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Today I'll be taking you through solo quads gameplay on War Zone 3 Battle Royale, where I dropped 30 kills, went Flawless, and didn't go to the go lo. I'm going to be taking you through the thought process of why I'm taking the fights I'm taking while I'm doing what I'm doing, and this will be edited; everything will be raw so you can know exactly why I did everything that I did, and we did manage to get the dub.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it, so we're back in this war zone. I'm going to take you through a solo, quads, and thought process while I'm doing what I'm doing. In this game play, we're not going to edit anything; we're just going to show you the raw, live thought process while we're doing what we're doing all right.

So we got fighting above us. Let's see find the stairs. Take it slow. We're just listening for audio cues. Here Let's see, let's see, we got a little dangerous and zip up. I think I hear footies on me; actually, yep, I heard for these on me just going to land on my boy's head. I guess he was a solo wonder if there's still people up there.

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We have things on the radar this way, so let's push. A quick little knock One thing about Battle Royale as opposed to Resurgence is that you don't get the ping when you get the knock, so you don't really know where the rest of the team is. Yep, he said, guy coming, guy behind, Me I'm just listening for audio cues; I know I have one to my side.

Here, just listen for footsteps there, not taking anything too crazy when there's multiple people bunched up together like that. You want to make sure that you don't just think I saw somebody; I just want to make sure you don't rush full-head into it. This isn't like rebirth; you could just come back.

Take that thank you all, right? So somebody knows I'm over here because of the precision. So we're just going to call someone up. I think there's a zip somewhere here. Let's find a way up. I don't know if we're going to find our way up top. Let's just keep pushing. We can grab the scavenger here, get our money up, and grab our load.

Once we grab loads, we can get a little bit more aggressive. Way, just because I took a fight there and I don't like it, I might as well grab the scavenger pack too. While I'm here, see that all right, all right, let's make our way towards these loady footsteps to my left. Quick, you're lucky you're [__] loaded down here.

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Mine didn't gas all right. We might just zip up there and be a little dangerous, but we got goog I like, I like, I like it. I like it. I like it. Play that actually didn't end up killing me somehow, so we're. All right, let's regroup. Let's reset here. Too much is going on. I need stairs. Yep, all right, we're good.

We're good we're good don't be afraid to back up and just regroup. Many people are afraid of. Take the little cleanups and take our time with them. We're already at 1257 up and ain't in a rush. This isn't a rush. You don't have to be in a big-time rush. You feel I could really use a UAV. I don't like where we are, [__].

Right, we're good. I turn around and let's see what's goody thought there was that. Guy C9, they got to come in on me though, so I'm going to wait a little bit. I'm in a situation where I can mount up. Yep, I see him now. Why didn't it let me mount properly after that was done? Here we are, though here we are, taking that play appropriate right now.

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Take our time with it. We don't need to rush. We're good we're good trust the last thing you want to do is rush. The boys had to come down. I'm going to stay. Relocate the top. They die crazy i guess they died from the gas. Let's wrap up. Get down low. You can't get killed if you get too low.

All right, 27 with seven up about to finish this[__] with a 30 piece play our cards right gas Keep around the edge. I'm kind of in the open, but it's fine. We've got to fight. We've got to fight. We're not that good on ammo, either. We've got that many assault rifles.

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