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Hi, I'm Breadman. You may know me from dropping the solo nuke, the solo duo nuke, the solo quad nuke, and the world's first nuke, but that's not what today is about. Today is about you. I'm going to be teaching you everything I know about dropping the nuke in order for you to secure yourself some of those juicy nuke rewards.

Today's article is going to be cut into four parts: the nuke explain section, the how to nuke section, the strategy section, and the optimal nuke section. I'm going to recommend that you watch the whole article fully, as you'll absorb the full extent of the tips, but I'll also provide timestamps throughout the article, making it easy to trace.

Let's get into it.

Nuke explained

bbreadman nuke

The nuke is a unique mechanic of the game that was released way back in War Zone 2. There are two ways to unlock a singular attempt at the nuke. You can either win five games in a row in any BR mode or win 30 games total during a single season. You'll notice that option b is tracked in the top right when you load into BR mode, but both of these present different challenges. By far the easiest however is the 30 wins in a single season, the important part to know about either option is that new contracts are gained for the individual and not the group imagine you just won five games in a row with a full quad you'll each have a singular contract to attempt because you each won five games in a row you can attempt this contract with the same quad or even load up into a solo match and attempt your contract there the same goes for option b as long as you win 30 games in BR no matter who with you'll score yourself a contract, if you don't want to use your contract all you have to do is not pick it up it's that simple nuke contracts do go away however during the starts of New Seasons so make sure to attempt your contract before season 3 comes out, heading into the how to Nuke category we're going to get straight into it the new contract will despawn within the first 90 seconds of the game if it's not picked up once the contract has been picked up a duffel bag will be marked on the map in a random location, generally in proximity to the contract itself.

How to nuke

How to nuke

Upon opening the duffel bag, you will drop a lot of money and a Geer counter. This item is essential and will scale with each mode; if you're in solos, it'll drop one; if you're in duos, it'll drop two; and so on. Once the duffel bag is opened, head over to the newly marked green circle on the map.

The only way to see this green circle is to have the GU counter in your inventory. It works as any other tactical equipment does, so once you're in the green circle, you want to hold your tactical equipment button, which for me is Q. Once out, you'll look in every direction and walk towards the higher numbers.

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It's like a weird game of hot or cold. When you eventually find what the Geer counter is pointing to, you'll realize that it's a yellow crate similar to a regular loot crate. This part is very important to the nuke, however, and can change whether or not you drop the nuke entirely. Once picked up plutonium activates a radiation leak basically this just means that every 5 Seconds you'll take a little bit of damage but not enough to kill you just enough to get to the way of your plating animation, at this point the nuke probably seems impossible it honestly would be incredibly hard if not for one simple mechanic you can drop them this does come with a catch however as others can see them once they're dropped but at least you won't face any of the negative effects while they're on the ground it's also important to note that in group modes such as Duos trios or quads you can split the elements amongst the group one person can hold one the other hold another and so on, but some level of coordination must exist in order to plant the elements later down the line.

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AR fine yeah, we're good, we're good, and we're good. Now that you have an understanding of the elements, let's get back to understanding the exact process of the nuke. Once the yellow box is opened, everyone on the map can see the burum or be on the ground. You'll want to swoop this up and wait for the next location to appear on the map shortly after.


This next location is the drilling case this step of the process to obtain the tritium is pretty self-explanatory, make your way to the drilling case and begin the process it's very similar to a Recon contract and will alert Others near you with a flare above the building it's in so don't be surprised when people start running at you wait for the duration of the progress bar and be sure to be in close proximity of the actual drilling case itself as if you're too far away it will not activate once the progress bar is full the tridium will immediately drop on the ground so pick that up as well, as soon as the trium is picked up you'll notice a big yellow helicopter icon flying into the map from a random Direction, it's important to note that other players can't see the brilliant briefcase, or the drilling case but they can see the big yellow Chopper, most likely the chopper isn't going to be anywhere close to where the drilling Cas spawn, sometimes you can get lucky however but as soon as you can make your way over to this yellow helicopter.

Now you'll begin shooting it until it's down. Depending on the mode, it'll have more or less health. If you're in solos, the chopper will only take one or two Max it down, but in quads, it'll be more like 6 to 8. It will shoot back occasionally, but it will rarely do enough damage to actually kill you.

Remember, though, that at any step in the process, there are still 100 other players on the map, either actively hunting you down or posting up with your demise in mind. After all the nuking I've done, it actually seems like people don't like to be nuked. Who would have thought that once the chopper was down, it'd fly a little bit further and drop the nuclear crate?

How To NUKE in Warzone EASILY! | Warzone 3 Champions Quest Masterclass. I hope you enjoyed the content today.
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