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Goding is so, Ass. Yo, it's Nav, and Merry Christmas! Now, today I'm bringing you guys the long-awaited War Zone 3 movement guide. You guys have been blowing up the comments wanting a movement guide, so I'm finally bringing it to you all before I get into it. So first off, we're going to get into the settings.

If you come over to the controller settings, the first thing you're going to go to is your button layout. You want to find a button layout that suits you—a button layout where you're able to be very versatile with your controller. Now that I play on a PS4 controller. I know it shows an Xbox controller, but that's because I have DS4 windows, which puts an Xbox overlay so that I get no delay on PC, but I play bumper jumper tactical.

I'm a non-claw player, so bumper jumper tactical works very well for me, but I do use paddles. I use two back paddles; my left paddle is where I can switch weapons with and YY, with which I'll show you guys how to YY later on in the article, but yeah, so I really recommend you guys try out bumper jumper tactical, especially if you're a non-CA player.

best controller settings

Now the next setting is the dead zone inputs. If you come down here now, I play Zero Dead Zone because it makes it so that I have full control over my joysticks. So yeah, the lower your dead zone, the more control you have over your joysticks. Now, your sensitivity is very crucial, obviously. You want to have a sensitivity that you can control and be the best at.

Now I play 2020, and I've just played 2020 since rebirth, and I'm just really used to it. Now that I'm known for Max sensitivity. I think 2020 works very well for me as well because I can move around and I can be as quick as possible with the flicks and all of that, and then for your aim response curve type.

I play Dynamic, which gives you extra aim assist and makes your aim better, but you can put on linear if you guys want more move. If you have linear, you get more movement, so it's just up to you. I like dynamic; I stick to dynamic. But that's really it for the aiming settings. If we come over to the gameplay settings, these are now crucial.

best movement

Your automatic sprint is a huge setting. You have to have an automatic tactical sprint. If you don't have an automatic tactical sprint, you're not going to have any movement at all. Now when you're in aack sprint, you are running at the fastest pace possible, so you want to have automatic tactical sprint on so that it goes automatically into the tack sprint.

The next setting is slide-maintain-sprint. You want this on as well. This is going to make it so you get fewer dead slides, and then if we come down to slide SL, behavior: I have mine on slide only. If you have slide only on, you get no slide cancellation delay at all, so I have slide only on because I just like slide cancellation, and honestly.

I feel like the dolphin dive is really pointless; I feel like there's no use for it because when you dolphin dive, you can't even shoot and it takes a long time to get up, so if you're in a fight, you're not going to dolphin dive, so I just have slide only on so I can slide cancel right away without having a delay.

best movement guide

Now we're going to get into the movement techniques, so the first thing I'm going to go over is slide canceling. Now there's a couple different slide cancels that you can do, but if you don't know how to slide cancel, all you have to do is when you're running you're going to press your crotch button and then jump.

Now in war zone 1, it was a little bit different because you had to double tap your Crouch button and then jump, but in this war zone, all you have to do is press it once and then jump. So since I played bumper jumper tactical with my right stick, once I press my right stick, that's my Crouch button, and then my jump button is my L1 button, so when I run.

I just press my right stick, and then. L1 right stick l1 right stick L1, and what a tack sprint is, is that when you're running like this, you have your gun up, like this, and then when you're out of a tack sprint, it's going to stop and you're going to put your gun down like this, and you're not going to run as fast, but then it resets your tax Sprint and then your gun goes down again, and that's pretty much what a TX Sprint is now.

best movement settings

There's different variations of the slide cancel as well, so you can do a long slide, which is like when you hold it longer and then jump, so right stick and then hold it longer and then jump, and you can also do a short slide. Usually, I like to do short slides around corners, so if I'm coming around a corner, I do a short slide and then.

Do that, like come up really quickly. Like a long slide. It just really depends on how far you want to go or how smooth you want to be. Now, just be smart whenever you're doing the long or short slide, because obviously there's going to be different situations you're in. You're going to need to either do a short slide or a long slide, so just be aware of the situation you're in so that you guys know which slide you want to do.

best settings

The next thing I'm going to go over is obviously the easiest. The next thing I'm going to go over is jump-shooting. Jump shotting is really easy; obviously, when you're in a gunfight, all you're going to do is just jump while shooting, and then there's also an advanced jump shot. The advanced jump shot is when you get a lot of momentum like this, and then you jump shot like that, so when you're running, you just jump to the side like that.

That, pretty much like that and that's the advanced jump shot so you're just going to get momentum, and jump shot like that and it's really easy now obviously you're going to learn how to do the jump shot which most of you guys probably already know how to do the jump shot it's just literally jumping while shooting, and then you'll be able to do the advanced jump shot pretty easily after that now the next thing we have is the drop shot which obviously has been in COD for years all you have to do to drop shot is when you're in a gunfight you're just going to go fully prone while shooting someone so, like that now there's actually some nice combos you can do with the slide cancel the jump shot and the drop shot so if you know how to slide cancel and drop shot You can actually do a slide cancel into a drop shot pretty much like this.


So you're just going to slide cancel and then drop shoot right after the slide cancel, and you've got to time it pretty well, or else it's just not going to work as well. So, as you can see, you just go straight into a drop shot after your slide cancel, like that, and actually throw off your enemy a lot, and then you can also do a slide cancel into an advanced jump shot like this.

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