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Modern warfare 2 weapon overhaul in modern warfare 3

Modern warfare 2 weapon overhaul in modern warfare 3

Ladies and gentlemen. There's been a lot of questions and a lot of concern about a major topic already here within Modern Warfare 3, and that is actually Modern Warfare 2 weapons, as we know for the first time in COD history because Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to MW2. We have all of our carry-forward content, so all your operators from MW2 are now in MW3.

All of your cosmetics, like your emblems, calling cards, and stuff, are also available in MW3, and all of your weapons in MW2, and all the attachments you had for them, the camos like gy or your base camos, are also all available in Modern Warfare 3, but obviously. Modern Warfare 3 plays vastly different from Modern Warfare 2, as do the MW2 guns that have carried forward into MW3.

Are modern warfare 2 weapons worth using in mw3 multiplayer?

Actually worth it. If you're new here, you want to guarantee that every single day you are up to date with all things going on in COD.

The initial modern warfare 2 weapon changes in mw3

The initial modern warfare 2 weapon changes in mw3

And join us on the road to 1 million subscribers , now right away before you even you know put a MW2, weapon on one of your class setups we already know for sure that at their core Modern Warfare 2 weapons are already going to be different in Modern Warfare 3 because what they detailed in a blog just before launch where they said the entire complement of the Modern Warfare 2 Weaponry, will receive a weapon balancing pass by Sledgehammer Games with additional adjustments after launch as needed so this does confirm that you know with season 1 2 3 4 5 we're going to see our usual weapon meta updates and MW2 weapons will be changed as well but right away starting you know now with day one as the game's launching.

Modern warfare 2 weapon changes side-by-side

Modern warfare 2 weapon changes side-by-side

Now, with this, what we're focusing on here is the behavior of these weapons. Now. I've got two different examples here, and they are brief; they go super in depth, and obviously there's 77 weapons or something like that with MW2 and MW3 now if we really wanted to see the distinction, detailed differences.

It would take hours and hours and hours to do the manual testing. There will be data-mind stuff eventually, and we'll have the direct stats to reference, but for the time being, this is the best we have, and very brief examples here give you a general overview. But as we saw on that patch, no blog detailed the damage values, the ranges were changing, and the pros and cons were changing.

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They didn't mention anything about weapon behavior in terms of recoil, sway, and whatnot, and MW2 weapons are obviously pretty rough with that stuff. There's a lot of visual recoil and visual noise with weapon smoke, and there's a lot of sway that's a little bit random. The recoil patterns have some RNG involved in them as opposed to MW3 guns, which are nothing like that, and that being said, that creates a distinct advantage if MW2 weapons feel so much worse and behave so much worse and more randomly than MW3 guns, so here initially we've got the vasnev.

modern warfare 2

We can just shoot these into walls and see what the recoil pattern is like in terms of visual noise, sway, and whatnot. And we're about 5 1/2 M out on each wall here and you can see the rate of fire here is going to be the same between the two the sway is about the same it's very brief here but if you pay attention to it the sway really is not any different, on a iron sight vas n with no attachments here also at 5 m that's not going to be too crazy there's a little bit of sway but there's not much so initially here what you can see is the rate of fire is the exact same on the base version of the vas of here this is no attachments, as mentioned and when we go through and we shoot it each weapon starts and stops basically at the same time as best as I could sync them up in Premiere right so when you shoot them you're seeing the same exact rate of fire basic same behavior there in terms of everything and then you get a look at the actual recoil patterns there now with the vasn on the left it's hitting the bricks so it's a little bit more noisy and muddy because of that but it's roughly the same up right left.

Back up right, this is a little bit more prominent in MW3. MW 3s does seem to have a bit more consistency; if there is any, it's very slight, and that's something to take note of as well. The second weapon we have here, as you might have seen in the preview, is going to be the cast of 762, and for this.

modern warfare 2 carry forward

I simply wanted to have just one Red Dot site; it's the Slimline Pro or whatever, because I wanted to shoot once and see what the sway was like here as well, because obviously aim sway is so prominent in MW2, and on those guns, and when we look at the wall here and we look at our centerpiece, which is the shot that I put into each wall, the sway here for the first few seconds again is so minuscule in difference and minute that it's really hard to say definitively okay, it's better an MW3 or it's worse.

MW 3s looks a tad bit less in terms of sway there, but again, if we go through and we shoot, we look at the recoil patterns here, the visual noise still seems somewhat significant in terms of recoil and the weapon Shake there, and the patterns as well we can see on the left side here, it's going to be basically up and to the right, then it straightens out.

This one on the MW3 version is actually a little bit different than the pattern that we have from MW2. So it does seem like they have changed this a little bit, and I wanted to shoot again on the MW3 version just to see if I'd get a similar pattern because, as we know with MW2, guns have recoil patterns when you shoot them consistently.

They actually differ because of that weapon Sway and the RNG there, but at least on MW3, when we go through and shoot these, that actually seems to stay somewhat true; those patterns are not exactly one-to-one as you can see on the wall there, and even if I shoot it a third time. I wanted to shoot these side by side as well to show the visual noise; it's obviously less noisy shooting into the air as opposed to the wall in the MW2 version.

We end up seeing a pattern that is again very similar, and we'll talk more about the SA here in just a minute, or the SVA rather, but the three straight shots of the recoil of the 545 have different patterns to an extent here and there, so that sway and that bit of RNG still seem to be applied to MW2 guns in terms of their behavior.

Mw2 recoil consistency vs mw3 recoil consistency

Mw2 recoil consistency vs mw3 recoil consistency

Now if you compare that behavior and that RNG to an MW3 gun here with the SVA, we're going to go ahead and shoot this, and I'll go ahead and turn the face cam back on, so I'll block anything you know here because we're full screen obviously, but with the SVA pattern here, if I go ahead and shoot this a couple of times, obviously, that first shot is that hyper burst, but then this pattern, when you compare, is a little bit more consistent.

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