News - How To Get Legendary Aether Tool, Flawless Aetherium Crystal Schematics (warzone 2 Zombies Red Worm Guide)

how to get the flawless aetherium crystal schematic

So welcome back, guys, to another Modern Warfare 3 zombie tutorial. On this one, we will be doing the red worm boss, which is basically how you get three of the new schematics. From this, you can get one of the following three scr matics from doing this you can get the scorcher, the legendary eepa tool, or the Flawless Crystal.

These are all random for every person. The second part of this will get a different schematic, so you will have to do this three times in order to get them all. So what you want to do is get yourself either a pack-free crystal or get enough money in game to pack-a-punch your weapon to level three, then you want to get one of these, which is a legendary EA tool and app so you can apply this to your gun to make it a legendary rarity, then you want to get either Neom Ammo Mods or Shatter Blast Ammo Mods, then you want to equip the hogga (556), and for the barrel, put the cross X short barrel, and then for your site, put the SED mini, and for your stock, the ABB adult assault stock.

how to get the legendary aether tool schematic

556, incin, ammo, and 40 rounds of mags, then once you've done all this for your tactical grenades, you can either use experimental gas or decoy grenades, or you tend to use decoys, but it's up to you, and for your lethals, use either breacher drones or thermites. So jumping right into it, you want to come to the military base on the map and find this building.

Once you have found this building, you want to make your way up into this room, and then in this room you will see this wall with a picture of the map and some cutouts next to it, so you want to basically compare these cutouts to sections of the map, so by using the details of the building, search for them on the map and just make your way over to these four locations.

If you don't know where these are, then there is a cheat sheet on screen now that will basically assist you in finding them. So the red markers are the markers where you need to go, and the silvery, or white ones, are basically where this boss fight will take place, so just compare these pictures to where the red bits are on this map and make your way over to them.

mw3 flawless aetherium crystal

So, as you can see, my first one is actually at the military base. If you come over to where it's showing you to go, you'll see like a satellite thing with this laptop. Just interact with the laptop, and after a few seconds, it will spit a USB drop drive out. Just pick this up and keep hold of it.

Make sure you do not lose this because you will need it to actually initiate the boss fight, so again, obviously, this is where my location was comparing it to the pictures. Then obviously, this is where my second location was, so comparing it to the pictures and the detailing of the building on the map.

Again, you will see one of these satellite things with basically a laptop on it. Just into interacting with the laptop, and it should then spit out a USB drive once this pops back. So just literally kill any zombies that are coming at you, wait for the USB drive to pop out and pick up again, make sure you do not lose this because you will need it, and then move on to the third one.

mw3 glitch

This is my third one, which is in the Tier 3 Red Zone. Just come onto this building. Obviously, these pictures change every game, so you might not have the same pictures I do, but obviously, using the cheat sheet shown earlier in the article, you shouldn't really have a problem finding them, so again, look for the satellite thing with the laptop, interact with the laptop, wait for it to basically do its thing, and pop back inside and spit the USB device out.

So for the last USB device, this is my last, Location, and same as before, just look for the satellite thing, come up to the laptop, interact with it, and pick up the USB that is spit out to you. So once you've got all four of your USB devices, what you basically want to do from here is look on the map and use this cheat sheet.

mw3 legendry aether tool

The little white or silvery icons Look at these locations and look for the location that's got the two ammo crates by it, so these ammo crates will be quite close together; they'll pretty much be side by side, and that will be where you need to head over as the storm's coming in, so you will need to wait for the storm to come in as you will need to do this and come up to these to place the USB devices in them, so this will not let you place them in until the storm has actually gone over the machine, so again, just wait for the storm to cover these machines and then go up to them and interact with them, which basically puts the USB devices into them.

mw3 red worm

Once you've done all four, you will probably need to wait around a minute or so until the boss actually spawns in, so just literally survive until the boss spawns in once he does spawn in. Obviously, if you've done one of these worm boss fights before then you know that, the like colored part of the worm is it weak point so these are the points you want to shoot, before in other games it was like a purpley color but now they've changed to Red, so again you just want to literally just keep shooting the red bits obviously his weak points and just keep moving around try and kill these orb things because they will deal damage to you and then obviously if this happens to you get eaten by the worm you don't want to go down like this when you're inside him just, basically shoot him as much as you, can, and keep pressing, basically a because when he does spit you out you're going to want a parachute so you don't actually go down.

mw3 red worm easter egg

So, while you're doing all of this, you want to keep refilling your ammo to keep your gas mask topped up, so you do want to try and get a durable gas mask if you can, but the green Verity the normal like version is fine but you will just have to keep filling up at the ammo crates more often, but the way I tend to do this is I use my decoy grenade so I'll throw decoys, and then, just literally spray the red bit on the worm, and then throw decoys, again, and then keep spraying the worm obviously the decoys just give you that little bit of breathing time to be able to actually shoot the worm with without actually getting attacked, so again obviously, you've got two ammo crates there so you shouldn't have no problem keeping stocked on your gas mask or keeping stocked on your decoy grenades, so just literally, keep spraying him get make sure everyone in your game spraying him if you're with other players.

MW3 Zombies Red Worm Easter Egg Guide! MWZ Red Worm Easter Egg Tutorial.
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