News - The Upcoming Warzone 2 Season 1 Update (cdl Skins, Game Fixes, More)

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So in today's article, I will be covering the final season 1 update, which will be happening next week on Wednesday. This is a big update, and we will be adding loads to the game now. As well as this, we will also be covering the recent in-game bugs for the vortex and event. the recent playlist update that just happened today, the release of the CDL bundles and what we can expect to be with them, and finally, we will be talking about the Nerfs and Buffs, which will be happening very soon now, before we start speaking about the Season One update, which will be happening next week.

I am going to mention the Vortex event issues, which a lot of people are currently facing. One of the main problems is that people cannot see their event tab for this Vortex event. Now that Call of Duty updates have been tweeted, we are aware of an issue causing the event tab to be inaccessible. For certain players, despite this, event challenges remain progressive and rewards can still be earned.

We expect to release a fix in the coming weeks. From this message, we can see there is an exact date for this change. However, if I were to guess, I would say this will happen next week with the Season One update on Wednesday. Another problem a lot of players are facing is that they are not getting the rewards after hitting their XP targets displayed in the vortex event.

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Call of Duty updates have also tweeted about this, saying the XP targets displayed in the Vortex Wars domain event UI are inaccurate. This means tiers may appear completely sooner than intended. While this issue occurs, rewards remain unlockable at the following intended targets: From what we can see here, we need a lot more XP to get these rewards.

For the first one alone, we do need 9,500. For the final reward, the magma camo, you need 1,233, 000 XP to get it. 48, 500 xp, this is close to three times the amount you originally needed, in my opinion. Now we've recently had a tweet from Sledgehammer Games saying Gun Game is now available in the quickplay filter in Modern Warfare 3.

Additionally, weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in the small M playlist, allowing you to get back into the fight uninterrupted. Now that it is Wednesday, we have had a Call of Duty playlist update. This will include Battle Royale Zikan, solo duos, trios, and quads. then for Resurgence, we have Zikan, POI rotation for duos and quads, Vond and AICA rotation for solos and trios, and we also have the return of lockdown, which is in Vondal quads.

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Moving on from this, as we all know, ranked play is just around the corner. With this being said, we have CDL skins coming to the store on January 8th, and we are now looking at 2024. CDR bundle is there are four different skins in this bundle, you will have a 2024. CDR male home, a male away, a female home, and a female away; including this, we have emblems, calling cards, and even a camo.

My guess would be that the CDL skins come exactly like this, including the calling card emblem and even a camo, and these skins will be released on the 8th of January. So in 3 days, will you be buying a bundle this year, and if so, which one? I really like the look of phase one after seeing this drop of the CDL skins.

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I can confirm that ranked play will be with us on the 70 for January. I will be making a more in-depth article on ranked play, so make sure to subscribe with notifications if you do want to see this. So a lot of these metag guns that all the pro players are currently using are expected to be nerfed, such as the Ram 7 with USP Swarm Rival Iron LMGs, and even more so, the main gun being the MTZ Interceptor.

Raven Software tweeted that we've seen your questions about weapon balance, and we are happy to confirm that an update is coming midway through next week, and yes, that includes changes to the MTZ Interceptor. Call of Duty war zone news replied underneath this saying weapon changes. I'd like to see Nerf the Swarm polymar and Interceptor bring more balance to snipers back to where they were in the war zone.

A slower, larger-caliber sniper can on-shot down from long ranges, and faster snipers can only one-shot up to a certain set range. I think this is a very good opinion from war zone news. The swarm polymer and interceptor are all very broken. We could potentially see a buff for certain guns that players aren't using.

That was the whole article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you do enjoy this content, I appreciate you watching. Take it easy. Have a great day and peace.

In this video I am showing you everything that is being added to MW3 from the upcoming MW3 Season 1 Update.
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