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For sure, this one is the best one out of the three. I would say, because I'm a rusher. I like to rush. I like to do all that kind of stuff, and this class just suits my playstyle so nicely, and there's barely any recoil to it. Do you rush?

Class 1

Class 1

Do you play slow, do you play back long range, or do you do a little bit of both? Let's get into the first class. So, first off, to start off this class, we're going to go with the muzzle, and that's going to be the Broadhead 3DP. Now, you might be thinking the Broadhead 3dp, Why would we run this as our first attachment?

We had recoil control, smoothness, and sound suppression. Isn't it made for rushing? The tuning on this one is going to be at 0.68 and bullet velocity at 0.55, and you're going to be set with that right there, and it's going to be really smooth now. The next attachment in this class is going to be the barrel, and for the barrel, we're going to go with the 7.5 inch.

2 shot m4

Tempest fire, brand all right This one is amazing because you get 80s, speed movement speed, hip recoil, and control, so you're going to be losing a couple of stuff here. You're going to lose bullet velocity damage range, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control, but it's not too much like that's why we threw on the muzzle in this class.

We don't have to worry about that. This one is going to give you the speed you need for those close-range encounters. It's going to help you, guys. Rush a lot quicker, and it's just going to be a lot nicer with the tuning on this one. We're going to throw recoil, setting this up at 0.26. I don't know why adding a laser to a gun would increase the ads and Sprint to Fire, but it does what it does, and it's really nice, so the Sprint to Fire is going to be tuned at Point 16, and the ads are going to be tuned at 41.13.

And you guys are going to be set with that right there, and it's going to be pretty awesome. Now for the next two attachments, we're not going to run the buffer tube, which would make a lot more sense. Being honest with you guys, it would make a lot more sense to run that in terms of speed and sprint to fire speed and ads and all that kind of stuff, but with the buffer tube.

2 shot m4 class mw2

The recoil control is just it's insane I don't I don't like it, so instead we're going to run the stock of the Tempest P80 Strike, which gives us sprint speed and aim walk-in speed. Crouch movement speed and ad speed, and that Sprint speed is going to bring this assault rifle to the speeds of SMGs; it's going to make it really, really fast.

You'll be able to get around the map pretty quickly, and I really recommend running that right there. The tuning on this one is going to be ads at negative 2.84 and aiming for idle stability at 1.16. I used to leave the aim walking speed on aiming; I don't have the ability to be at zero, but I realized changing that actually makes the gun a lot nicer; it's a lot more stable, and you shouldn't be advertising, too.

The final attachment for this one is going to be the X10 rear grip. This one is the best one because you get Sprint to fire speed and you get ad speed. It's the two things you really want in a rushing class, and they're right there, and the tuning on this one is going to be ads at 0.48 and sprint to fire at Point 23.

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That's going to be pretty awesome, and here's the class for you that you guys want to see on screen right here. It's an awesome class, and trust me, go rushing with this thing. You will love this class. If you love rushing, let's get into the next class now instead of going to the medium-range class we're going to.

Class 2

Class 2

Jump straight to the war zone class, which is the long range class, and this one is actually really awesome as well on multiplayer. If you're playing on the bigger maps, watch the gameplay in the background.

The next game the next game I got like 100 points away from my jug, and it's just that it's consistent. It's a very consistent class if you like to play a little slower or if you like to sit a little more back. This is definitely a class you want to use, and you do have to change your play style if you're rushing.

Play a little sore. I still rush with it, but not crazily, so the first attachment on this one is going to be the silent fire X G6 for the muzzle now. This gives you sound suppression bullet, velocity, and a good amount of bullet velocity recoil, smoothness, which is awesome to have, and recoil control, which again, is really awesome to have now because of that recoil smoothness in the tuning.

best m4 class

You're going to have the option for recoil smoothness, but I never recommend tuning recoil smoothness at all because, like you, it does nothing to the gun; it does very little if anything. I would actually tune the ad speed up to 0.86 on this one and the bullet velocity to 0.58. You don't want it to be the slowest gun in the game.

You don't want it to be like an LMG or something. You still want this gun to be fast, so definitely tune in to those ads. The next attachment is going to be the barrel, and that's the high tower 20-inch barrel. You get another recoil, more damage range, and more bullet velocity, but you also get hip-fire accuracy, which helps out a lot in multiplayer.

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It's not going to help as much in Warzone because, in Warzone, you should be running SMGs. With your ARs and stuff, it's going to help out a lot in multiplayer, where you have a secondary that's not worth using sometimes. One will still hit shots up close if an enemy sneaks up on you. You could just smack him and hit him before.

best m4 class setup

You actually start aiming down the sights because the ads are a bit slower in this class. Now the high tower 20 barrel is going to be tuned for recoil, setting this at Point 32, and instead of ad speed, we're going to put that damage range up to 0.25. You definitely want to do that for this class, and it's just going to make it all that much more awesome.

Now we do need a magazine in this class, which kind of stinks because it's just going to make the gun a little slower, and it's going to give you 45 rounds. It's going to give you 45 rounds, but you're going to lose movement speed, reload quickness, and sprint to fire speed. You could get two or three and then focus on reloading.

The next attachment is going to be stock, and this is where we get some stuff for ads and whatnot, so it's going to be the Tempest P80 Strike Stock, where you get Sprint Speed Aim walk-in speed. Crouch movement speed and ad speed now. The reason we want this is because the gun is going to be way too slow if we don't throw it on the tuning.

best m4 class setup mw2

This is going to be ads at 1.55, and aiming for idle stability at 1.32. Like I said, man, we need to throw some attachments on to give this gun speed, and the best way to do that without taking away too much recoil control is on the rear grip and stocks, so the rear grip is going to be the x10 for Sprint to Fire and ads speed, and then the tuning on this one is going to be recoil.

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