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best m4 class

These are the only five guns you guys need to use in Modern Warfare 2. We're talking about the Lockman sub, the M4, and just amazing classes in general. So, for example, the M4 The secondary that we're going to be using is the 9mm millimeter, I guess, Damon, and this one is an awesome pistol. It's a pistol I definitely recommend using, and I'm not at a very high level at the moment on it, so I only have the FJX diode 70 and the Ex-F, opal 9.

It's very hard to say, but yeah, they're not even tuned. That's all I have on it so far, and the gun's already a beast. Then we got the stim shot throwing knife, and we got the tracker scavenger. Hardline and bird's eye bird's eye is really underrated and you guys get a lot more kills if you use it but a lot of people just say no it's not worth it guys you see the enemy Direction every time your team calls the UAV you have an advanced UAV for free throw it on definitely worth it and then we got dead silence now the M4 has a bunch of attachments to it so we got the L the L the 11.5.

Really good attachment to actually throw onto your weapon. The tuning on this is going to be recoil setiness and ads fully maxed out. This is the only one that you can fully max out, but you could do it, and it's actually kind of nice, so definitely go ahead and do that. You got the Schleicher pick box for only ads.

best m4 class setup

There are no cons to this zero-con, so you're getting free ABS on this attachment right here. Tuning actually gives you sprint to fire, so the sprint to fire is even faster with this attachment, which is great at Point 40 and then ads at 26.32. You're going to be solid at that right there, and then we got the x10 grip for the rear grip for Sprint to Fire and ABS again.

This class is built for speed. It's an M4, but it's pretty much an SMG, so throw this on as well. So the tuning on this is going to be ABS at 0.48 8 and Sprint a Fire at about Point 20 and you're going to be solid at that 45 round mag; there's no tuning to this, nothing to it, and then the 5.56, overpressured obviously, which we're going to tune to damage range at 32 and recoil setting this at 6.66, 6.68.

best m4 class setup mw2

Whenever you can get it to, it doesn't really matter. Now this one's great because it's going to make your enemies a lot of flinch, and that's the M4 class that I've been rocking for like at least two weeks now. At least I've been using it for a while. I've been playing around with the attachments for a bit, but these attachments right here that I threw on, I've been using them for two days now.

The best attachments for the M4 definitely go ahead and do that. Next off, we're going to run to the Vel46, because a lot of people kind of sleep on this gun, but this gun is definitely a gun that does not deserve to be sleeped on, so we actually have a P890 as a secondary; I don't really pull it out; there's no need to pull it out as long as you've got this on; we got a scavenger; there's no need to pull out the secondary slots that I throw on; we got a stem; and then we got a throwing knife.

best mw2 m4 class

Then we got the perk package for Tracker Scavenger. Hardline, Bird's Eye, and Dead Silence The attachments on this one are going to be Lock 152. Zulu, which is a fun one to say, is lock 152. Zulu say that 10 times it's kind of hard we got ads and hip recoil control with this tuning on that is going to be recoil steadiness at Point 23 and 80s at Point 17, then we're going to run the VLK laser, the seven megawatt one, which is going to make our laser visible while we're adsing, but this gun is a sprinting gun.

You're going to be running around the map a lot with this gun. You're not going to be sitting and chilling the whole time, so it doesn't matter. The only time your laser is going to be visible is when it's too late for the enemy anyway, because you're going to be shooting at him. You've got Sprint to fire ads and aiming stability, which is really nice.

The aiming stability we're not going to use much; like I said, we're going to be running around like crazy; we don't have to sit there in ads the whole time. Sprint to Fire 0.39, and ads, 27.97, 28 somewhere around 28 I know they're hard to hit, but if you could get there, you'd be good. The stock: I don't know why it sticks out like that; there's no need for that because it doesn't actually look like that on the gun, but it's going to be the La568.

class mw2

It's going to be really nice. You can't tune that one. The rear grip is going to be the Schweiger soldier grip again. That's another one that you guys need to say 10 times as fast as you can. The tuning on this is going to be ads at 0.39, sprint to fire at Point 17, and then we get the 50-round mag.

You can't really do much with that one right there, but 50-round magazines are going to help you guys not reload a lot. It does make your gun a little slower, and movement speed increases reload quickness and sprint to fire, but we already have so many attachments to counter that, so don't even worry about that right there.

Another gun I really want to talk to you guys about is the actual, best gun in my opinion, the Vasnip. Okay, now it's not the best gun in the entire game, but it's just fun to run. I don't know how to explain it. I find the Lockman Sub a lot better than this gun, but this one's just fun to run. It's accurate as well.


It's just really nice to run. So again, A90 is useless. No need for it; we got stem and proximity mine, and now the reason I run proximity mine with my Vel 40s and my Val 46, my vasnet, is because I'm not running out. In the open too often, and again, I also stay back with this gun, and when I stay back, I'll sit at a window for a few seconds, or I'll sit out of the corner for a few seconds.

45-round mags always recommend that on the Vasnath the overpressured P for Target Flinch tuning is damage, at Point 45 and bullet velocity rather than recoil setting this that's 6.10, and the reason we want that bullet velocity up is because it's an SMG and you want to hit those longer shots a lot quicker, and the recoil setting is not needed on this gun; this gun is very nice to control the recoil.

Then we got the f-tac Ripper for the underbattle, which is aiming idle stability, which helps nicely with hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization. Because this gun, when it does have a little kick, it does, but the recoil stabilization is going to pretty much get rid of all of that. The tune on this is going to be ads at 0.44 aiming and stability at point 28.

kastov 545 mw2

Then we have the FSS OAV laser for that, which adds sprint to fire and aiming stability again. This is nice; it makes this gun really fast. It's already really fast, but this is just a bonus. Sprint to fire fully maxed-out ads; somewhere around 17 is where you're going to want to hit that. I have it at 16.45.

THESE TOP 5 GUNS ARE THE BEST CLASS SETUPS IN MODERN WARFARE 2! Today we will be looking at the TOP 5 MOST OVERPOWERED GUNS in COD MW2 Multiplayer in SEASON 5! You can use all of these Best Class Setups in Warzone 2 as well.
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