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New surprise update & bug fixes

New surprise update & bug fixes

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over and talk about the brand new update that went live to sort of fix all of the issues that we had yesterday. We also got additional new content, some surprises, upcoming event rewards, and so much more covered in today's article.

Yesterday, Call of Duty had probably one of the worst days that we have ever seen, where the game was just completely broken and unplayable. A lot of the servers were down at the very start of it; you weren't able to play ranked games; you weren't able to play zombies, and then when you were finally able to start playing, these stats were fully reset, so you were now level one, and all your camo progress was gone.

All that pretty much anything that you have done in Call of Duty was wiped out. It took almost the entire day to resolve all these different issues and bugs and all these problems that were going on, so I didn't really want to make a article until it was fully solved and everything had been restored to normal, and now the Champions Quest that was disabled is back online.

Zombies mode should be playable; the war zone ranked and multiplayer ranked are now live, and you can continue playing those as well. There were also a couple of issues where the battle pass tokens were not tracked properly; you wouldn't get any XP, and you wouldn't get any tokens while you played the game.

I believe that has also since been resolved. There may be minor issues still floating around, for example, the tracking with the battle pass that wasn't working until the very end, which I believe now should be, but there might be other things that may not progress. There might be more issues and bugs that will be fixed throughout the day today, but surprisingly , although we know Call of Duty was broken at exactly 10:00 a.

All upcoming store operator bundles!

All upcoming store operator bundles!

M pacific Standard Time, the store updated like it usually does and added the new biorobotic, operator outfit, or bundle, and this brought in the Expo operator for Swagger.

This is a showcase; it cost $2,400. Cod points out that it features not only the operator skin but you also get a Strike Team slot, which may come in handy for those of you guys who play Zombies, but we also got two different weapon blueprints, the first one's for the DG58. LSW, lmg This one is called the gajin; it doesn't have any trace arounds or effects, but this is what the weapon will look like.

The second weapon blueprint is for the WSP. Swarm, Same exact style and theme, no tracer No effects, and then you get some zombies refined ethereum crystals, which is only one of them. You get a large decal called the feedback loop. A weapon sticker called The Clockwork, and finally a weapon charm called The Brain of Thesis.

cod broken

We have four more operator bundles that are set to arrive before the season 2 reloaded update, so all the following bundles that I'm about to showcase are going to be released within the next week and a half. The first one is The Walking Dead: Michonne, Tracer Pack Operator Bundle. This one's probably going to be released on the 28th, which is when The Walking Dead event is going to start, and this is just pretty much a showcase of what this entire bundle is going to have.

You get the Michonne operator skin, which will have her own unique voice lines and her own unique, brand new finishing move. This time around, you're also getting three different weapon blueprints that will have trace surroundings and death effects, and then the rest of the bundle will consist of things like calling cards, emblems, charms, and the usual.

cod mw3

The next bundle that we have is called the zodiac Scorpio, hero Ultra Skin. This one is yet to be released, if I'm not mistaken; I haven't seen it in the store. It features the coal operator skin coming in for Riptide, and it doesn't look like it's animated, so maybe they're calling it an ultra skin just because of the crazy way that he looks, or maybe it will be animated.

This is just because this is just an early preview, and then you have one weapon blueprint; this one's called the Orion's Bane for striker 9. It only has Tracer impact rounds, which are called the sandstorm, tracers, and this is what they will look like in game, and then you have a calling card called the sandstalker, a large decal called the Pale Sniper, a weapon sticker called the desert sting, the prowler emblem, and then you also have a weapon charm called the pocket pet; it may be 2400.

Cod points. I hope not because it only has one Trac around, so it could be around 2 to 2,400. The next bundle that we have is called the Green Ghoul Tracer Pack. Surprisingly, this one is not an ultra-skin, but it is fully animated. You have the neutron skin for Alpine, and the rest of the bundle will contain a Strike Team slot for zombies.

cod ultra skin

You have two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called The Wraith for the AR9. It features trace-arounds called the Verelan Tracers. It doesn't look like it matches the color theme; it's like a brownish yellowish color compared to the green theme of the bundle, and it's even called green gold, so I don't understand why they use those tracers, but those come in for both weapons.

The second one is called the Soul Carver for the Riveter, and then you also have a zombie brain, RW ammo mod three of them, and you get a glow-in-the-dark large decal. You get a weapon sticker and finally a weapon charm—more than likely 2400. Cod points for this bundle because it just has everything, and the last bundle that we know of is called the vibranium.

Tracer Pack Ultra skin, which features the Breather operator skin that is going to be animated. You also see something like a little guinea pig, hamster, or something like that in the center. I'm not entirely sure what that is, and then the top of the head is also fully animated. You have two different weapon blueprints that not only include tracers but also death effects, and this is what they will look like in the game.

The first one is going to be for the Bruin MK9, called the Dalia. The second one that we have is called the wardan, which will be for the AM9. Same exact tracer and effects, and then you have a large decal, a weapon sticker, a weapon charm, and finally a 1-hour double battle pass X P token, and this one's probably going to cost you 2,400.

Triple xp weekend & horde hunt event update

Triple xp weekend & horde hunt event update

Cod points Anyway, let's talk about the content that is currently available in the game. The first one is Triple XP. The weekend is now live. Call of Duty has also increased it by a day due to, I guess, the whole issue that happened yesterday, so now it will end on Tuesday rather than Monday.

NEW CONTENT UPDATE Triple XP Weekend, Upcoming Operator Bundles, MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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