News - The "broken" Iso 9mm Class Warzone 3. Best Iso 9mm Class Setup Warzone 3

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So since they added this gun to the game, it has not been tweaked as much; there haven't been too many Nerfs or hasn't been too much Buffs so it's still really, really good. It has competed with all SMGs in the game, and if you guys don't know yet, I'm talking about the ISO 9mm. This gun got added late into the MW2 War Zone 2 stage, and it's still competing at the War Zone 3 Modern Warfare 3 stage.

This gun has not been nerfed or buffed too much. It had amazing gameplay on Von Del Dro 33 kills using this class. You guys definitely need to try the ISO 9mm, probably one of the most underrated SMGs that come from MW2. And without further ado, if you guys are new to my channel, it does mean the world.

All right, guys, you guys want to go to the barrel. You want to use the 7-year-old Raptor. The reason I use the 7-year-old Raptor is because it adds that movement speed. I went for more of a movement class setup than a damage range class setup. I have the ram as my medium to long range, so I went with the movement speed close range battle SMG.

So that's what I did with this classic set-up. If you want to go to a muzzle, you want to go ahead and use the Sonic suppressors. The Sonic suppressor is amazing because it gives you back that damage range that you took off from that barrel; it's a huge bonus. If you want to go to the magazine, you want to run that 50-round mag.

best iso 9mm class

not too much to explain; it just gives you 50 bullets more than enough with this class setup, and then I was using optics in this game. I was using the MK3 reflector; if you have another optic you like, go ahead and use it, but this is the one I was using for you guys in the game play, and then you want to go ahead and go to the rear grip again.

More movement base, so I added this one for the strength of fire speed and 80s speed. Enjoy this game. I love you guys. It does mean the world to me. I catch you guys in my next article, Me, but your grenad is not going to stop me; they're bu2 one V2. Guys, open that chest. Maybe he has a redeploy thing under you to your right under you guys in the water.

There you go. Jump on him, chase him, and chase him nice. Baby good,

The iso 9mm is the best gun in warzone 3 best smg warzone 3 best iso 9mm class setup warzone season 2 after update. The BROKEN ISO 9MM CLASS In Warzone 3 ! Best Iso 9mm Class Setup Warzone 3.
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