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There is a secret behind Modern Warfare 3: Sr gains and losses inside ranked play, and it's not that hard to understand, so we're going to break it down so you guys can get a good understanding of Sr gains and losses and understand why you are in the spot you are currently in. And you play with silver and gold.

Maybe you play in your skill level, but your skill level is based upon the actual symbol you have and the rank you've achieved, so if you are a silver one, you're playing silver ones, silver 2os, and silver 3es, while in Modern Warfare 3, you can be a silver one playing, you know, a diamond one, or.

I don't know if that's really about, yeah, you could be playing diamond ones, you could be playing a plat three plat twos. That makes no sense. If you play one of those other games, there's a good chance that level of dispersion is not going to be there. In some rare circumstances, that can be there, but it's just that those are outlier scenarios, and those are not.

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You know the traditional ways that people are ranked in other games, but in Modern Warfare 3, they do an HPR system, which is a hidden performance rating system, so you get paired against the perceived skill level you are at, and you don't necessarily get paired at a rank-based skill level, so that's why when you first start playing ranked play, you're like, man, the games don't really change in hardness.

I mean, once you hit your peak rank and you start playing better players than you, it might start getting really hard, and you start having to start learning and adapting a little bit, but until then, you're probably playing people with about the same skill level overall. Sometimes you have easy games, but sometimes that just means the other team lacks communication.

And maybe somebody had an off. You know, there's a lot of different scenarios that are why you steamrolled somebody or got slammed in our game. It's really easy for blowouts to happen in ranked play, but his performance rating is The big thing here is that the game could think you are a diamond-level player, but you are only a silver-three.

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So what it's doing is pairing you with people who are in the diamond area versus people who are in the silver area, but it's not pairing you with people who are in the diamond area. It's pairing you with people that they perceive are in Diamond as well, so you have to think that whenever you're getting paired with people in a game, the actual symbols that you see don't really mean anything; they really don't.

The only thing that really means something is the background stat that they don't show you. This background stat is what drives skill-based matchmaking and who you're actually playing against. Over and over, so that's the thing you got to worry about, and most of the time. I will say that once people have been playing for a while, the rank starts to actually correlate with the goal of making your Sr R gains match the HPR level, so when you are lower than what you're supposed to be, you will get more Sr, and then when you are at the sko level you're supposed to be, you will be getting 30 Sr for wins and 20 Sr for losses in that range.

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But you're going to be you know one win goes ahead and one win moves you back and it's going to you have to you have to win more games than you lose to continue ranking up, but this goes out in the limb and say that like Modern Warfare 3 it has like an expedited rank system it does not have a standard ranked system, and this is hard for some people to understand people be in a lobby and like why am I playing these guys or these guys or why am I you know why am I getting slammed by a bronze 3 Well, because that Browns 3 probably me a Smurf account, and he's so he had the game, he has no idea what level he is; he played 55.

He played up to level 55 because you have to be level 55 to actually get into the game, and then after that, he basically hopped into ranked play. The game doesn't have a lot of stats in him; he might not, you know, just sit there and just slay people over and over in multiplayer. When he was ranking up, and now he's playing you guys because he's perceived at, like, level three because the difference between those people in public matches might not be that big.

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And next thing you know, he's playing against people who are way worse than him, and he's going to be getting 300 Sr a game because they're going to be exiting him because he is just absolutely slamming people. One of the major things about you, sir, is that your personal performance means a ton. Now that I understand that winning the game gains USR and losing the game loses USR.

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But hear me out if you are personally Having a 1.5 to 2.0 KD every single game you play the games you win you're going to continue getting, 150.200 maybe 300 Sr, but if you are winning games and going negative or when you lose games you're going negative the chances that those top Sr games are going to come down to maybe 100 or 90 are significant, so when you when you lose a game and you go negative trying to get on point or you know your team's putting you in a tough situation so you're going to be know rushing like a P5 on skido over and over trying to just stay alive basically keep the game going and you know you might rack up three or four deaths, then next thing you know those deaths actually are going to put you in a worse situation so it puts you in a funky situation.

Thinking okay, should I push old, you know, should I, you know, should I do these small things that might win the game but probably won't, but it's the only option we have at this point, and the answer really is no, you, play slow, try to get the guy out of the head glitch, you know, don't just sit there and fly at him over and over, it might be you a good play to make cuz it's the only play you have, so winning the game should always be the goal, but at some point, you're going to hurt your overall Sr gains if you are you if say you have 1.5 KD until that point and now your team you have to hit the hill over and over and over, and you come down to like a 0.

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N somehow that's going to really kill you the last two hills you get slammed because you're really just trying to fly in the hill and keep the hill white keep the hill white or have the hill be on your side, then that's really going to hurt you in the end, and you know it's going to decrease your Sr gains throughout your next few games and it could permanently damage your Sr games, and it sucks because playing for the win is what you should be doing.

They're seeing; they might be able to tell you, like, what kills you had on the objectives might that might help, but besides that, the game isn't really seeing; they're staring at, like, what you're doing and analyzing it and giving you Sr based on how you do versus the players or how you're playing the game; it's just looking at some stats and saying.

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