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All season 2 upcoming camo early gameplay showcase

All season 2 upcoming camo early gameplay showcase

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one, we're going to go over all these season 2 weapon camo events showcasing early gameplay footage. A huge shout out to Austin 6 for letting me use all these clips. All the camos that I'm going to showcase here are going to be released at some point through some sort of event, or there will be a challenge that you will need to complete.

As you know, camels don't release with store bundles, so the good news is that every single one that you're going to see here when it does release will be free for you to unlock.

Dragon scale, crimson wyrm, & ranked camos (availble now)

There's actually a couple that you can unlock right now that are available. The first one we have is called the dragon scales.

This one is going to go up until this coming Wednesday, and you need a total of 575, 000. So this is going to be a little bit harder for you guys to unlock because they're only giving you 4 days to complete this entire event, but this is the first camo you will get; the second one is the Crimson Worm camo, and this is going to be available through the Easter egg on Fortune SK.

The good news is that it doesn't look like there's a time limit set for this event. You can complete this Easter egg. I've already made a article about it. As soon as you finish the Easter egg, you'll be able to get that Crimson Worm Camo. So there are currently two camos you can get as of right now.

There's also the other ones that have to do with rank play; they're not really the best ones, but as you continuously progress and as you get into the higher ranks, they get a little bit better, and the rewards start changing up a little bit. But these are all the more obvious camos that are currently available for you to grind and work on right now, but here are some that were found in that you may not know about that are actually pretty good.

Wriggler animated camo early gameplay showcase

Wriggler animated camo early gameplay showcase

The first one we have is called the regular camo. This one is actually animated. I barely noticed that it was slightly moving, but it looks like these are a bunch of worms, and they decided to turn that into a camo.

I have no idea what event this will be a part of; it could be its own event. As you guys know, with the smaller types of camo events that we get, it's usually just to gain XP; you'll get things like calling card emblems, and then the final mastery reward is always a camo. Maybe it could be based around something, maybe it won't be, but this was added in the season 2 update, meaning that it should release at some point during this update, and then there's also the Cryptids boot camp, which is releasing this coming Wednesday.

That event might also have a camo as a reward, and this could be a potential reward that you'll be able to get from that.

Looking at you camo early gameplay showcase

Going on to the second camo that we have, this one is called the looking at you camo. Unfortunately, it is not animated, but it has some pretty sick color variations. It looks like a striped black with a little bit of light blue and turquoise. When you take a look at the event camo icon, you can see that they're actually trees, so the black was just trees; you got some sort of owls or creature staring at you, and then the background, which is the turquoise color, is actually just the fog, and this also matches the theme of the crypted boot camp event, so maybe it could be the reward for that one, but the next one that we have is this.

Thirsty luck camo early gameplay showcase

Thirsty luck camo early gameplay showcase

One's pretty obvious is called the Thirsty Luck camo, and as you see here, you already know that this is going to be for the St. Patrick's Day event, which is not going to be taking place until around March. It looks like they've already added it even before the season 2 reloaded update, but this is what the camo will look like: You have the green clovers.

You also have a beer, and then you get the whole theme fit for the St. Patrick's Day event—not really animated but definitely a really good-looking camo.

Royal mess camo early gameplay showcase

The next camo that we have is called the Royal Mess camo. This one is pretty sick. I'm surprised it's not animated. It sort of looks like the battle pass blueprints that we have right now, like the little drip and the stuff that they got going on with.

I really thought it was probably just a blueprint, but this is actually a camo that's going to be coming in at some point. You see, it has that gold; it has a little bit more splashes on it. It also has a little bit of, like, dark purple or dark gray, and then there's actually a second weapon blueprint that looks very identical to.

Regal death camo early gameplay showcase

it, and this one is called the Regal Death Camo. It has the same exact color variation, so you got that light blue, you got the dark blue, and then you got the gold. It's mostly surrounded by that gold, and then the texture is what makes it stand out because now these are skulls. And you can see here that it's not animated, either, but the fact that it resembles this other camo so much tells me that maybe they might have to do with an event together, so whatever event that they're going to be popping up in, they're probably going to come in either at the same time or most likely within the same exact event category, and going on to the next one that we have.

Blue steel warhammer camo early gameplay showcase

Blue steel warhammer camo early gameplay showcase

This one also fits them, but it looks completely different. This one is called the Blue Steel Camo. It has that super bright gold to it; it has that light blue as well as that dark blue, but the textures are completely different this time around, and according to leakers, this might have to do with the Warhammer collaboration, apparently.

This follows the Space Marine theme, and these are going to be, I guess it's going to be the event camo reward that you'll be able to unlock once the Warhammer event actually comes out. It's not animated either, but the fact that this confirms that the Warhammer crossover is indeed going to be happening is going to be one of the rewards you get.

It's pretty exciting information, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing it. And then the next one that we have is called the melty.

Melty nuke camo early gameplay showcase

Camo, and this one is not animated either, but it's going to fit a majority of black. With a little bit of glowing red to it, this is going to be a new camo reward that you'll be able to unlock, so it's not going to be a part of an event, but you'll need to complete the nuke in the year EX stand map in order to be able to unlock this brand new camo.

I think this is also additional, so you'll still get to get the operator skin and all the other rewards. This is just something brand new that they introduced.

ALL Season 2 FREE Event Camos EARLY Gameplay Showcase! Modern Warfare 3.
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