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The rewards are just kind of lame, man. We got a sticker, we have a weapon XP token, we have a battle pass tier, and we skipped a weapon charm. A calling card, an emblem, a finishing move that is actually pretty cool, and then a blueprint, A very boring, basic blueprint for a gun that most people probably aren't even going to use.

LSW—I mean, it's a light machine gun. In general, people tend to not really use LMGs unless they have to because they're doing their camo challenges, but regardless. Those are the rewards for playing through the event and doing the different challenges. Overall, I would say these are not very good, really, but the finishing move is nice.

I went to a private match to record some footage of it. I like the finishing move; it's like the only saving grace here, but everything else is just kind of lame, especially when you compare it to the stuff in the shop. So, right there in the event tab, they're trying to get you to go to the shop and buy the new Christmas bundles, and if you want to get those, that's 52 of your American Doll dues.


And in here, I mean these are things that are actually worth getting, but of course, the things that are worth getting in Call of Duty nowadays, you usually have to pay for them. You have these different bundles that give you different Tracer packs. Basically, you're going to be shooting snow out of your gun.

You get different operators, calling cards, emblems, and things like that. The stuff you find in bundles is way better than the actual rewards for playing the game, but that's kind of to be expected in this day and age. I suppose I just wish we could earn more cool things in COD as compared to always having to pull out the credit card if you want new things to play around with.

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I mean, crying out loud. 52 in bundles just for this event and even closer to 70, if you want to count last year's Christmas bundle, which again has resurfaced in the shop, it's just it's basically trying to push you towards the shop, which is really unfortunate, but you guys know me, we're going to ignore the entire shop here in this game and instead go ahead and look at the stuff we can actually play around with, so when it comes to the multiplayer maps, we have two new maps to play on, although they're not necessarily new, we have hangover, as well as ship Miss Hangover is beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous reimagining of highrise It looks incredible. It's fantastic i love hangovers, and I would love to see this map actually hang around throughout the remainder of Modern Warfare 3's life cycle. I will admit it's going to feel weird playing on that map if it were to show up in the rotation in like July or something like that, but the map is so beautiful and so well put together, and like there's so many little hidden Easter eggs and things like that, it's wonderful.

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And it's just kind of sad that like in you know two weeks time it's going to go away forever I mean right now it's not even available in private matches for us to play around in, so basically they reskin the entire map it looks wonderful we're going to have like a week or two to play on it and then it's basically just going to go away which is kind of unfortunate but same time I get it you know many people aren't going to be wanting to play on a Christmas map, after Christmas right when it's January February whatever they're going like why are we still playing on a Christmas map doesn't really make any sense whatsoever I get it I'm just saying like the map is beautiful and I wish we could have it in private matches and I wish they would do more of these reimaginings.

In the future, and apparently they will be doing some of that with season one reloaded, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Now the other map is going to be Ship Miss. John Carpenters, the thing well Shipman like the map itself is like in the Antarctic, somewhere or wherever the hell it might be.

I have no idea we got the Aurora Borealis. Up there, we have a satellite on the ship itself, and everything is frozen over. We have frozen fossils and stuff like that inside the crates. It looks really good, but ultimately, it's still a shipment. But if you're somebody who's looking to level up quickly, level up their guns, do challenges, or do anything like that, of course ship Miss is always going to be the way to go.

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Now there is one game mode you can play on the ship. Miss is going to be a snowfight, basically. It's basically a gunfight with snowballs, and it's in the very center of the map, which is very old-school gaming. I kind of like it, but in the very center of the map is a power weapon, and that power weapon in this case is going to be a piss snowball, which is always going to be a one-hit kill, whereas snowballs.

I think on average, it's a two-hit kill, and yeah, it's a gunfight with snowballs and one piss snowball in the middle, so if you run in the middle, you can go ahead and grab it, but yeah. I mean, it's a cheesy little game mode to play around with. I played like two or three matches of it, and I'm like, all right.

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I kind of got my fill of this particular mode here; it's just something crazy; it's interesting. I suppose, but I don't know; it's not really that cool; it's not that mind-blowing or anything like that. Next up, we are infected. It's infected you guys have played it before, except for the survivors, who are all going to be reindeer.

Right, the reindeer skin in the shop again, forther reinder. The entire narrative is that they're trying to push you towards the shop with this particular event, but it does make the event feel more Christian. I suppose, where all the survivors are the reindeer skin, and if you become infected, well, then you're the evil Santa you're running around, and instead of throwing knives, you have snowballs, so that's pretty cool.

It's a nice twist on Infected if you're looking to have some fun in party mode, especially if you want to have a little bit of that holiday flavor. Added on to your party mode, so in fact it's pretty good, and finally, I don't usually talk, but you guys know how the war zone got like the biggest update here.

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I would say the war zone map itself has not really changed, which is, unfortunately, even going back to the blackout, they changed up the map around the seasons. You know, in the fall, the blackout map looked different compared to winter compared to spring compared to summer; they didn't do any of that here for the Christmas event in Ersan.

Today we take a detailed look at "Santa's Slayground", the first major event of Modern Warfare 3.
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