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So whoever controls this elbow area right here basically controls the spawns, and that's why number six, even though he's sitting here, number eight spawns behind number three, so that's very important to point out number five holding that vent cut, unfortunately not getting those kills. Number two is going for a really good pinch, and now number two is right here, picking up the first kill and looking for the second kill.

Oh, good try, number six. Dior with the two pieces, and already we see number five going for this rotation. Three is where the Blue Team is spawning right now, and number five gets crazy timing. Is he here to look for any of these kills, though he gets the first? kill, traded out unfortunate, but now the blue team has the full rotation for P3 number one, holding all of middle map control.

He's going for this. Chase is leaving his team to be in a 2v3 on time; is he here to give the call that he is flanking that he is flanking. Unfortunately, he does not get the call out in time, but they do win the gunfights, and now number four is holding his left. Push the entire time. This is a very solid setup from blue team number one.

6-star hardpoint

If number one pushes out too far, he's going to flip spawns, and as we see Max flip those spawns. I'm going to say he did that on purpose because it's 30 seconds; usually that's a good time to go for a rotation, and P4 is in the bottom right side of the map, and we can already see number two going towards that bottom right side of the map for the rotation.

The blue team has a huge opportunity to really take the lead in this game now. Number two, he's going to have a very first gunfight against number eight; he wins it, and now this is where we can potentially have full money. Hill Hold, from blue team number three, is up top. One of us needs to get inside time.

I would say Max could push up, lay down, and soak up some time, but there we go. Now we have the time to soak up. Number three is looking over him, just getting the damage down, and this is why I was saying this is freaking money. Hill Just because this one spot that Zeno is in is so freaking overpowered, now number four is going to want to watch the pinch right now.

6-star ranked play

That's like the biggest issue is that blue team's not watching the pinch, but it's looking like red team's just going to funnel through the front, and just like that, now red team are spawning in the back, and I'm going to assume that red team all spawn in the back right there because blue team don't have any map control; they don't have a blocker or anything like that, so the game just gives red team those spawns, which allows them to break and at least stop the damage.

A little bit, number eight over here in a 1v2. Oh, I thought he was going to get the knife; kill dang it only with one bullet left in his gun. All is well. Zeno is now soaking up the hardpoint time, which is considered the most broken hardpoint on this map right here. The second Zeno takes damage, all he's going to do is start swimming underwater.

Oh my, that was terrible to look at just staring at that missile coming right down into. Apparently, a rocket does not block. Wait, water does not block a rocket. It is good to know right now that the Red Team is officially in the water. Like I said, really all they have to do is literally just swim underwater.


Pull out your pistol and just play with it underwater, soaking up all that time. Beautiful shots from Dior, actually beautiful team shots from Dior and Dellaa, and another cruise missile from Blue Team. Let's watch this cruise missile just get deleted. No cruise missile at all. Someone must have died out of it.

Number one is here to shoot. Dior, trying to shoot people underwater, looks so freaking hard, but I'm glad that he was able to get that kill, and Xeno is going for a stair glitch. Interesting he's going to be pushing up. He's here for a cut. Oh, very good timing. He's here for a guaranteed kill.

At least he does get traded out by Og Heaven. Now, heaven is over here. Once again, he's almost going for those trades, but at least he's getting the damage down. That's all that's really important at the end of the day. Number eight unfortunately dies, and now the blue team is soaking up the rest of this time.


Number four is pushing this all the way out; all he did was just guarantee good spawns for the enemy team, so the enemy team is all spawning at P2 in that top right side of the map right now. Number four is doing a whole ring. Rosie finally gets into a gunfight and gets the win by playing this final kill on the hardpoint to soak up the rest of the time there.

The rest of that time is going towards the blue team, but now the red team can get into a full setup right here, with number seven holding down this entire left here to shoot bodies. Interesting, and now, unfortunately, his shooting bodies give out his position, and unfortunately, he dies. Now, blue team, they have a beautiful collapse right here, attacking from all four angles (8 and 6).

What can they do almost winning that gunfight from six, and unfortunately, the blue team's guns are just on fire right now, burning and melting the enemy team number two's winning those gunfights on the outside, eventually getting traded, and that's the whole point of having good spawns for this P2 You can just literally act like a zombie horde and just keep running at them over and over again until you can break it and start soaking up some time now.


That being said, though Dior is here for the rotation at P3, getting lit Love It number six, we got good timing here for the guaranteed kill. Okay, we got the guaranteed kill that should spawn number eight with him, and then now number six can turn around. What I'm assuming is that because it was still old P2 spawns, number six was blocking that spawn, and number one was blocking spawn two, I guess.

And, ooh, big gunfight win, so even though the game is not going in the red team's favor, at least we are winning those important gunfights big two-piece from Seth officially warming up. I'm loving it, and now the red team is doing all that they needed to finally climb back into this game, and we should see a lead—not a lead change, but we should see it tied.


Up nevada, once again, the worst thing that Nevada could do right now is be back here. Thankfully, Nevada dies, though, so number five is going to spawn back here, and number two has the full rotation for P4. Like I said, this could be a money game, and now that Max is here, we could see the Blue Team be the first team to break 200 points.

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