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best m4 class

Today we're going to be looking at the top five most used weapons in the game, so these are going to be the best-class setups for all these weapons. Recently, Charlie Intel posted a list of the top five, or top 10, of the 10 most used weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. So today we're going to be looking at some of those classes on multiplayer and the best class setup that I made for every single one of them, so let's get into it.

All these classes are great; we got the M4, a Shaka gun that I didn't even think would be on this list whatsoever; that's going to be the last one on the list; we got the fennec; the fennec is still being used by so many people; we got the vasant, of course; and the tag 56, so let's get into it. We're going to start off with the tag 56 because, why not?

It feels like it's the most used gun in the game. Now the damage range on this is pretty nice; the hip fire accuracy is what I really love about this, and you get some bullet velocity. The tuning on this one is going to be recoil, setting this at 0.13 and abs at 0.31. You want to kind of tune these classes where I have them tuned because I've tested a bunch of different tunings on them sometimes.

best m4 class setup

The recoil is a little too crazy sometimes, the ads are a little too slow, and I found the best of both for all of these tunings, so make sure you guys go ahead and do that. The next one is the Schleiger peck box, which only gives us ads. The reason I'm running this is because I don't want it. One right here is the FSS Olay V laser.

I mean. I would run it personally, but a lot of people told me that they don't like it because their laser is visible and stuff, so the next box option is this ad right here, which is awesome because in the tuning we could even give it Sprint to fire speed at 0.39 and even more ads at 18.10. That's where you want to set it up.

I mean, you get Sprint to fire; it's not a con, so you do actually get Sprint to fire with this attachment as well, and your laser isn't visible whatsoever, so that's pretty awesome. After that, we got the Bruin Warrior grip. This is a grip that not a lot of people know about, and not a lot of people are using it, but the hipfire accuracy and the hip recoil control on the TAC 56 with this attachment are really nice when you start actually shooting.

best m4 class setup mw2

You ads or as you're adsing you're going to hit a lot of shots with this attachment right here. You get AIM walking steadiness and recoil settings for this as well, which is pretty cool. The tuning on this one is going to be hip recoil control at 0.54, and then ads at 0.28. Then we got the overpressure, obviously for the ammunition.

I mean, why not give your enemies a flinch? And when you're using attack 56, they get quite a bit of flinching, so it's pretty nice. The tuning on this is going to be damage range at Point 43, which doesn't make much of a difference, but recoil smoothness is useless to tune, so we're just going to put the damage range anyways and then recoil setting this at 4.94, which is pretty good, and then finally, for the last attachment, we got the demo clean shot grip for Sprint to Fire and ads.

We need that on this gun; we need some Sprint to Fire and some media, so that's the best one right there, ads, at 0.74 Sprint to Fire at 45.45. So that's going to be it for that class right there, the attack 56. Let's move on to the second-most-used weapon on the list, which is the M4. I love the M4.

best mw2 m4 class

The recoil is so easy to control; it's so nice, and yeah, so the first one's an optional one; you got the 11.5 inch carbon shroud for the barrel, which is recoil control, hip recoil control, and bullet velocity, or you could run the 14, which gives you recoil control and bullet velocity, but it takes away a little bit of the cons as well.

I just like this one. I don't know why, but I just feel like it's pretty good. The tuning is recoil, setting this at point 37 and the 80s at 0.35, which is pretty awesome right there. I added the RF Crown 50 for horizontal and vertical recoil. I mean, why not? I got some sweat going into my eye.

If you guys know how much that burns, you know exactly what I'm feeling right now, and it kind of sucks, but let's move on to the next attachment anyways because yeah, anyways, it's a 45-round mic. My, I'm dying, guys. 45-round mags You can't tune it, and you get a lot of cons with it: you lose movement speed ads, speed reload, quickness, and sprint to fire speed.

class mw2

I'm just going to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the article because it's non-stop and these eyebrows are not working. Anyways, Yes, that's pretty good right there, but the cons kind of stink. I'll have to admit that. Then we got the x10 for the rear grip for Sprint to fire ads really nicely in this class.

I made this class a little more like an SMG than an AR because I love rushing with the M4. I feel like it's just a good gun to rush with. I don't know why. And you get range with it, so if someone pops up at a long range, you could still pop them. The ads are going to be 0.45, and the Sprint to Fire as well is going to be 0.45, except this one is actually maxed out, so you don't have to worry about trying to land anywhere; it's maxed out.


I just lost it. There we go, we're back at 45 for the ads, okay? Then we got the Tempest P80 strike stock for sprint speed and aim walking speed. Crouch movement speed and speed Now the reason I'm running this is mostly for the tuning because the ads give you quite a bit at 2.71, and the aiming idle stability at 1.08 makes this gun very stable as well, so when you're aiming down sights, you can actually hit that first shot when somebody runs into your crosshair or anything like that, so that's the M4 right there.

Next off on the list is the vasnav, the lucky old version of here. We got the FTEC Ripper 56 for the underbarrel aiming, idle stability, hit-fire accuracy, and recoil civilization. You get a lot of accuracy if you guys look at that green bar. If you want to trust that green bar. I don't know if you trust it; I might; I might not; who knows, and the tuning on this is going to be ads at Point 44 and aiming idle stability at Point 28, and then we got the nine millimeter overpressure plus P for Target Flynn Shades; come on, why not 45-round mags, not tunable whatsoever?

kastov 545 mw2

FSS, Ole V laser, or if you guys really want the Schleicher Pack Box, the FSS Ole V laser, I really like it for the Sprint to fire on the vasive. Okay, just because it feels nice. I know your laser is visible, but I don't care about that too much, so that's why I have it on Sprint to fire fully maxed-out ads at 16.45, and then finally we got the true attack grip for ads and Sprint to fire again.

THESE TOP 5 GUNS ARE UNSTOPPABLE IN MODERN WARFARE 2! Today we will be looking at the TOP 5 MOST OVERPOWERED GUNS in COD MW2 Multiplayer in SEASON 5! You can use all of these Best Class Setups in Warzone 2 as well. This is the new meta.
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