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So Modern Warfare 3 is bringing along 16 maps at launch for 6v6, core gameplay and all of those have been seen before in the original Modern Warfare 2 all the way back in 2009.14 years ago, kind of crazy to think it's been that long I mean we're really getting old but anyways with four of the maps already playable in the Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer beta how many changes if any have been made to the classic maps and just how much of a quality difference can we see in Modern Warfare 3 versus the original Modern Warfare 2 maps today we're taking a look at how much difference there is truly in Moder Warfare 3's multiplayer maps versus the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 Originals, with side by side and direct comparisons, as we go along drop your thoughts below what do you think of the treatment of these classic maps how do you feel they've been handled, and what maps are you looking forward to playing with the full game or perhaps even with highrise.

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For now, let's jump into the differences between Modern Warfare 3's revitalization. Of the classic Modern Warfare 2 maps, so firstly a disclaimer here PlayStation and console as a whole isn't going to do the 2023, versions nearly as much justice as it would say on a stacked PC rig with everything maxed out in terms of quality settings like at full launch or even maybe next week but honestly I couldn't help myself but do a side by-side comparison of some of the most iconic Maps or a small helping of some of the most iconic maps in COD history we'll have a few more things here that will do better Justice in terms of quality comparisons, in different style articles a little later next week and Beyond but for now I want to take a little bit of time to see what we had on offer right now not to mention I'm kind of suspecting there may be still some texture packs missing that maybe day one we'll see some increases in quality as well that part though is a little speculation.

Additionally, you will notice the fov difference I was really debating on scaling for 2023: version down to 80 fov to match the old school console fov. But ultimately. I decided against it to showcase the larger scaling differences and the progression since 2009 for the console versions that are playable, and lastly, both of these comparisons are recorded at 4K, though the 2023 version is using native 4K output on the PS5.


While the 2009 original versions are upscaled on Xbox series X but output to be played and recorded on a 4k monitor, but upscaled via the console it's myself not during my editing process but all that said all that housekeeping stuff out of the way let's start with theel graphically speaking along with skidrow I'd say is probably the most updated in terms of texture detail and more theel while always being a densely packed map wasn't necessarily a super over-the-top map in terms of graphical detailed maps there may be parts to this where again talking visibility it may be tougher to see some enemies because of how much is actually going on, but honestly I do overall enjoy the difference a lot more that adds to the busyness in nature of it when you think of the location of flla you do think that there's a lot going on in terms of that densely populated area so graphically speaking I enjoy this update here with this even if it may be a little busy of noticeable differences though there are a lot of smaller differences.

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Like the spawn cars on Aid and Domination, those were slightly adjusted, and you can also mantle on top of them a lot easier than you could in The Originals. The playground was subsidized so that it's no longer a swing set and a slide, which opens up that corner a bit more. It's now just that slide.

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Seaside Street is a bit more open and has better visibility. Over top of that brick wall Beyond barber shop where now the three-story building's rooftop is a bit more visible, some of the angles like the middle map three-story 1x1 has a bit higher brick locations, that impose a little less visibility and perhaps icon wise the pitch in mid map is now black top rather than a grass pitch, but beyond that the key items that I noticed in terms of like actual genuine changes to the map come down to honestly a lot of the mantling systems now in play there's a handful of new jump spots that you can use that you couldn't before for example you can make that jump out of the window in the water tower building to the Second Story mid brick building you can also jump on top of that Hut that's on the other side of the pitch staircase, that being a power position with the hill there in hardpoint in this updated version of the map and one of my favorites is there's now a way to get to the water tower rooftop without having to go through that choke point staircase.

In the original, you had to run up that staircase and hope nobody was camping there to take you out, but now you can end up either going up the staircase or there's a jump-up spot with a dumpster. Underneath that window overlooking the Long Street side, you can jump up either into Second Story or you can take it all the way to the roof, which is definitely a cool little addition, but that's flla skidrow.

Again, like FLLA, I'd say it's one of perhaps the most updated in terms of density and things to catch graphically speaking again. I do like that detail, the way that everything was added around it; there's a lot more textures, a lot more that playing at high resolution, you'll notice a lot more, but when we talk about map changes, just like flla, there's a decent number of them here that can make a difference in how you remember playing the game versus how you'll play it now.

modern warfare 3 beta maps comparison

Of the smaller things, the biggest of them is that they ended up removing the minigun from the apartments behind Playground. Now that one's probably for the best, but man, for the memes, it kind of wouldn't be funny to see that return here within Modern Warfare 3, so that's something that if you remember just going back there, a lot of players would camp there and just look right into the bookstore, and you'd be taken out in an instant by a minigun.

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