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best m4 class

I'm not even going to waste your time. I'm not going to make this article long. I'm not going to do any of that. This is going to be a class you guys want to use before the game actually ends. Now we know it's the last week of this one until the next COD comes out, so you guys definitely want to use this tag 56, class before it ends, and the reason I'm saying that is because it might not be that good in Modern Warfare 3 all right, doesn't Bean, no tuning, doesn't me, none of that.

But anyway, man, I'm going to show this class to you guys. You're going to love it. This thing is disgustingly overpowered, and let's get straight into it. This is going to give you horizontal and vertical recoil control, which is kind of needed for what we're going to do with this class, and you guys are going to see in a second what we're going to do with that, and it's actually really pretty nice what we're going to do with it.

best m4 class setup

I feel like I said that a lot, but it is what it is. The tuning on this is going to be recoil stabilization at 0:44 and recoil control at 19. After that, we're going to go over to the ammunition and we're going to put on the 5.56. Over pressured plus P to give some Target Flinch to this gun right here now the reason why you want that is because when you're shooting at enemies, especially with the tag 56 this thing comes with a lot of punch a lot of kick and all that kind of stuff so when you're actually shooting at an enemy they're going to Flinch, and feel it on every single shot and the good thing is that the fire rate isn't so fast on this gun that every single time it actually hits it's going to like their Flinch is going to go back to normal then they're going to Flinch up then they're going to go back to normal and then Flinch up because of the fire it's actually pretty nice it's pretty cool to have so definitely throw that on right there The tuning on this one is going to be damage range at 34 and recoil steady at 4.94.

And you're going to be set to go right there now. I'm kind of happy that we don't have to tune guns anymore, and a lot of people are saying that tuning guns makes the guns better, but guys, the reason these guns stink without attachments is because the game wants us to tune them. If the game doesn't have tuning, the base weapons are just going to be a lot better.

best m4 class setup mw2

A lot less recoil, a lot less all that kind of stuff because the developers don't have to focus on making tuning viable, so without tuning in the next game. I think the guns are just going to be better off on base, and that is just what it is, man. We play the beta, and we know what it feels like: the guns are just better without tuning for some reason; it's just a God man.

I'm so happy we don't have to tune guns anymore, and I know some of you guys might disagree with me. I know I might scare some people with that one, but it is what it is anyway. In the next attachment, it is going to be the 12-inch Tac short barrel. Now this one right here is going to be about speed and hip recoil control.

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Now the hip recoil control, I don't care about too much; it's that ad speed that I want up. We want to give this Tac 56, Class, There are a lot of ads, and this is going to help it out right there. It's going to be nice. This gun's going to be really good, and I recommend running that for sure. The tuning on this one is going to be ads at 35, almost fully maxed out, and then recoil steiness at about 31, so it's going to be good.

best mw2 m4 class

You're still going to find that your recoil is still going to be easy to control. Actually, this class feels like it has no recoil whatsoever, but your ads are still going to be really, really fast, so definitely go ahead and throw this on right there. Then for the next attachment, this one I'm going to say should be optional, but don't make it optional.

class mw2

Okay, I know a lot of people don't want to run this, but trust me, put it in your class, and it's going to make your gun 10 times faster and 10 times better, and that is the laser, the FSS. Again we want to run this one we don't want to run anything else and that is going to be the demo clean shot grip again the reason for this is exactly the same reason, as the laser we get Sprint to fire and we get ads now we are losing some recoil control and that's why we have the muzzle on that we threw on to give us horizontal and vertical recoil control so we don't have to worry about losing that too much but with the demo cleen shot grip the Sprint to fire the ads is really fast the tuning we're going to put recoil steadiness, up to the maximum rather than ads speed and we're going to put Sprint to fire up to the maximum as well and it's going to be really good that Sprint of fire is going to be very fast your ads is still going to be fast and because we did lose some recoil control, putting that recoil stiness up in the tuning.

Is actually going to make it a lot nicer and a lot easier, and we're not going to lose too many ads, like we actually still are positive, in the ads on that attachment alone, so that's going to be it for the class setup. You guys can see it on screen right here. We got the RF Cr50 muzzle, the 12in, the tack short barrel, the 5.56 overpressure, the FSS only V laser, and the demo clean shot grip.


This class is disgustingly good. Make sure you guys use it before this game's done, because you really, really want to go off with this thing. It is my favorite TI 56 class, and that's why I'm sharing it with you guys again. Make sure to drop a like on this article sub to the channel if you're new around here, and especially if you're hyped for Modern Warfare 3.

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