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He made a test and said that the left stick Max gives more aim assist at the value of 65. And with this, I've always told you guys that you should always go as low as possible because you get the maximum speed and you're able to move the fastest in this game. For me, I keep it at 15 because I put it a little bit lower than that.

I have bad left stick drift, and that is going to make me move a lot in the settings, which is really annoying, like if I'm getting a load out or going to the buy station, or I could just move when I don't want to, so I just keep it at 5:15, but I will put it all the way down if I have a really good controller that I can play on that has no stick drift.

But I do agree with what this person is saying, so if you put it on 65, I do think that this does give you more rotational aim assist, and you will be able to. Shoot people and beam a lot better than having it lower. That is correct, but I still believe that you should play lower, like I was saying with the other articles that I made.

The strafe speed is way more important than the rotational aim assist, so right here I can still beam everybody super well, so I'm popping out boom boom, it's super good. I don't need to hit more shots or tune it in even better because my aim is already amazing in this game, being that I play on 33 and 18s.


I'm on linear with zero, or is it zero slope right there, and I just tune my settings to have really good aim assist and everything like that, so I don't need the extra, rotational aim assist when I put this a lot higher. I'm able to get more strafe speed, so this bar is pretty much what you want.

Do you want more rotational aim assist, or do you want faster strafe speed? Because if I have F faster strafe speed, then if I'm sliding around somebody, I just be like, boom, just strafe, kill him right there, jump over there. That is way more important to me than being able to jump around like this.

If I put this up, let's just put this at what was it. 65 and now I'm a lot slower, and I feel like I got to drag the person's body all the way around to perform similar movements to be able to do that all right, so it is going to worsen your movement, but you're going to get a lot more aim assist, and this is similar to the right stick minimum right So.

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I made a article a while ago; it was one of my first big blowup articles where I said higher Dead Zone gives you more aim assist, and that is true if I were playing on 10 dead zone right; I would have way more assist to be able to drag on and shoot people. The aim assist is so much better this way. But the thing is, I'm not faster.

All right, I'm not able to make super-fast micro-adjustments. I'm not able to just lock onto somebody's body super fast. Like that, because the dead zone's higher, it takes more for me to actually input stuff into the game. All right So I wanted to make a article on how you guys can definitely just do whatever you want with the settings if you feel like 65, 50, or anything.


High for the left stick. Max is good for you when you get the rotational aim system. Play on that; you can definitely do that if you want, but for me. I really value the straight speed in this game because I want to be able to move left and right super fast and break a lot of cameras that way, and that is why I use that all the time, so I wanted to explain that, and I hope I really answer your question.

So yes. I agree that left stick Max does give you more rotational aim assist; you will hit more shots, but you are going to be losing your speed advantage and be not as fast when moving left and right and turning corners and things like that to where you're trying to break cameras all right. So I wanted to just explain this in case anybody else did not get that, or if people make other articles, they're like, 65 is the best.

7:25 is the best. 40 is the best. That way, all is right, so I hope that makes sense. I hope I explained it well, and I hope you guys get a lot better in this game so that you can move fast and get a lot of kills. Don't forget to join the community Discord in case you guys want to get a coach in the war zone or you just want to connect with the community, and I am live on Twitch.

TV, and the fifth seal when I do.


The HIDDEN Aim Assist Slider in Rebirth 45 Kill Win | COD Warzone 3 Rebirth.
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