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New ghoulie animated camo secret stages & glow effect

New ghoulie animated camo secret stages & glow effect

They can even get you an exclusive, Operators and bundles, such as the nuke operator, also unlock all the cosmetics in a legitimate way without using unlock tools or mods. Please check out messy modding. We got a brand new playlist update, and with this brand new update, it added the rest of the rewards that we have for the haunting event, so there's going to be a total of six new rewards that were added.

We have the snake eye emblem, which will cost you 15 souls. You have the From the Dead charm, which will cost you 30, the boot time weapon sticker, which will cost you 30, and the Acadia calling card, which will cost you 60. You have a tier skip consumable, which is going to be for the battle pass cost of 90, and then you finally have the brand new gly camo, which is going to cost you 1, 000, so as we predicted, it's going to cost you 1, 000.

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The good news is, if you haven't reached a thousand yet, it's actually gotten easier for you to be able to do that with today's brand new playlist update. But before we get into the patch notes for that, let's talk about this brand new gly camo, so you're going to be able to get it for 1, 000 souls.

Upon unlocking it, you'll automatically have it and be able to put it on any weapon that you want. This will carry on forward into Modern Warfare 3, but just a disclaimer: you'll only be able to use it on MW2 weapons in MW3. So, like the striker or any of the brand new weapons that are there, you're not going to be able to equip this camo if you guys recall a couple articles ago where we talked about how the gly camo was nerfed.

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It used to glow a lot more. It had like a super bright color to it the purple and the pink were like the majority of the color of this camo it was also so bright to the point that you can see it shining on walls, and you would stand out like a mile away and that's not even in the dark that's just being in a room or being in the light that's how bright that it was but the good news is you're still able to get that sort of color with the ghouly camo, but it's actually just under different circumstances, so first off you have this typical one as soon as you unlock it this is how it looks by default.

If you go into the firing range, you jump into pretty much any map that isn't dark. This is what the camo will look like. But the special effect of this camo increases as you get into darker locations. The green from the camo starts fading away, and then the purple starts glowing, so the only glow effect that we have is the purple light, but that ends up starting to be a little bit more noticeable as you get into the darker locations.

I think this is a good thing because we've seen some bright camos, such as a flow through, and they got so bright to the point that you really can't even see anything. And you stick out like a sore thumb, making it very easy for other players to spot you and eliminate you, which would sort of not work in your favor, so I feel like with an update like this it makes it perfect, and this is definitely a camel that you should grind.

In my opinion, it's better than Orion and Camo, so for those of you guys who aren't able to get that, at least you'll be able to get this.

New update for haunting event

New update for haunting event

This event has like 13 or 14 days left, so you do have a limited time to get this, but the souls are actually way easier to get than they were before the update, so with today's brand new update. Call of Duty ended up posting this to say we've just released an update that increases the drop rate and the match cap for souls.

For the remainder of the Soul Capture event, originally, I believe it was like 12 in multiplayer. It was 16 in, like, lockdown, and I believe it was like 20 in the war zone. Shout out to Philip; these are now the new caps. Multiplayer is 18 souls, then you have DMZ 25 souls; lockdown is 25. Resurgence is 30, and Battle Royale is 30.

The good news is that if you play Battle Royale or, say, log down, you can actually back out as soon as you hit that Max cap, which will make it a lot easier. You'll be able to get 100 for every four games that you play. In my experience, it took me around five minutes to do each game for Vondo; sometimes it would take longer depending on how hard people were trying, but all you have to do is land at these hot spots, eliminate players, and they will drop these souls.

They usually drop around three now after this update, and they have a higher chance of dropping them than they did previously. You can also get them from red loot boxes. If you're playing regular War Zone, you can get them from any box that isn't the blue one. All you have to do is eliminate players.

If you see anyone knock thirst, they'll drop a bunch of souls. You just run up on them, grab them, and then, as soon as you hit the max, back out and start up the match again. I'm almost certain you can get the 10,000 souls in literally one day of grinding. If you were to just put in the hours, you would be able to get it completely done in just one day.

So that's some good news right there. I would definitely recommend that you do that because next week is going to be where we're jumping into MW3, Campaign, and the Modern Warfare 3 hype will begin.

Weapon nerfs not live yet

Weapon nerfs not live yet

You don't really want to worry about getting some rewards if you can get them right now before the campaign comes out, so you can grind out that campaign and play that, but other topics that we have are According to Exclusive Ace over on Twitter, he mentioned that the update that we ended up receiving yesterday with all the weapon balance changes, how they nerfed the bunch of weapons and just changed a lot of them, they did it both across war zones and multiplayer.

Ps5 mw3 bundles revealed

And it seems like the collab and the bundle that's going to be launching on November 10th, the day that MW3 releases, are not going to be featuring the regular PS5. But it's actually going to be featuring the slim design version of it, so for those of you guys who are interested in purchasing the PS5 slim, that's what's going to be available with the Modern Warfare 3 bundle rather than the standard PS5 console jumping back into MW2.

This is probably going to be the last update we're going to get in a while. I don't think we're going to get the season 6 reloaded update until around November 5th. That's probably going to be when the next update happens.

NEW Ghoulie Animated Camo SECRET EFFECT New Haunting Update, Patch Notes More - Modern Warfare 2 ghoulie camo unlocked.
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