll catch you in the next one. We're.

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