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Top 5

Top 5

Stop losing ASR for using the wrong class setups. You're going to need these top five class setups in order for you to grind your way up the ladder and rank play, and if you're probably sitting in your chair wondering why the hell should we listen to this guy, well, here's a little bit of information.

That's me, that's me, and that's me. A lot of ring play kids haven't been to land, nor have I competed at the level I've competed at, and on top of that, let me show you a couple clips of exactly why you should be following my class setups over the others.

Showcasing class setups

So first, we're.

Rival 9 class

Going to start off with the casual, monstrous SMG, the main thing in the patch notes, the MCW, did get nerfed a little tad bit with the ads speed for those of you guys like submachines like myself to basically run around and actually be an SMG rather than seeing V ARS on this disgusting meta.


This is my rival 9-class setup, so first we got the Rival C clear shot. Barrel p fire muzzle break the r six hand stop so these are all just attachments that are helping your recoil pattern and mediating the shot as you go on stock the MTZ marer stock the last attachment at the bottom right rival Vice assault grip so this is my main SMG class i' run in model for three rank play so there's three different underbarrs I'm going to show you what people are running.

Dr 6 hands stop is what I run. It's helping as ads speed aim walking speed; now the other ones that people tend to run are XRK and Edge bw4. It's a little bit more snappier. In terms of if you're just a lot more up front, farther range is going to be very hard for you to basically keep it control, and the third one that people are using is a brewing pivot vertical grip, and this is making it basically quite like a mid AR mids.

SMG kind of thing; it keeps it really mediated to basically help you control your shot really easily. However, the issue with this is that you basically can't snap on the people; you miss your first initial shots on someone, and you're trying to center on and snap on two people, but you don't have that mobility with it; you're going to get turned on, and that's why.

Renetti class

Renetti class

I don't use this, and then the second class set up I got for you guys is the retti, so this is basically following the pros GA, so I'm not literally using five attachments as most people are, so this is the mlx short competition.

Sprint to Fire speed, ad speed, and movement speed. Slate reflector is the basic thing right there, and then at the bottom right we have an eclipser. Grip, aim, and walking speed Sprint to fire speed and movement speed, so again, if you're going to ask, like, why I'm using three attachments and not just the other ones, basically Pros are keeping this to a minimum of three attachments.

Mcw class 1

Okay, my third class setup is for you guys that are AR players. Yeah, sadly, your AR got nerfed. About it all, right? I love your ARS all right. I'm done roasting. I'm just like the next time I get prein by like four ARS, literally just like looking at me from a wall or snaking a head glitch, and I'm just running a rival 9.

Yeah, I can't believe I'm helping you guys out. All right, the five attachments we got were a slave reflector, a Cyclone long barrel right here, a bow of velocity aiming idle stability, and helping you balance that longrange hit for you to be able to map people like your octane for the first MCW. Class I, as you guys are running the L4R flash hider, so in the patal, the MCW did get a little bit teens nerfed with these 8 speed, so with this is also tilting its ads speed just a tad bit Notch, and then under Barr, we're running a X10 Phantom 5 hand stop with the gun being Nerf, hoping it's an aim down sight speed as well, so this is what you need.

Some of you guys may be running the DR6, hand stop, which is a little bit snappier, so these two underbarrs are totally up to you, and for the last attachment, we have the RB claw PSL grip, reducing your recoil, so you just make sure you can actually get those rotations down and actually cover your teammates.

Take that wonderful screenshot you guys need. And yeah, that's your MCW first-class setup, okay?

Mcw class 2

Mcw class 2

On to the second one. Basically, the entire building is the same thing. What I'm changing here is the belated break muzzle, so we're putting this on instead of the L4R flash hider. Now you're going to ask why, so it's literally just a fight between what you know. Muzzle you want to use between these two guns, either bitted brick or l4r, flash hider course is helping its vertical recoil control but it's not affecting the ads speed so you're not losing that this is the other barrel you might want to use you obviously for longer R gunfights.

If you're going for farther gunfights in maps like Subbase now that it's back invasion, this might be the class setup that you want to run.

Katt-amr sniper class

And now on to the fifth class setup for you guys that love the snipe in this game, so here we go, my sniper class, the cat AMR. I'm running a muzzle break called mv50, muzzle break, so this is just keeping this vertical recoil control.

Adding this attachment, especially when you're trying to get those cross-snipes on maps like Terminal and all those other maps, is basically making it very steady. So if you miss, buddy, it's all on you. Barrel Predition: 24 short barrel aim downside speed Sprint to fire speed movement speed for your sniping.

And the stock, we got a tactical stock pad for more ads speed going up there, and then the bolt, you definitely need a bolt to rechambering, speed want to add a bolt to make it faster for you guys to get the little phase. Montage is going on while in rank play, and the bottom right attaches me to a phantom grip.

Sprint to fire speed and ad speed here you guys are for those you guys again sniping class for that you need to get those cross Snipes, positioning first Bloods, all that good stuff for the snipers.



And those are my top five class setups that I'm using in Moder Warfare 3 rank play, so Now, what I want to talk about is perks like stun grenade and lethal as ax, if you're playing SND. Most times, you guys can run a frag. And often times, learning spots are a big plus, and if you time it perfectly, you can really get those first bloods without the opposition running away from you.

I still run a St. Teag, and now down here I have a smoke grenade, so when I'm playing, like on Terminal or maybe to open up Lanes, smoke grenades are good for you to basically push through but be a good distraction, so think about smoking a bomb but not going there, making the other team think that you're going there but actually going to bomb and use the smoke to basically just play around with these guys once you get them in a psyche.

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