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easiest nuke skin glitch

All of the best glitches to help you guys get the nuke skin, and now, if you didn't know, in order to get the nuke skin, you do have to get like 30 wins in total or five wins in a row. That could be challenging, but with these glitches. There is also an Interstellar service bot lobby, so you guys can get ranked, play War Zone bot lobbies, and get to Crimson.

Here are the reviews on the screen; they absolutely love it, and you will too. So the first one I'm going to show you guys is an under-map glitch. All you need to do is head all the way over to this location; it's going to be where one of the tunnels is, and then you will see this right here. You want to go prone, then crawl backwards into this wall, and you will see that if you wiggle around and just crawl backwards, just like me, you will literally crawl through the wall because it's fake and literally be inside of this wall.

Now that you guys are completely underneath, the map Just make sure when you're getting underneath the map you're moving left and right with both of your joysticks, and you should make it really easily now when you're under here. Sadly. I always just, you know, die from the undermat barrier, but you can walk along this whole tunnel, and if you want to leave, you can use the repels that are in this tunnel; simply look at them and ascend.

mw3 nuke

The best use case for this is definitely if you guys are on a bounty and you want to avoid the bounty, or if you want to collect the most wanted and complete those, definitely do this absolutely game-breaking glitch. This will help you guys out with surviving in the war zone so easily, and this will help with getting the nuke skin.

The next glitch is going to be how you can instantly unlock every single attachment for all of your weapons and make metal weapons, even if the weapon is rank one. As you can see, this weapon's rank one, and I have these attachments unlocked. I'm not supposed to say this will be perfect because, with meta weapons, you guys can complete games and get the nuk skin easily, so do this ASAP.

You want to go ahead and head into the MW3 private match, then you want to go to your weapons. Go right ahead and simply build the meta-weapon that you want to build now. In the background, I'm just putting on random attachments; definitely, you know there are better attachments to put on your weapon.


But once you're done decking out your weapon and getting that meta weapon, you want to go to the bottom left of your screen, and whatever button is here, simply press it to save it as a custom mod at This glitch will help you guys; you have officially saved it as a custom mod. Go into the war zone, go into the weapon, and you will see that custom mod saved in your weapon selection of that weapon you have successfully unlocked.

The meta weapon without having to rank up the weapon at all, and like I said, this glitch will help you guys out tremendously. With that nuke skin, you'll have the best weapons and you'll be able to outplay all of your enemies, so those are the first two glitches that showed you guys how to know easily and avoid bounties.

nuke skin glitch

Get most W contracts done in a wall breach and how to glitch out meta weapons all this stuff which is incredibly useful for nuke skins, now what you guys want to do next for this next glitch is grab yourself a vehicle you want to grab either this vehicle or the big trucks, once you're done with that you are going to head over to a bridge you want to find a bridge that has like really deep water under it this is a perfect spot then simply just drive off the bridge in the middle of it in the middle of the water if you guys do right your vehicle should literally just go underneath the water and you'll be able to drive underneath the water and you will be chilling so on top of being able to avoid bounties, and having instant meta weapons you'll also be able to drive underneath the map and this will also help you guys out with avoiding bounties, and all that stuff because you can stay and drive underwater.

Now you guys can exit the vehicle, and you will still be able to enter the vehicle while it's underwater, which is insane. Broken So now the last glitch is going to be over here, and it is going to be over on this roof. You want to simply jump on top of this roof to this other roof, and then when you're here, you want to slowly move forward.

nuke skin unlock glitch

Right here, you guys should fall through the roof. This part of the roof is fake at this point. Go prone, and you guys will be in this area. Stay here no one can see you. Just be careful because they can shoot through the ceiling of the building, so definitely keep an eye out on that. Okay, guys, that's it for this article.

I showed you guys all of the best working glitches for the nuke skin. If you guys put together all of these glitches, I think there are four or five. I kind of lost count, but you know, if you put all these together, you will be able to increase the odds of you getting that nuke skin by 10 easily, so yeah, do this now, unlock that nuke skin, and have fun.

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