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The season 2 reloaded update just dropped and they brought in a brand new weapon as well as buffing and nerfing a lot of your favorite guns so I'm going to be going through and showing you the new top five best classes to be using right now this is the brand new SOA subverter, battle rifle I have it as an honorable mention on the list this is basically a faster version of the bass B same damage profile but it does have a faster fire rate with a lower effect damage range and so as long as you're in like medium to close range you are going to kill quicker than you would with the bassb, and there's a little bit less recoil the big thing that holds this thing back is the damage range so you got to be somewhat aggressive with the build this build right here you have a lot of ammo you have a lot of recoil control and you still feel pretty Mobile on the map with the compensate flash hider I like this one because it adds a lot of recoil control without really hurting the adsp, that much and then for the under Barrel I was going to add the dr6, hand stop but the gun was a little bit uncontrollable.

Although if you're on a very tiny map, you can probably get away with the hand stop for now, though I'm just going to be running the Phantom 5 hand stop. This gun only has about 20 rounds, so it's kind of a must to add the 30 rounds or the 50. I was going to add the 50, but the gun was way too slow, and so if you do run the 50, you kind of want to go to the underbound and use the DR6 hand stop.

The iron sights honestly aren't that bad, but if you want more recoil control, you could take off the optic, the under, or the magazine, go over to the rear grip, and add the assault grip. This is going to drastically make the gun less bouncy. I was going to add a barrel, but the gun was very slow with the barrel.

best class setup mw3

If I didn't have the magazine. I would run a barrel, but if you have this barrel, with the magazine, the gun is way too slow, and so this is just my favorite build at the moment, and then for the stock, we got the Motion V2 heavy stock. This one seems to give us the most amount of recoil control compared to all the other attachments on here, and so if you guys do want to take a screenshot, there you go.

best class setups mw3

This build is absolutely phenomenal. I have been loving it for the secondary, and I did get the renetti. Just the Classic retti this is definitely, the best secondary in the game very consistent does a lot of damage for the vest we got the Infantry vest so I can TX spr play very aggressive since keep in mind with this gun you got to play kind of aggressive, got the stun Semex, on here my two favorite actually no not the stun I should have the stem I hate players that use stuns, and then for the field upgrade trophy system so I don't really have to worry about nades Marksman gloves just so I can like have less Flinch at range when the enemy is shooting at me and my gun isn't going to sway as much making it easier to hit the first shot, therefore The Recoil control is going to be better on the weapon covert sneaker so the enemies don't hear my footsteps and E so I don't have to worry about nades, for this next gun I want to go over this going to be the B bp50.

For the barrel to make this thing kill a little bit quicker at range, we are going to be adding the heavy barrel; it's going to bring up the effective to 16.1. M, which is overall pretty good for a very aggressive gun that has a time to kill like this one in the game for the underbarrel since the gun already has a lot of recoil control with that barrel, we are going to be adding the DR6 hand stop this going to allow you to use it like an SMG since you know keep in mind this is a very aggressive.

AR, you have to be in the enemy's face with the optic; you don't really need it. I actually really like the gun without an optic, so I almost took off the optic, then went to the magazine and added the 45-round magazine. You could even add the high-grain rounds is skin to make it, so it's like a four-shot kill up to 18.5.


M, which doesn't sound that good, but keep in mind that this is like an SMG AR and the B velocity is going to be over a th, so that would be a very good class to take off the optic, then add those lasers you don't really need, that you don't really need a rear grip or anything else. The one thing you could do to make this thing better for rushing.

cod mw3 best class

Obviously got obviously take off the optic I cannot speak, and then go over here and then add the I believe it's the Reliance, comb, this one's get to increased that Sprint to fire speed which the biggest downside of this weapon is that Sprint to fire speed it takes a long time like when you're running and then for the time for your guy to fire the weapon takes a very long time and so you might want to add that comb but for me I prefer the optic and then the Moote 40 stock is kind of a must, this one's just going to increase the recoil control by so much and increase the mobility, by so much really allowing you to play aggressive and have absolute Aimbot on the battlefield, so if you guys do want to take a screenshot there you guys go for the secondary we do got the core 45, with the aftermarket part if you guys don't have this part the conver verion kit you really need to get it makes the weapon so much better.

Basically, whenever you fire the gun, it's going to fire a shot, and then whenever you release the trigger, it's going to fire a shot as well, so you just want to spam it, and you'll have a very fast fire rate with high damage, and this thing is just completely OP. There's the screenshot for this build, and then we got the Sim Semex assault gloves cover sneakers.

Why does it always back me out? The next weapon we're going to be going over is the buffed SVA 545. M, and that is insane. That's one reason why this thing is one of the best ARS in the game, or you could add a 45-round magx since you probably won't be dying with this gun. You could even go over to the rear grip and then add maybe the Citadel grip.

fastest killing gun mw3

This adds a lot of recoil control, but you know you don't really need it with this build, especially because for the stock, we got the main V6 stock, adding so much gun KCK control and recoil control, really making the weapon it completes overpowered. Laser and so if you guys do want a screenshot of the full build here you guys go keep in mind there isn't just like one best build for the weapon a lot of the builds I made in the past are still meta for this weapon and so I would definitely check out those articles if you want to mix up your SVA setup for the secondary we do got the akimbo retti I was like I gave you the single, gave you the core might as well give you the a Kimbo one this one's super fun to use although you don't have that much damage range for the best we got the demolition vest it's going to give us an extra lethal and it's going to make it so we can replenish those every 25 seconds.

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