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You want more, sir. On Modern Warfare 3, ranked play, so here's the top five ways to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 3. Number one is HPR, which is the hidden performance rating. The lead developer for rank play describes how HPR works to predict how good you are as well as how you'll stack up against other players.

Basically, before you even touch rank play, the game predicts what rank you'll end up at and gives you more Sr to get to that rank faster. The problem with this is when players feel like they are stuck in Platinum. Diamond, or even Crimson because their HPR has slowed down how much Sr they gain earlier than others, so how do we fix this?.

Win fast

That brings us to number two, which is win fast. If you want to break the cycle of a low hidden performance rating, you need to, of course, beat opponents with a higher HPR than you, and you need to beat them by a substantial margin. Take Search and Destroy, for example. Since you only have one life and a maximum of 11 rounds, it's already a recipe for low scores per minute, low kills, and potentially a long game.

If it takes you 11 rounds to beat a team with a higher HPR than you, it's likely your hidden performance rating won't change because even though you won, it was close, so start holding hands in 2V1 and 3V1 scenarios. Start team-nating common rush routes, and please stop going for trick shots when you're up 5-1 unless, of course, it's high-rise, then you're good.

The same goes for hardpoint and control if you're on a money hill like Skidrow P2. Don't be afraid to stay down and soak up the hill while your teammates watch your lanes. Not only will that give you a better lead, but you'll also get a higher score the longer that you're on the hill, and Call of Duty recognizes both objective play as well as kills with factoring HPR. Improving at objective play is what I and a lot of other players struggle with.

Money hills

Money hills

The number three is money. Hills, there's a ton, but we'll go over five in this article. You need to know the best setups and best positioning to work together with your teammates to get the most time from these hills.

Let's revisit P2 on Skidrow, and since I'm just a YouTuber, we're going to check out the best professional, Hold from Optic Gaming, so this is P2. Right here, we have Dashy. In the hill about 13 seconds after it's popped, so of course this is one that you need to rotate early to, but I'm skipping it right now to show the proper hold once the hill has popped.


You see, we have Dashy, player number four; he's in the hill; he's watching the ticket; and the ticket crossed to P5. And his goal right here is to not get a kill, which is to get information on people crossing P5 and get them weak, but what he doesn't want to do is die right here because then somebody else would have to give up a lane and rotate back to hold the hill, so if you find yourself in the same position Dash's in, don't fully Chow these gunfights because the priority is you getting the time in Hill.

If you look down the mini map, we have player number three, which is PR; he's watching the tunnel; push player number two, which is Shsi; he's washing garage; and once his teammate spawns up in garage with him, he actually wraps back to either help tunnel or go watch the ticket. Cross over here, and that's going to be your optimal setup for P2.

You see, like I said earlier, Dashy is soaking up the hill time. We always have people watching tunnel, garage, and ticket, and depending on how the hill plays out, certain people will overextend. And push the tunnel like Dashy did right there, and even if your teammates die in the garage, ticket, or tunnel, as you see here, still 25 seconds of hill time go to Dashy simply because they're not pushing him over at P2, they're going ahead and rotating.

cod mw3

To the new hill, the second hill that we're going to be going over his P3 on Terminal, this is from the Challengers final since they were playing on the new patch while the Pros were playing on the older patch strictly for that event. We have phase black, and the P3 is the one closer to reception.

The optimal hold that we're looking at here is two players on or near the time. I even like maybe sending three into dreams to watch the Long Haul. We have somebody watching a book, and then somebody is on the way back, making sure to block those back security spawns as they can flip very easily.

If you are on this hill and notice that nobody is back here, your opponents are going to spawn behind you. It is very important to send somebody back here to security. You see, they exceed all the way back there, but I will let this hill play out off the rip the gunfights, go down in book, and they fall, even with number two blocking back security.

cod mw3 ranked

You see number one spawns, behind them at esies. Now for this hill, normally security spawns would be very important, but they're double important because the next hill is Burger, so that rotation is even easier when you have these security spawns. Next is P3 on invasion. There are lots of p3s in this article, but apparently they're pretty important.

This is the bathroom hill on Invasion. Now the crazy thing about this hill is strictly how far it is from P2. P2 is all the way over here by B Bomb, so that rotation definitely favors the team that's not getting the Fortress spawns. This is from Optic versus FaZe. So, you see, Kenny is on the hill right here, and he's watching his midcut.

To give his team information on how many have crossed towards the right side of the map, the optimal positioning for this hill is going to be right here. You have somebody in Hill. This is Kenny. Number one, number four, Dashy is blocking the gas spawns, making sure his teammate spawns on this side of the map.

cod ranked play

It doesn't have to go all the way from the fortress toward the hill. Fred has yet to pick up that there's a player that spawned behind him, so he's looking in this direction; a better optimal hold might be for him to be playing at the bridge watching, his fortress, or maybe playing an ass or cafe.

Watching the midpoint, as you see when it plays out, the gunfights do initially go in phases of favor, and they end up losing the gas spawns. You can still make up for it just because you have the two people in time that are playing those ankles, but once FaZe do get those gas spawns and are closer to Hill, they're able to converge and end up getting the time after these gunfights go through.

Simply because they have numbers, that's the importance of the gas spawns on this hill. You see how easy they were to break. If the gunfights went more in Optics favor, they would have maintained those gas spawns and would have held more of the hill time, and that would be how you hold a P3 on invasion.

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