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New upcoming operator skins leaked

New upcoming operator skins leaked

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today, we have a lot to talk about. There's actually an operator skin called The Hungry Pain Skin that many people don't know about that you're going to be able to unlock. There's also some other free operator skins that we're going to go over and talk about how you'll be able to get them the different types of events and all the news that you need to know about going on currently in Call of Duty.

Also, a quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday where we went over some season 2 reloaded content, upcoming events, and a brand new Ultra Skin Rebirth Island. Channel posted a guide on how to complete the new Easter egg that will unlock you the S SOA subv Regal weapon blueprint. Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {615}: it's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more.

Triple double xp weekend now live

Triple double xp weekend now live

A brand new event has now gone live for the weekend, which brings in Double XP. Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP, which are now live until Monday. March 11th, and that'll be ending at 10:00 a. M pacific Standard Time, and this double XP event can help you complete the Dune Rule of Fate one because it is XP-based if you want to level up your SOA subv or just level up in general.

I just wanted to let you guys know about that jump into.

Warzone mobile controller support & new trailer

The next topic, Call of Duty, dropped new information in regards to War Zone Mobile; they said that it will not support the use of controllers upon launch, and that includes Xbox and Playstation. Along with the new partnership, with Backbone as the official controller and partner for War Zone Mobile.

Those are just some new random topics that we had for Call of Duty that were announced today.

How to unlock hungry pains operator skin & showcase


Another thing that I wanted to mention is the main topic for the article, and that is the new Hunger Pains anime operator, Skin. This is just an early showcase of what this operator skin looks like. As of right now, it has not yet been released, but I'll show you guys how you're going to be able to get her.

This is going to be a new operator's skin for Jet. She was added with season 2 reloaded. Update: What will make this operator skin unique is that she's not in a bundle, meaning that it's not a regular standard store operator skin where she comes into the shop and then you can just purchase her bundle along with her tracers, but they're actually doing it in a different way.

Call of Duty is marketing her as a free bonus skin, but you already know that's not really the case because they're going to try and charge you, and it works in the same exact way that we saw with the fedin stealth suit. They're calling it a bonus operator skin reward that you can unlock, but in return, you need to purchase the Paul at Trades operator bundle, which costs $2,400.

cod hungry pains skin

Cod points, and then you have to get the Harkin and Tracer pack, which also costs 2,400. Cod points So basically, you have to spend 4,800 Cod points in order to unlock that operator. They're actually doing the same thing here. There are two different bundles. These are called Japanese food collection bundles.

The first one is called Wagu, and it features a weapon blueprint for the MCW. The sad part is that it doesn't even have Tracer rounds or effects, and then there's also a second weapon blueprint. I'm not entirely sure which one that's for, and then there's also another bundle. This one is called the Instant Nudes new weapon, and it features the Rival 9 because they mentioned it is a new weapon bundle.

cod mw3 hungry pains operator

The other one is going to have the S SOA Subv, and each of them is going to cost you. One is going to cost 1,600, and the other is going to cost 1,800. This brings the total to $3,400. Cod points And here's where the hunger pain operator's skin comes in. In order to unlock her, you will need to purchase both of these bundles, and then she will be unlocked as a bonus skin reward.

Technically, it's like buy two, get one free, but at the same time, it's really not free because you have to spend 30 something dollars in order to be able to get this operator skin in the first place, and this is the second time they are doing this, so I'm starting to think this might be a new marketing tactic that Call of Duty is going to continuously use.

Maybe they're going to start doing these with bigger and better operator skins to try and get people to purchase more bundles from the store; usually the weapon bundles that they introduce don't sell as much, and depending on how the sales work out, if people are fine purchasing these and they're willing to get this operator skin, then it might be something that Call of Duty will continuously do and just keep adding in future updates.

There's also an additional weapon blueprint; it looks like it's going to be coming from a part of this operator, so maybe she's not going to be the only thing that you unlock, but there's also going to be this weapon blueprint. It also doesn't look like it has any Trace surrounds or effects; it's called the Pink Death, and it comes in for the Hoger 26, and this is just like a little showcasing.

3 new free operator skins coming soon!

3 new free operator skins coming soon!

Anyway, let's talk about some actual free operator skins that you'll be able to get, because I know some of you guys might be a little bit mad about this, but the first one that we have is Kig.

This is a skin that we did talk about the other day, but this is yet again another operator that was added that's not tied to a bundle; it doesn't look like it's going to have any sort of promotion like this in the same way that we saw the other one have, and then on top of that, there's also another reward that looks to be like a calling card or loading screen or something like that, and Cod Warfare said at a guess that the new skin for Conic is going to be some sort of reward.

free anime skin

And this is actually a free skin that we've already seen in War Zone Mobile. There was an event over in War Zone Mobile last year where you were able to participate in it and unlock it as a free operator, but remember that it was early access and it wasn't available worldwide. The majority of users weren't even able to access the game to try and participate in this event.

It looks like they brought it over to PC, and they might redo this event and have this as a free reward, but as of right now, it's unclear when it will be released. Maybe this is something for season 3; they also have another two free operators. One of them is brand new. The first one, this one we talked about in the past, is called the Safeguard, operator skin coming in as a part of the Operation Day Zero event with War Zone Mobile.

HOW TO UNLOCK HUNGRY PAINS ANIME OPERATOR SKIN! Free Operators, Events, MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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