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It's reaction FPS, and in today's article, I am bringing you a MGB with the brew and an MK9. This weapon is a very interesting one because I came across some information that stated that this weapon was supposed to be an added gun in a future season of MW2. But unfortunately they never add ended up adding it and I think that that's because of how good this lmg is I'm sure a lot of you remember how insane this was back in war zone 1 when this gun was meta it was absolutely insane extremely low recoil good handling, and could kill from, ridiculous ranges like this gun was one of the best and most formidable metas that I've ever seen in war zone 1 and I could understand why they didn't add it into MW2 and that is because of the ttk of how fast it is in that game this gun would have absolutely been so busted it would be like an absolute mowing machine it would just it'll literally make MW2 look like AO Type R RPG game if you know what that is but enough about that let's get into the class setup.

And the attachments that I've used to create this build, so for the barrel, we have the 23 in. X, Exf, for the sight barrel; for the muzzle, we have the strad strike suppressor to stay off the radar; and for the underbarrel, we have the Brewing heavy support grip to help. Add some recoil control and stability, and for the magazine, we have the 60-round mag.

I've opted for the 60-round mag because you don't really need 100 rounds on this weapon. I mean, personally, I don't think you do. This gun kills really quickly, and the 60-round mag, because it's less than the 100-round default mag, adds mobility, so in my opinion, this is a great attachment. For the optics, we have the MK3 reflector.

This weapon has very low visual recoil, so this MK3 reflector looks like an absolute laser beam when firing this weapon and just gives you an overall great side picture when using this weapon. So yeah, those are the attachments for the Brew and MK9 builds. Let's move on to the class setup. So for the retti.

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We have this as a secondary; these are the attachments I have not customized for this class, but in a future article, if you guys really want to see what I use on my actual Using a retti build, my main build I'll show you, but for now, the reason why this retti does not have anything is because I am doing the camo challenges to get into.

Stella, anyway, moving on to the T, we have the stim lethal SX Feld upgrade Munitions box gloves.

Settings and peripherals. mouse- Logitech g pro wireless. mousepad- acer triple xl.
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