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Ghoulie animated camo reward

Ghoulie animated camo reward

Welcome back to a brand new article. So today what we got is that I'm going to show you how to unlock the brand new ghouly animated, Camo, so this is an animated Camo that I've seen so many comments about. I've seen so many people want to get this camel the legitimate way. With the haunting event going live today, we finally figured out how you're going to be able to do it, so that's what we're going to talk about in this article.

I'm also going to cover other things that you need to know about brand new weapon blueprints and Tracer blueprints that we have, as well as so many other rewards that you're going to be able to claim during the duration of the haunting event. I do want to remind you guys that I posted a article earlier today going over all the haunting patch notes.

We had a blog post, and it covered all the details, all the changes, and everything you need to know about that, so if you missed that article, make sure you check it out. But anyway, before we get into today's topic, a quick word from our sponsor, Messi Modding Store: It's a store that provides any and all Call of Duty services.

They can even get you an exclusive, Operators and bundles, such as the nuke operator, also unlock all the cosmetics in a legitimate way without using unlock tools or mods.

Haunting event schedule & playlist updates

Haunting event schedule & playlist updates

Just Check out messy modding. The first thing I want to go over and talk about is going to be the brand new playlist update and scheduling that we have for the haunting event, so just because the haunting did go live today doesn't mean we're going to get all the brand new content added today.

For example, if you've been playing, you may have noticed that Vondo is not available as of right now, at least the nighttime mode variant. That's actually because the current schedule says from October 17th to the 19th we have Battle Royale rank trios. Knight and duos and quads, map rotation insult Sol, which is going to be the standard, then you have resurgence in map rotation solos and trios.

You have massive resurgence in Alzer Knight quads, and then you have a lockdown in Vondo quads, and then starting on October 20th, which is going to be this Friday, it's going to be changing up to Battle Royale rank trios Al Mazra in the night duos and quads. Map rotation is available in solos. Resurgence is going to be added for Vond Knight, and that's going to be available in quads.

And then you have massive Resurgence Al Maer Knight in quads and then lock down the Vondo nighttime variant in quads.

How to unlock ghoulie animated camo

How to unlock ghoulie animated camo

That's the current scheduling that you need to know of from now up until next week now going on to the next topic that we have this has to do with the animated, gly camo so we have this animated camo that's been in the files for quite a while now people have been able to use it with unlock tools, but there was no legitimate, way to get it we're waiting for the haunting event to come around in order to be able to find a way to unlock it we thought it would potentially be available in some sort of an Easter, egg cuz Call of Duty did sort of tease the Easter egg a lot but there's actually an easier way that you can get it and you don't have to bother with any crazy Easter eggs or anything like that so the good news is this is going to be both available in war zone as well as multiplayer.

animated camo rewards

So depending on where you want to play, you can play whatever, and it really doesn't matter because it will be available in both modes, and to unlock it, you will need to capture souls. With the brand new Soul Capture event that we have, this is a list of all the rewards that are currently available.

You have things such as weapon stickers, loading screens, calling cards, Double XP tokens, charms, vehicle skins, and even weapon blueprints. Now, one thing I want to let you know is that you should ignore these rewards for now and do not claim them because, starting on October 24th, which is going to be next week on Tuesday, we're going to be receiving another update, and with this update, there's going to be an additional six rewards that are going to be available for you to unlock.

One of these rewards is going to be the animated ghouly camo, which is actually the last and final camo that you are going to be able to get here. As you can see from the list now, the good news is that you don't have to unlock these items in any particular order, so as soon as the 24th comes around, you'll be able to get it, but the bad news is that it is most likely going to cost you 1, 000 souls.

animated camo unlocked

In order to be able to unlock this now we did see this with the trophy hunt event in the past where you needed to get like a thousand different trophy coins in order to unlock a random calling card this time around it's probably going to do the same exact thing but it's going to charge you for the ghouly camo so if I were you I would ignore all the rewards that are currently available right now and make sure to capture as many Souls as you can and save up for the gly camo, because this event is only available for 20 days although season 6 is going to go on all the way up until Modern Warfare 3's official season 1 launch which is going to be in December, the haunting event doesn't stay this long it's actually going to go away in around 20 days and that's what the countdown is saying so you'll need to gain 1, 000 souls in that time frame now As of right now, it's not confirmed how many souls you're going to need; it could be 2, 000 or 1, 500.

It can even be 200. We're not exactly sure the amount that you're going to need, but you can expect that it's going to cost a lot based on just the quality, how good this animated camo actually is, and how much people want it.

Fastest way to unlock ghoulie animated camo

Fastest way to unlock ghoulie animated camo

Now let me go ahead and show you guys the fastest way to be able to unlock this, considering this is going to be released next Tuesday around 10 a.

M pacific Standard Time: You have an entire week to try to get as many as you possibly can. Now here are some of the ways that I found that have been really good. First off, DMZ is the worst way that you can possibly do it; it doesn't work like the trophy hunt event where AI drops it. I went around eliminated like 20 to 30 AI not a single one of them dropped it so it only works on actual real play players meaning that it's going to be very difficult for you to do in DMZ and the max is only 16 so even if you finally find some players you can only do 16 and you will need to either get eliminated, or xill in order to keep it so out of the three DMZ war zone and MW2 DMZ is easily the worst one and I wouldn't recommend you do it unless you're trying to defeat the bosses and do other things at the same time for multiplayer.

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