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New 2.2 gb update now live in mw3

New 2.2 gb update now live in mw3

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got a brand new surprise content update. We're going to go over not only the patch news but all the brand new content that was added for you guys in the game. They also did an update to skill-based matchmaking. Take an early look at the week 2 challenges that are going to arrive tomorrow.

I did post a article yesterday going over the massive 420 event that's going to be going live tomorrow, so if you want to look at the challenges and the rewards you're going to get from them, the animated mastery blueprint, the LTM, the game modes, and the operator skins that are going to be coming in.

Definitely check it out after this one before we get into it. A quick word from our sponsor, {722} It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more. Earlier this morning, we received a file size of 2.2 gigabytes, and you're probably wondering what this update will be. Call of Duty actually dropped some patch notes for us.

Mw3 multiplayer patch notes

Mw3 multiplayer patch notes

And here are all the details that you need to know about it for multiplayer. It says stability addresses the crash that could occur while you are viewing your weapon attachments and customization. Resolve various issues with quick equipping weapon charms in the store, correct the display names of the season 3 prestige emblems, and for these settings, address an issue causing the latency.

Telemetry widget to constantly display NA, so the little ping icon should now be working properly, and then now for multiplayer, the UI bug fixes Armory unlock challenges will display a splash upon completion; operators will no longer appear to have two riot shields equipped in the lobby; removing certain conversion kits is now properly reflected in the gunsmith weekly challenge countdown timer; and it will no longer display an invalid time as the mid-season update approaches.


Corrected positioning of the FJX Horus in the gunsmith, calling card, and emblem rewards from weapon Mastery completion is now displayed properly in the aftermarket report, and then removing a weapon sticker from the gunsmith will no longer cause the placement indicators to disappear. Revised pros and cons labels for multiple attachments to better reflect their true properties for the gameplay they improved.

Deprioritization of spawned locations: while any kill streak is active and nearby. Progression Ripper light stock for the fjx horse will no longer appear locked and without unlock requirements; improve tracking of one-shot kills for the what's your signed camo for the Moors so that one wasn't properly working; and then for the maps.

cod sbmm update

Shipman added additional spawn points to improve the probability of a quality spawn selection in TDM domination and hardpoint modes. Tanked enemy name plates are no longer visible through the walls of the tunnel after the multiplayer weapon balance changes. The SVA 545 increased the maximum damage range from 31.8 to 44, increased near-medium damage, and increased the medium damage range that got a slight buff for the SMGs.

The FJX horse's optic attachment with integrated lasers is no longer compatible with the ECS suppressor muzzle for LMG attacks. The evolver removed the duplicate Z-compensated flash hider muzzle attachment for the snipers. The Mors Hurricane 9 variable optics removed the ability to equip this incompatible attachment, and then the photonic charge.

Barrel improves the consistency of penetration damage through enemy operators for the perks. Ninja vests, while equipped with reinforced boots, now have the effect of running sneakers. Compression carrier vest kills with a launcher will not immediately trigger health regeneration. Equipment EMD grenade tactical change the tracker removal keybind to interact on keyboard input devices improve prioritization when multiple actions are available for the tracker removal keybind.

Tracker removal time is now aligned with the HUD progress bar, then the scatter My tactical enemy stun effects are now correctly applied in the hardcore modes for C4. Lethal detonation can no longer occur until stuck to a service for 500 seconds or milliseconds. The final change was for kill streaks.

Guardian SC ledge hanging after equipping a guardian will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire their weapon. M turn attempting to deploy wall swimming will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire their weapon, and now we jump into the war zone.

Warzone update patch notes

Warzone update patch notes

They start off with gameplay rebirth island vehicles. Ground vehicles have now been enabled on Rebirth Island for the weapons. Here are the balance changes that they made with the FJX horse.

They did the same thing with multiplayer optic attachments, with a laser no longer compatible with the suppressor muzzle. Then, for the tack evolver, they removed the duplicate ZEM-compensated flash hider muzzle attachment. The adjustments for the Moors were Hurricane 9 variable optics, which removed the ability to equip this incompatible attachment, so they didn't do any Nerfs, but Raven software did post saying we are working on adjustments to the renetti, which will be released in the near future, so this update didn't focus on weapon balance changes.

mw3 cod leaks

More than likely, the next update will, and that's when we're going to see everything get nerfed; some things may end up getting buffed more than likely, if I were to take a guess. We're going to see Nerfs for the retti, but we're not going to see big Nerfs for the Horus because it's just a new weapon; usually brand new weapons stay overpowered.

For the duration that they are brand new, until we get into the reloaded update, I don't think the Horus SMG is going to get nerfed, and it did get overshadowed. By the redti, it's supposed to be one of the best SMGs that you can use right now, but the redti just outcompetes it in every aspect, and it would make a lot more sense for them to make that the main weapon and primary focus to sort of try and get people to purchase the battle pass and try to unlock it as quick as possible, so they're able to use the meta that everyone else is using.

mw3 cod update

That's like a marketing tactic Call of Duty's always done, and Renity sort of ruins that, so it's probably going to get nerfed very quickly anyway. We do have some brand new bug fixes. fix an issue preventing tactical and lethal equipment from auto-picking up; fix the issue preventing players from shooting their weapon while ledge hanging after picking up the guardian; fix an issue preventing the red outline on the border of the mini map from being displayed when under the effects of an enemy advanced UAV.

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