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In this article, I'll be showing you guys how you can get unlimited Essence in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Now, this is relatively easy, and everybody should be able to do this. I did a article like this in the past, but it did not turn out too well. A lot of people are saying that I'm clickbaiting, but that's just not true.

Now before we get straight into the article, a quick word from today's sponsor, u4g, and they provide the best Call of Duty service. 50% off cod points and cheap Cod redeem code They have new services and schematics, and consumers unlock them. They were trusted by thousands of trusted pilots. Now I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how you can get unlimited Essence.

And by the way, if you guys didn't know, this is for season 2 after the patch, so know that it's kind of different and it's going to be super easy. Don't worry, I'm going to explain everything that you guys are going to need. The first thing that you're going to need to have is a teammate. And then go back in the game and start doing this method, so me and my teammate end up grinding out and getting 100 grand each.

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You guys can see now I'm just going to buy myself three large backpacks because I'm going to need to have a large backpack, or you can do this with a small backpack; it doesn't matter, but for this I'm going to be doing the large backpack, so I'm going to carry two large backpacks inside of my bag, and now I'm going to get myself a Tombstone Soda, so you want to make sure that you have a decoy Gren with you, and trust me, it is optional.

You don't need to come into the Tier 3 zone for Tombstone, Soda; you can just get it in the Tier 1 zone or anywhere in that nature. Now that you have your stuff, you have a large backpack, and you have your tombstone: soda. You both will need to have it, then you can go ahead now and drop all of your money on your teammate.

Just like that, I'm just dropping everything to my teammate, and once you drop your teammate's thing, you're going to drop the large backpack up. Also, if you have a claw for a tombstone, I would suggest that you carry it. Then, once you drop all of your essence on your teammate, you're going to have your teammate leave the party, and your teammate is going to need to go ahead and down itself.


Now, luckily, we were on this screen, so it's easy to down yourself; just jump all the way off, and just like that, now it's going to plead for help, and I'm going to need to go ahead and help him because you want to make sure that your teammate actually sets his tombstone. By just dying like that, once your resim Tombstone is now set, you can make your way to the safe location and have him drop you all of the essence.

And including all of the two bag packs if you didn't have the two bag pack, as well as the Tombstone Soda, so if you guys can generate Tombstone Soda like you have the Tombstone Soda perk, you can just generate Tombstone and carrot with you. Now you're going to just down yourself as well, and now you're going to just give up, and you guys are going to just bleed out, and the game will now eliminate you.

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You should see Squad eliminated. Now it should bring you to this left menu. Leave match menu if you see this option where it says leave game and if you want to pull your teammate, don't do it, just click no. Just choose no for this option because if you click yes, it will pull your teammate out as well, and your teammate will potentially lose his Tombstone, which was actually set previously, so you don't want to do that.

You want to always choose no. and now let's go into the second game and you should see your Tombstone displaying on your screen just like mine is now let's make our way to our Tombstone, let's now dig into my Tombstone and grab everything and as you guys can see I got, 10 and something Grand and my teammate as well got the same so basically we can now go ahead and get ourself Tombstone we don't want to use the tombstone that we had inside of our, , inside our stash so let's go ahead and go to the tombstone machine here this is the closest one and if you guys see any in the tier one zone or tier 2 Zone you guys can go ahead to there and if you have decoy grenade and you're more experienced you know it's easier to get it in the tier three zone.

in mw3 zombies the ultimate guide

Now you guys can see I'm just dropping my teammate all of the essence once more, once we are made to our safe location, which is on the crane, which is the best part right now, so just drop your teammate all of the essence, your teammate is going to leave, and do the same process; he's going to die, and then he's going to actually just set his tombstone, he's going to plead for help, and I'm going to just go down there and help him out, then he's going to actually give me back all of this stuff, and that's how we keep on doing it.


Someone is right there. I hope he doesn't take my money. Okay, there we go. Now you can see Drop In Me Is Tombstone Soda, now we have two Tombstone Soda, and let's actually go ahead and jump off once more and die, and just like that, we're going to just give up and just let it bleed out and get Squad eliminated, and once you get Squad eliminated, guys, it's the same process again, so let's just F forward this and let's just click on leave match and just choose no back at the lobby once more, and once you are back at the lobby, just invite your friend just the same, it's basically the same, just rank and repeat the process, and you guys should be good now we are in for the next game, and let's go to my Tombstone again, and you guys can see now we should be over.

300K, each, as you guys can see, so we can just keep on doing this process over grabbing our tombstone for the last time that we're going to get tombstone by the machines because we will have at least two tombstones in our tombstone set. Basically, we won't need to go back to buying any tombstones.

But you guys can see my teammate. I dropped him all the money again, and he just died. I just revived him, and once he gets revived, he's going to just drop me his money, and I'm going to basically go ahead and die myself. And you can see he giving me backpack and he giving me sto Stones, so I'm going to now go ahead and die as well, and now we're going to just go ahead and give up and just bleed out.

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I'm just going over this. Grand is in my Tombstone, and I'm just dropping it to my teammate. Just like that, just drop every single thing to him, and he should now max out, so this is all you do. Teamwork makes the dream come true. As I'm saying, if you guys don't have friends and don't have anybody to help you out, the discard server is there; it's there; it's the community you got to join; it's the best place to be right now, so once I'm dropping everything, as you guys can see, it's just maxing out and you guys can see it's already at 999.

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