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mwiii rebirth island

It's RI Robie, and I am back with another nuke article. Now, season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone 2 just dropped, and they brought back rebirth. With rebirth, they also brought the new season 3 nuke rewards. Sadly, we lost the old nuke skin; he is gone forever. So if you guys have that, that is now a collectible item on your account, and in this article.

I'm going to show you guys the absolute full breakdown of and the easiest way to drop a nuke on rebirth, and I'm going to show you all their rewards. And guys, this is only one of two nukes that you guys can drop this season, and there are rewards for the second nuke as well, but I'm only going to be showing you the rebirth nuke in this article, and before we get into it.

I want to tell you guys about our services. If you guys didn't know. I run the number one Call of Duty shop where you guys can get insane services, one of them being a hard carry nuke service, so if you guys want these rewards, all you have to do is join RR Services Discord; it's down in the description.

mwiii rebirth island back

You guys will be able to find our shop. You guys can get yourself this new card and all of these rewards. 100% guaranteed, and trust me, our services in our elite team are like the only way you're going to be able to get these nuke rewards because, on this small rebirth island, it is almost impossible to get the nuke rewards, but if you come get it from RR Services, we 100% guarantee to get you the nuke.

Even if we fail a contract, we'll bring another one until you get those nuke rewards, and as a matter of fact. And that is it. Three easy steps that take you 2 seconds, and you have the possibility of winning these free nuke rewards. Make sure you guys join the Discord server though, because that's where we announce the winner of this giveaway we have ranked carries bot lobbies camo.

Ser, we have it all, guys. Just join the Discord that is down in the description, or you are absolutely sleeping on it. But enough talking. Let's get into what you came here for, and that is the full breakdown of this rebirth nuke for season 3. I ran this nuke with my nuke team at RR Services, and it was a breeze.


Guys, it literally took under 20 minutes, but once you guys load into the new Rebirth War Zone island and you guys have a nuke contract, you guys are going to see this pop up above saying the Champions Quest is available now. The way you guys get that Champions Quest is that you either have to get five war zone wins in a row or 30 wins total to get this Champions Quest, and once you activate it, you guys have one shot at completing this Champions Quest.

rebirth island

If you fail, you'll have to get those five wins again, or 30 wins in total. Now we found the best method of doing this new nuke Champions Quest is by doing these intelligence, contracts as soon as you start the game because you guys are going to want a ton of money to start and you guys will understand why in a minute but you guys want to go to the signal intelligence, and obviously start it with this contract you have to hack contracts to earn cash over time which helps a ton obviously you want that cash now don't mess up because I hacked this contract right here and then I accidentally picked up this bounty contract you do not want to pick up Bounty contracts I accidentally did it, but don't worry, the nuke team is insane, so we just killed the body and continued to collect money off the intelligence contracts.

Scanning, people, and finishing them, so if you guys watch here every time we interrogate a player, it takes off 10 seconds of that timer for that element to spawn in, so while this first element is dropping in, you guys basically want to be killing and scanning players and eliminating them, and you guys also want to be doing contracts to gather as much money as you can, because there is an insane way to get this timer down so fast now.

Once that first item spawns, you guys are going to want to pick it up. Be sure to mark whoever holds the item on the map for everybody, so be careful. This is a really small map. I don't know if you guys remember rebirth, but it's tiny. But then we met at a buy station, and the whole squad dropped their money on one person, and you guys are going to see why in just a second because you guys have been waiting to use your money for this fire sale that starts.

rebirth island back

Once this fire sale starts, the person with all the money is going to want to open up the buy station and spam buy plates. If you guys look at the timer, it's going insane. He drops me all the money right here so I could do it so I can show you guys for the article, but all you guys want to do is open up the buy station and spam by those armor plates, and it gets that timer down a ton.

Now, right here on this screen, you guys can't see the timer, so make sure that you guys have your team watching it because you don't want the timer to go down completely. You can see when I stop buying plates that the other item is already spawned, and there's only four minutes to pick it up. That's why you guys don't want to spam the plates too much because if you spam that timer all the way down, you won't be able to pick the item up quick enough, and then you guys will fail the Champions and Quest and have to start it all over again, but the second item is brand new.

rebirth island champions quest

This is not an item in the new contracts; however, NP is neptunium. And it will shock you with high voltage randomly, so it's like getting hit with a shock charge, and if you're near your teammates, it will even shock them too, so be really careful whoever holds this one, and this is what makes the N contract near impossible.

All three of these elements have effects on your team while you're trying to complete this contract. With everybody coming after you, it is so impossible to do, and that's why RR Services loves to carry you guys and get you guys these impossible, nuke rewards, but once we pick up that item, we have a third item to get, so we go back to the buy station and spam plates.

rebirth island cod warzone

We go now. I used all my money and look at that 25. Seconds left till that third item spawns in right now we're making great timing but you can see that the storm is moving in guys, and that is actually kind of rough and that's why you guys want to get that timer down so fast and once that timer comes down the last item spawned up here on the roof you open it and this is the element T which is element T and with this item it disables, all vehicles and radar so you guys can't see anyone on the mini map it is really hard but now that you have all the items, the bomb site is going to spawn in and this is why I said you guys want to do it fast as you can see the storm circles are moving in it's really small and it put the nuclear.

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