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I transformed the M4 into an SMG and destroyed everybody.

M4 smg mgb nuke gameplay mw2

All right, y'all, we can do it with the M4 SMG. I think I'm going to actually start trying to go ahead and confirm—I said confirm—convert—a lot of the others. There's a shittown meeting right there. Try to convert a lot of the other ARS into SMGs here because you can do so in mono for two just like you could in 2019.

Get a replacement, trying to figure out where they're going to come from, because I don't really want to jump right into it; it's like something that I know I'm going to lose a gunfight to; you're off to mission. All .

Best m4 class setup mw2

Best m4 class setup mw2

Right Let's go ahead and create the M4 SMG. This is incredibly fun to use and quite good for the first attached. We have to run the Phantom grip to bump up that Sprint to Fire speed as well as aim down sight speed to transform this assault rifle into a submachine gun. Here now for the tuning, we are going to increase the sprint to fire speed to negative 16, and we're also going to bump up that recoil steadiness to plus 0.84, so we can actually use this weapon at medium to longer ranges if we do get in those engagements.

Now obviously we are going to rock the iron sights here because we don't want any additional weight, and honestly, the M4's iron sights are crystal clear and very easy to use at those medium to long ranges. We are however going to rock a laser, the Grimline laser, to bump up that hip frequent control hit by accuracy and additional for the fire speed so we can move around a bit easier and absolutely outgun players at close to medium ranges.

best m4 class

Now we are going to rock a barrel that's going to be the Tempest Firebrand. This is going to transform the M4 even more into an SMG, allowing us to have increased aim-down sight speed, movement speed, as well as hip recoil control, which is definitely a fantastic attachment to have if you're trying to run and gun and have a little bit of fun with this assault rifle.

Now, for the tuning, we are going to bump up that aim-down sight speed. Here at close range as well as long range, we are going to rock a muzzle, which is going to be the final attachment to the F-Tat Castle Comp to increase horizontal as well as vertical recoil, because this weapon will be a little bit uncontrollable if you do not have it equipped now for the tuning.

best m4 class mw2

We are going to bump up the gun kick control to plus point 28 and also stabilize the recoil to plus point fifty-nine. This weapon is going to have the control of a lightning-quick recoil and quick aim down. I mean, look at how fast this is and how good the recoil control is. There, you can use this weapon at longer ranges.

Now, the main setup is going to be the combat knife stun grenade proximity mine and the custom perk packet set up for double-time scavenger and resupply.

Modern Warfare 2 - Best M4 Class Setup MW2 Best M4 Tunes MW2 in Season 1! This MW2 M4 MW2 Best Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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