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best class mw3

Season 2 of ranking players here, and there were many changes, like a big Nerf to the MCW. So you might want to take advantage of this, so we look at the detailed stats you guys can see. Yes, we are losing some damage range, which is annoying; we're only losing a little bit of our adsp, but we get so much recoil control, and it's not going to show the enemies which way we're looking, so since it gives us so much recoil control, we can pair that up with the buffer tube, which is going to really boost up that mobility.

The reason people don't use the AR9 is because of the lack of sprint fire speed, but if we add the buffer tube, it's going to really bring that up, especially if we pair that up with the Phantom grip, which is going to give us 23% for the sprint fire speed, so now the sprint fire speed on this thing is very crazy.

We get a lot of recoil control because we got the camir underbarrel and the Jack BFB. I was going to add things like the DR6, hand stop, or the Phantom 5, but it was just a little bit hard to hit my shots. Iron sights are crazy on this gun, so we got the slay reflector, or the MK3 reflector. You guys have got to give this class a go; it is so underrated.

best class setup mw3

Rival obviously is a little bit more consistent, but the AM 9 is very fun for the secondary. We do have the retti; this is going to be the retti that everyone is rocking if you do want to run the pro-player retti. They all agreed to ban that stuff, but this is rank play, so it doesn't really matter, and then for this class, we still can only run the infantry vest fragment grenades, which are so underrated.

In respawn, a lot of people only run them in search, but in respawn, if you're playing hardpoint, you can cook it for 3 seconds. Chuck it into the Hardo, and it blows up immediately when it's in there, and so you can get a lot of kills. It's just annoying when the enemies have a trophy, and then we do get the smoke on this class, just so we can actually, like you know, play very aggressive if you're on Terminal.

best class setups mw3

You can go throw this on B bomb throw it on trophy system you have control of B bomb so the smoke allows you to do very aggressive plays and then we got the silence on here because we are running the lightweight boots this going to allow you to move around quicker we got the Infantry vest so we can tax rate longer than when we don't want the enemies the hero footsteps we got the Dead Silence, typically though I only run the lightweight if I'm playing like the respawn, modes for Search and Destroy you kind of always run to run the covert sneakers and then just run the trophy system then we got the EOD so we don't really have to worry about nades and this is typically what I'm running on a lot of my rank play builds prescription drug abuse is a common problem within gaming since players try to get a Competitive.

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Now for the first class that we are going to be going over, this is going to be the Rival 9. This Rival 9 class is still pretty similar to my other one, and I actually have it a little bit messed up right here, but as you guys can see, this gun is the meta SMG. Because there is no recoil, it is very consistent, and we want very consistent weapons in rank play, so basically, the same build right here is very consistent.

So basically, the same build as before, we got the purifier muzzle because there's a lot of horizontal recoil; it's going to eliminate that horizontal recoil, and then for the barrel, we got the Rival 9 clear shot barrel because that muzzle is bringing down the damage range; this is going to bring that damage range back up.

cod mw3 best class

If you still want a lot of damage range, you could even add the L4R, flash hider instead of that purifire, muzzle break for the under barrel if you are a little bit newer to the game or you're just a fan of having absolutely. Zero-zero recoil, then I would add the Brewing heavy support grip; if not, then I would run the DR6 hand stop this is what I run when I'm running the Rival and this is what all the pro players are running now a lot of the pros were running the Phantom 5 but the dr6 hand stop makes it so you can pull up your gun a little bit faster and in rank play that is very crucial and so far we got like the overall pro player build, so the Marauder gives us a lot of stability.

fastest killing gun mw3

We don't really need that much recoil, control on this gun which is why we are not running the Close Quarters the Close Quarters gives us way more recoil control but we don't get stability, and the reason we need stability is that if you have a lot of stability it's going to be easier to hit the first shot and once you hit that first shot it's going to be easier to stay on target because you're going to have more aim assist and this is going to give us firing aim and stability Marauder is definitely the meta one on the Rival and then the same reasons go for the Rival Vice assault one this one's going to give us fire en a and stability, and gun kick control which the gun kick control is actually more important than the horizontal and the vertical recoil control that gun kick control is like the overall Shake of the gun so when we add this rear grip it's going to basically reduce the shake making this thing way more consistent, if you guys want to screenshot of the pro player overall best rival 9 if you are a little bit newer you might want to run the Phantom 5 hand stuff and then if you're just a fan of absolutely.

No recoil, then I would add the breu and heavy for the secondary; we do get this retti. Again i do have one more retti, but I'll show you guys that when I get to that class, basically you just want to run that retti and get the Semex smoke grenade; stun doesn't really matter; it just depends on the mode in which you're playing Co-Snaper so the enemies don't hear your footsteps; that's typically the most common.

One and then also climbing boots is actually pretty popular in some maps, like if you're playing. Terminal and you want to climb on things faster, climbing boots are very helpful, and then the rest of the stuff is all personal preference now before I get into the MCW. I want to quickly show you the WSP.

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