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best iso 9mm build

With this weapon as well, they're all the same, and they're just too clunky to see; they're hard to see out of, and I'm going to be adding this on for our first attachment. I personally like this online pro, and like I say in my articles, if you don't like this inline pro, choose whatever you prefer.

For the tunes on this attachment, we're going to start with the bottom bar and the eye position, and we're going to max this out. I hardly do this, but this is going to make the Ruddah site look a lot more clean to see out of, and we also have less visual recoil, so when getting into those gun fights, you're going to see a lot more clarity when firing your weapon, and also with bullets traveling at you just, a lot more clean and it's a lot easier to see out of, so make sure to copy that down, and then for the left bar for the aim down side speed.

Make sure to have the bar going over the handling bar, which is a little circle in the middle. The outer circle is here, so we have a tick going up on that handling, so we do have a faster aim down side speed now with the ISO nine millimeters. For the most important attachment, in my opinion, which is the barrel, it also does unlock an attachment for us later on in this build.

best iso 9mm class

We're going to go to the barrel, and we're going to be adding on the 16-inch x-barrel. We're getting sound suppression, bull velocity recoil, control, and hip-fire accuracy. Now all the time, you can aim down side, so hip firing will be a lot easier and more accurate. The weapon is more calm, easier, and more controlled, which is good.

Our bolts are traveling a little bit further and faster with that bull velocity, and of course, with sound suppression, it will be more quiet and stealthy, which is my go-to barrel for this weapon. Now that we have the tunes on this attachment for the damage range, we're going to just move this up a little bit at Point 20.

You want more mobility; recall steadiness making the weapon easier to control at those longer ranges. For me, I feel like mobility is a very important thing here in Call of Duty, so for me personally, we're going to go for some aim-blocky movement speed and we're going to move it down to about 0.24.

best iso 9mm class mw2

So we're almost over a tick on that handling, and if we go over that, it's just not going to do anything, so make sure to have it about 0.25. Which is going to be your best option for the barrel here? Now for our next attachment, we're going to the underbell to unlock the Edge 47 grip. You have to have the barrel on first, so make sure to have that on so the edge 47 will go on for our next attachment, making the weapon a lot easier to control and smoother at those longer ranges, which can make this build really nice here.

Now that the tunes on this attachment have some more aimwaki movement speed, which is good, we're going to move it over a little bit, about 0.21. So we are getting that green tick on that mobility, so we're going to be moving a lot faster while aiming down sights, making this weapon even better, and then for our left bar, we have two choices again: we have some recognizability and aim down side speed personally.

best iso 9mm class setup

I want some more handling for my build so we have faster aim down size speed but if you feel like you can't control the weapon better at those longer ranges work on some real recoil stabilization you will find the spot for that so we're gonna bump this down just a little bit about 0.44, here on that aim down size speed so we're still working on some handling but also has some recoil stabilization for our build here now we're going to skip the ammunition type in the magazine and we're going to the rear grip and add on the a30 Stout for some more recoil control you're going to see in today's gameplay this weapon does not move at all with the attachments we're adding on we're getting some more recoil control making this weapon really easy to control here, the tunes on this attachment for the Sprint of fire speed we're going to move this over just a tiny bit at.

08 and for the left bar we're gonna put some more aim down size speed at about. And then for the aim-down size speed, we're going to put it about at 2.17, but overall. I think the ISO 9 millimeter is easily a meta here in the model for two. I even think it's better than the ISO Hemlock and even the ISO 45.

best iso 9mm class setup mw2

Unfortunately, that's fine; I'll take it. This thing is actually this: You know, I'm just going to go this way because I saw a sniper's glint, so I just want to be safe. Homie just spawned right in front of me, but I have to say. I don't know why they do this, but I 100 have to say that season six of Modern Warfare 2 is easily the best; honestly, it has to be, thus the first one, and the sixth season is 100 the best two here in Modern Warfare 2.

These are the best two seasons that have come out of Modern Warfare 2. I mean, it's just so cool what we got this season, and especially, you know, going in, like, next week we have the Modern Warfare 3 beta, so like, this next month is Gonna Fly by, like, really quick, which is kind of scary, but we also get Halloween, so it's one of them.

best iso 9mm setup

I'm sure it's one of people's favorite holidays, and I think it's a holiday. Yeah, it's a holiday, but, you know. October this year is Gonna Fly, and I hate that, but time goes by fast sometimes, and in 2023 it's been lightning quick, which is kind of scary, but now I'm not really mad that we're getting slapped in like objective play; I just want to be able to get a nuke here.

Come on now, I swear the game hates me. It's literally me versus the whole entire game; my veto kills me. We should be able to get a high-kill game here, all right? There's a guy here easy; there's a right here; all right moved; that's unfortunate; all right We're going to call that UAV in. I will have to say, though, that I do think the AR is still better.

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There we go. I really need to get a nuke here, although I mean, we're probably guaranteed this 100-kill game. I still need to get a nuke. Even though we get 100 kills, we still need a nuke. I just I hate how bad how high my standards have to be for Call of Duty. I can't even see where he is; he's going to jump over.

iso 9mm best class mw2

Maybe not too slow there, buddy. All right We have to hurry up, though. Team, why are we playing like these guys? Come on, all right. This guy is just chilling there. We go easy. Yep, all right. We're on our last page. Not good not good All right, that should be fine. This weapon goes to ammo pretty quickly.

We're out of here. I just don't want to use it. I don't want to use my veto quite yet because we know that it likes to kill me, and I didn't want to use the 50-round mag because it would just lower it would lower my mobility and handle too much with this weapon. One thing that's keeping me alive a lot is the aim-down side speed that it has already and the fire rate, and with the good recoil control that I have.

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