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The season 2 update on Moder Warfare 3 just dropped, and there were many buffs and nerfs, so I went through and built the top five best guns to be using right now, and the season 2 update brought in a brand new SMG called the Ram 9, and then we also got a brand new AR called the BP50. I'm not going to have these be a part of the top five list, but they are very good, so I want them to be like an honorable mention for this BP50.

AR with no attachments has absolutely no recoil very fast time to kill you guys are going to love the AR same with the ram 9 this thing has like no recoil still a lot of mobility, time to kills very fast both of the of the new guns are very good so if you guys do want a screen shot of the ram 9 I got the suppressor on there just to stay off the radar and there's not much recoil in the weapon so we don't need recoil control which is why I got the hand stop to increase the mobility, the fire rate's very fast so we got the 50 round mag and then to remove the little bit of recoil it does have we have the stock pad and then the retort 90 grip tapee for the AR the bp50.

best class setup mw3

And the game just timed me out, which is so annoying. Do you want everything in Modern Warfare 3? If so, check out guapi. There is a team of people who will play in your account to legitimately unlock anything, even iridescent or that brand new War Zone nuke skin. I have been working with Guapi for over a year, and I haven't seen a single negative review.

If you do want a little bit of recoil control, then I would add the L4 flashhider, and if you want this thing to have absolutely zero recoil and you don't mind the mobility being a little bit slower, then I would add the Jack BFB. I just think that's a little bit of. So they just lowered the spint of fire speed in the ad speed even more.

I was going to add the hand stop, but there is a little bit more recoil in this class, and you guys will see that, so I am going to be adding the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop, which is going to boost up the ad speed and the sprint of fire speed plus give us a little bit of recoil control. If you are very good at the game and you can control this weapon, then I would add the hand stop, which will basically give you a little bit more mobility.

best class setups mw3

But you don't get that recoil control. The reason I really want the recoil control is because we're actually going to be adding the midnight 13-inch barrel. Previously. I would have added the cyclone, but if you look at the midnight stats, we actually get 5% more damage range, making this thing kill quicker at range, and then this one's also going to help increase the ad speed.

The ad speed just decreased on the weapon, so this is going to help bring that back up. Plus, we do get a little bit of mobility, so you can move around the map a little bit quicker, but we are losing a little bit of our recoil control, which is why I wanted the Phantom to mitigate those cons. But again, if you are very good, feel free to run the hand stop, and since this is for public matches, it takes a long time to kill the enemies.


A lot of the maps, like you just get so many engagements, and so the 40-round mag really does help, so then you don't really run out of ammo in the middle of the engagement. Although if you do want to run like an optic, a stock, or laser ammunition, then I would take off the 40-round mag to add those since this last rear grip attachment is going to add a lot of recoil control that firing aiming stability is going to make it so once you get that first shot on the enemy, or basically, when you start to fire with the weapon, it's not going to sway as much, it's not going to really shake, especially because we get a lot of gun kick control, and so overall, this really does help control the recoil on the weapon.

If you guys do want to screen the class, it's my favorite public match. Just because I don't really run throwing knives or shurikens, if you do like to run those or you know you're just trying to mix up the game, the ninja vest is a great way to do so. It's also going to make you immune to the movement, reduction, and effects, so if the enemies, for example, have hollow point rounds or you get stunned or Ned.

cod mw3 best class

I believe you're still going to be able to move at full speed, making it actually a very good attachment, and so now if the enemies are with us, we can still move around very quickly, and we're going to be able to survive the nade because we are going to pair that up with the EOD padding. And then we got the running sneakers, so then we can run around the map and, like, basically tack Sprint a little bit longer.

I was going to add the lightweight, but I like to attack Sprint. I do that a lot, so the running sneakers do help a lot, and then I don't really die too much in the game, and I always run out of ammo, so I got the Munitions box. Although you can run whatever you want on the brand new maps, like Stash House, which's a very tiny map, a lot of the enemies are throwing nades and stuns and things, and so is the trophy system.

Actually, it does help a ton, and I'm curious if the ninja vest actually prevents you from being stunned. I'm assuming it doesn't, because that would be a little bit too broken, but that is going to wrap it up for the MCW. Now let's go over to the striker so the striker. You guys can see that mobility is very good; you can move around pretty quickly, and then the overall recoil control is absolutely.

fastest killing gun mw3

No recoil and a lot of damage range this thing is super easy to use I've given you guys this build in the past I think but it was like months ago so for the suppressor we do got the Sonic suppressor just to increase the damage range, yes we're losing recoil control but there really isn't much recoil in the weapon so it doesn't really matter for the underbar we are adding the Brewing pivot vertical grip this is just going to add a lot of recoil control, a lot of people don't realize how good this Brewin pivot vertical grip is I use it on a lot of my guns and just people don't realize, how op that is what you guys could also do is add the hand stop that's going to give you a little bit more Mobility.

fastest ttk mw3

If I'm on the very tiny Maps I'll usually run that just because this gun already has no recoil but then for the barrel we are going to be adding the striker Recon a long barrel, this thing just got a damage range buff so if you add this on top of this, that is going to have a very good damage range this thing kind of feels like a pocket AR now but the mobility still feels a little bit slow so we got the lockman Nemesis 10 Stock, this just going to increase the ads speed so now the gun's going to feel a little bit snpp here yes we are losing recoil control but like I said there really isn't any recoil on the gun and then for the rear grip this is personal preference if you are going to add like an optic laser ammunition or a magazine.

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