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2 shot m4

Top 5 most overpowered guns in season 5 reloaded Let's check it out, guys. Now, in honor of the new lockman shroud, we're going to be talking about the lockman SMG. This is the original MP5. The first one is going to be the muzzle, and the muzzle is the spiral V 3.5 flash hider. Right there, the l38 Falcon is going to be for the barrel, and this is for movement speed and ads.

Like I said, this one's good for close range and stuff, so you want to make sure you're putting on attachments that are going to make you very fast at close range. That's the speed that wins close-range gun fights, for sure. Not recoil control now speaking of, so we are going to put the recoil setting this up to 0.32, but instead of damage range, we're going to put ads up to 0.22 on this class because we want to be really fast going down to the next one; it's going to be the FSS shark fin 90, and this is just for aiming idle stability, nothing else.

The tuning on this one is pretty awesome because you could tune that ad up right to around 0.66, and we could put that aiming idle stability up as well to about 0.22. Pretty solid on that one, then I'm going to go to the rear grip, which is the lockerman TCG10. And now this gives us recoil control.

2 shot m4 class mw2

Like I said, we don't really need to focus on attachments that give us that, but I mean, it doesn't take away ads; it doesn't take away Sprint to fire, so it's nice to have, and the best part about this is that you can tune the ads and the Sprint to fire to get a lot more, so 0.48, ads, and then the Sprint of Fire are going to pop up to 0.34, and you should be pretty solid right there, and then the final attachments are the Mobile Stock, the Ft Mobile Stock for ads crowd 21 speed and aim for idle stability.

The tuning on this one is going to be up to 0.2.50. If you could hit it there, I can't really get it there, and then aim for idle stability slightly up to 0.91, so that's going to be it. This is a crazy lockman class. Go ahead and use it, guys. Abuse it and do what you have to do with it. Let's get on to the next gun on this list.

At the number two spot, we got the Vasnav, and this one is a different type of class. All right, there are only three attachments on it, but I want you guys to use it and realize how good it actually is. So the first one is the muzzle, and this is the Bruin pendulum for vertical and horizontal recoil control.

best m4 class

Then the tuning on this is going to be recoil stabilization up to 0.39 and recoil control up to point 18. You've got to use this class, all right? It's three attachments. Play one or two games with it, and you guys are going to see exactly what I'm talking about; it's actually nice. The next one is the ammunition, and that's the nine-millimeter overpressured P to give your enemy some Flinch and stuff.

The damage range is going to go up to 0.29, and the bullet velocity is at 3.77. And then we need something for some speed because we have a nice amount of recoil control on this, but we want to put something that gives us some sort of speed on it, so the true tag rip is what it's going to be, and this gives us Sprint to Fire and ads.

best m4 class setup

That's all we're looking for in terms of pros for this class. We don't need many more towards speed and stuff like that; the tuning is going to be ad 0.61. And sprint to fire at 0.45. Now let's move on to one of my favorite classes. Okay, now I know a lot of people don't like it, but the Val 46 is really nice.

It's a small class I made because I want it to be good at close range, midrange, and long range. I don't really care that much, but surprisingly, it is really good at long range as well. The tuning on the barrel is going to recoil steadiness slightly. You know, I was kind of testing it. I want to leave it at zero, but I was kind of testing it, and it actually does a decent job, and then we're going to throw up to point 17.

I wanted to leave these both at zero because I wanted that 80s and damage range to kind of not be messing around and stuff like that, but I tested it by putting it up there, and it's not that bad. The VLK laser for ads speed aiming, stability, and sprint to fire speed The tuning on that one is going to be sprint to fire at 0.39, and then aim down sight speed at 27.97.

best m4 class setup mw2

You don't have to get it there. Get it to 28 if you can somewhere around there, and you should be pretty good. Going off to the stock, which is not tunable. I mean, hey, it's a free attachment. I guess ads sprint to fire movement speed. Hip recoil control is what the Vel A568 collapse stock is going to give us.

I don't normally recommend the collapse stock, but this one, for some reason, works really nicely. The rear grip is going to be the Schleiger soldier grip for Sprint to Fire, and the ads are again really awesome attachments. 0.39 towards ads and Point 17 towards Sprint to Fire, and then we got the 50-round mag.

Now, you don't need to run the 50-round mag; you get 40 to begin with in the Bell 46, but I felt that this was really worth having on the weapon for some reason. Is too much, all right? Don't run 6C. It's way too much. It's pretty nice for this class. Now let's move on to another weapon on this list, and that's going to be attack 56.

best mw2 m4 class

Now, attack 56 isn't the gun that I would say got better in season 5 or season 5 reloaded, but it's a gun that hasn't gotten worse either, and it's been really good; it's been at the top of assault rifles tied with the M4. Now the attachments that I put on mine are the art of Crown 50. This is not the right class.

These are multiplayer classes, so the RF Crown 50 is what we're going to be running on this with horizontal and vertical recoil control. It is nice because this gun kind of bounces the side and stuff upwards pretty drastically, or dramatically, if I should say so. Horizontal and vertical recoil control are definitely needed.

The tuning on this is going to be recoil stabilization at 0.49 and recoil control at point 19. We don't have to worry about those ads on this; this is not a gun that we're going to be focusing on just at close range; we need a gun that's great at long range as well, and this is definitely it. Okay, once somebody runs up to you in close range, you want to start shooting from the hip because we don't have a lot of ads for this gun.

class mw2

This gun doesn't aim down sights too fast, so you want to start shooting with the hip. Hit a few shots as you begin to advertise. Don't shoot after you advertise that you're going to lose your gunfights like that. The tuning on this one is going to Recoil, setting this at 0.24 and the 80s at 0.25.

Now we do need those ads up 100, like, we don't have to focus just on damage range on this class because those ads are going to help out nicely, so go ahead and do that at 5.56. I mean, it's not that bad; the damage range is going to be 0.32, and the recoil setting is at five, somewhere around five.

SEASON 5 RELOADED IS FINALLY HERE in MODERN WARFARE 2! Today we will be looking at the TOP 5 MOST OVERPOWERED GUNS in COD MW2 Multiplayer AFTER UPDATE! You can use all of these Best Class Setups in Warzone 2 as well. This is the new meta in season 5 reloaded.
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